Mediterranean-style Stuffed Peppers

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This week while buzzing through the grocery store, I found the cutest little bell peppers. Like really, really small ones. Check out this little yellow guy…

This one really was the smallest of the small. The others were a bit bigger.  But seriously, how I could I resist these peppers?  I wasn’t sure what I would do with them, but they were definitely coming home with me.

I thought I might roast them with some garlic infused oil and fresh thyme.  But, then, I thought I would try to stuff these little guys with a Mediterranean inspired mixture.

I started with brown rice couscous.

Browned up some extra lean ground turkey breast, some mint, scallion, and feta cheese.  I added a splash of soy sauce too.  Adding soy sauce kind of came out of left field but I wanted the meat to brown up a bit and look more like traditional stuffed peppers made with beef. Plus, I wanted to add a little savory flavor too.

So, working with mini peppers is like three times the amount of work. (Ha!)  Chopping, de-seeding each little pepper and then filling them all too.But I think it was worth it! They would make a great bite size appetizer to bring to a bash.

The good news is this recipe fills about 4 regular size peppers too for those less inclined to fill a million little peppers.

Here are the little peppers, all set for the oven.

And here they are all plated and ready to eat.  And, eat, I did!  These tasted AWESOME!




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