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  1. Hi there! I have recently been asked to follow the low fodmaps lifestyle and so far it works fantastic as long as I stick to it strictly. I wanted to get more salad dressing recipes that are low fodmaps but I could not open the pdf on her. COuld you send it to my email. I would really appreciate it. Thank you for all your great tips and advice!

  2. Hi Kate-
    I have a client who loves spicy foods and uses a sauce called Sriracha(chili peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar, salt). I’m guessing this is not FODMAP-friendly due to the peppers and garlic. Do you have any spice suggestions? These dressing recipes look fantastic as a start…
    Thank you

    1. Yes, sriracha would be out for now. She could try it later to assess her tolerance. I like mustard, tamari, tahini, basil, ginger, garlic infused oil (don’t consume garlic–just infuse into oil over heat–and remove), lemon, chives, scallions for a few ideas.

  3. Hi,

    THe site is great! I would love to try the salad dressings but was also unable to open the pdf. Would you please email it to me? Thanks!!!!

  4. ditto on salad dressings recipes not showing up. Could you pls send them to me. I have IBS and CFS. CFS dr has suggested FODMAP diet to help manage CFS. I tried it for IBS, no luck for me on improvements but am going to give it another shot. I ordered yr book IBS for dummies and Patsy Carlos’ book IBS-Free at last. Called a couple of nutritionist in this area – Lillington, NC (near Raleigh) no luck on knowledge of FODMAPS. But I am going to give it a try again. I have always had a hard time with raw fruits and veggies. Seems lettuce kills me with IBS pain. But i will try again, modifying it with cooked veggies and i guess no fruit. Oranges/grapefruit have always given me a fit (IBS Pain). I will hopefully stabilize with the cooked veggie/no fruit and then maybe add them one at the time. Wish me luck. If you ever have a professional from NC attend one of your seminars, pls let me know.

  5. Is it OK to use balsamic vinegar in salad dressings? I also use it with olive oil to brush on roasted vegetables. I noticed the balsamic vinegar I used today had concentrated grape must and caramel (for coloring) listed as ingredients. I only used a small amount but I’m on the elimination diet…(or so I thought).

  6. I just started the fodmap diet 4 days ago and already feel much better. I was glad to find your salad dressing recipes. I thought soy should be avoided so I am wondering about the safety of tamari. I also thought juices were not safe so could orange juice cause issues? I have a lot to learn!

    1. Hi Joyce, Soy in the way of tamari or soy sauce is considered low FODMAP and safe. It is the fibers in soy (think soy flour, edamame) that are the issue and they are not present in sufficient quantity in soy sauce to pose a problem. Fruit juice in general is a concentrated form of fructose- and in GENERAL is not recommended but small amounts of fresh squeezed in a salad dressing or marinade of acceptable juice (fresh orange, lemon or lime) and even small amounts of 100% cranberry juice up to 1 cup is allowed on the diet)

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