Well Balanced Vacation

I enjoyed a wonderful week on Nantucket with my family.  Really, this quaint island off the coast of Massachusetts is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.We are fortunate to come every August for a week to enjoy all of Nantucket’s beauty.

I had one mantra for the week and this was it!

But for those that really know me, I am not much of a good relaxer…but this trip, I really did take it down a notch!

The flowers on Nantucket are unbelievable.  Gorgeous.Every morning we took a nice walk and enjoyed the cobblestone roads and peaceful sites.

We biked almost every day too, taking in a beach and perhaps a dip to cool off along the way.

Here Chelsea and Russ arrive at Ladies beach.  

This trip since we have 2 kids going off to college this fall, we saved a bit of cash and made breakfast and lunch pretty much every day.  We loved the baguette’s for sandwich making at this sweeeeeeet bakery– we bought one almost every day. 🙂

We also did enjoy a wonderful sail in the Nantucket sound on the Endeavor.

Here the boys wait for the boat to come back to the harbor so we could get aboard.

Russ and I enjoyed a refreshing cold Nantucket beer while we sailed the Nantucket sound….now that is relaxing.

We left the dock at 5:30 so the weather was perfect and the sun was slowly setting.

And in the midst of all the fun and relaxing, my agent called about another book deal!  After much thought, I declined the offer, but….never a dull moment!

Although I am very sad to say farewell to Nantucket, I am very much looking forward to seeing the best chocolate lab in the world, Ms. Lucy and gearing up for  the fall schedule.

Hope you all had a wonderful week and look forward to sharing recipes later this week!

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  • Karyn

    New to your blog, but love your fabulous pictures of people, places and things!
    Thanks so much, I’m living vicariously through your vacations until I take off for 16 days in Italy in 2 wks. I’m following the fodmap for SIBO, and wondering about my dietary challanges, but life’s an adventure! Ciao! Karyn

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