FODMAP Friendly Breakfast Cereal Bars

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Boy…the weekends always fly by, don’t they?

I am so happy that the sun is shining!  I got in 2 great runs with my man this weekend so that makes me smile.  We have had so much snow…mostly on the weekends this winter and that has really disrupted my weekend running plans.  I don’t like to run on the treadmill (dreadmill) much… do you?

I have some really yummy recipes coming up for you.  I made this super yummy chicken curry soup that I will post later this week….or at least I hope to…BUT today it’s all about the sweets.

I had a minute to get to Whole Foods today.  I have wanted to try to make a ‘rice krispy’ type treat with peanut butter and some whole-grainy type of cereal.  I picked up one of my favorites….Mesa Sunrise by Nature’s Path.  This cereal is a mixture of corn, flax, quinoa and amaranth.  It’s mighty tasty too, if I say so myself.cereal box

It’s gluten and wheat free.  No major junk and 3 grams of fiber in 3/4 cup.

So I melted up some mini marshmallows (I know, not super healthy–but I did get the Whole Foods brand) with a tad of butter, and all natural peanut butter.

I added in some of the Mesa Sunrise  cereal and pressed the mixture into a pan.  I popped the pan in the refrigerator to cool for about 30 minutes. I won’t lie, though, I did go back in the refrigerator before the 30 minute mark and tasted my creation 🙂

Then, I cut the rest into bars.

breakfast bars


Oh my….yes.  and, you’re welcome 🙂 … You will really love this treat.

And, I am hoping my FODMAP friendly cookbook is up on my site by tomorrow!

15 replies on “FODMAP Friendly Breakfast Cereal Bars

  • Briana

    Love this! I have noticed wheat is giving me a lot of trouble lately, I should invest in some wheat free cereals and snacks! Any ideas/tips?

    Also, I know generally dried fruit is a no-no but do you have any that are easier for you than others? say raisins versus prunes? I know serving size def matters so I shall stick to a 1/4 cup!

    good luck with the book!
    god bless!!!

    • katescarlata

      Briana, the Monash Uni researchers have put very small limits on dried fruit–1 Tablespoon of dried cranberries is okay and I am not sure about raisins as 1 1/2 Tablespoons is ‘red lighted’ on their app. So definitely limit dried fruits! Even though 20 grapes are okay –the drying process must change the FODMAP content or that is what seems to be occurring making dried fruit unsuitable on the low FODMAP diet for the most part anyway! For wheat free cereals, I like Oats, Cream of buckwheat, Erewhon corn flakes or crispy brown rice (Gluten free), Nature’s Path Mesa Sunrise, Evironkidz Gorilla Munch

  • Leslie

    I whipped up a batch of your bars last night and they are delicious!!! I’ve really missed the crunch of a good bar since I started this diet (especially since I unfortunately don’t tolerate oats, a staple in just about every bar),so your bar is really filling a void in my diet. Thank you so much for the recipe, Kate!

  • Alecia

    I have Nut allergies; so, I made these with Sunflower Butter and used 2 cups of the Mesa Sunrise and 1 cup of Crispy Rice. Very yummy!

    • katescarlata

      Shaz, I wonder if you could mix the peanut butter with some corn syrup and see if that is sticky enough to whole the cereal together…but I have not tried this before…

  • Ad Meier

    Is amaranth still ok? I read it was removed of the safe list by the update jan 2013? Is this info correct?

    • katescarlata

      Most gluten free grains seem to be lower in FODMAPs–so I hope it is okay. I am not sure that it has been officially tested by Monash… It’s one of those ‘grey’ area foods that I do allow if contained in a product.

  • Rosemarie

    I added some chia seeds and flax seed meal. I did think of pumpkins seeds or dried fruit, like dried strawberries for next time

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