Frozen Banana Pops!

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I hope everyone had a wonderful LOVE day!

Yesterday, I came home to a large box filled with Chobani yogurt treats.  THANKS CHOBANI!  I love that!  I am a fan of Greek yogurt….I just love the creaminess and extra protein in it.

First of all, I made a very nice discovery this week in the kitchen.

Adding a Tablespoon of all natural peanut butter to vanilla Greek yogurt makes a nice dip.  Serious yumminess. I discovered this on a whim on my mission to make frozen banana pops. Greek yogurt is lower in lactose than traditional yogurt and the amount in this recipe per ‘pop’ should not pose a problem for those with lactose intolerance.

Banana pop

This was a fun, delicious and easy project!

Peel and cut bananas and stick a lollipop stick in the end.plain bananas

Mix yogurt with peanut butter and roll the banana to coat.  You might need a little help with a spoon to adhere the yogurt to the banana.  The lollipop stick won’t be too secure as the banana isn’t frozen yet.

Add some chopped nuts and mini chocolate chips to a parchment lined tray and roll bananas to coat. Dip in almonds and bits

Leave the banana pops on the tray or plate and pop in the freezer–until frozen.  I left them in overnight.

Deeeee–lish!  FODMAPers: I haven’t received the official word on FODMAP content of chocolate so add the chocolate chips to your own personal tolerance.crop banana pop