Cheddar and Chicken Corn Tortilla Sandwich

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I love a simple corn tortilla or two warmed in a skillet and topped with grated cheddar, sliced tomatoes and some grilled chicken.

simple open faced corn tortilla

You just need a few simple ingredients.  So easy…and yummo! 🙂


Every week, we marinate several servings of boneless chicken in homemade mustard dressing and either grill or cook the chicken on the stovetop. We love the Simple Mustardy Dressing recipe found here. Having the chicken cooked and ready to go helps simplify meal planning for a good part of the week.  My son loves to take the tasty chicken in a sandwich to school and I enjoy it as a topping on a garden salad or inside a warmed corn tortilla.

tortilla ingredients

This an easy lunch to whip up at home…but you could also layer the ingredients, warm up and melt the cheese in a microwave to enjoy at work. You can eat the tortilla like an open-faced sandwich or add another tortilla on top and slice up into quarters.

You could add grilled veggies, tofu, grilled shrimp or your other suitable low FODMAP ingredients. Corn tortillas can vary in ingredients, so as always, read the label! US corn tortillas have been tested by the Monash U. team and found to be low FODMAP.

This morning, I am off to Indianapolis to speak on FODMAPs….one of the many FODMAP talks I am looking forward to presenting. Have a great day!


9 replies on “Cheddar and Chicken Corn Tortilla Sandwich

  • Linda

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I love Mexican food, and haven’t been able to eat much of it anymore. I will try it this weekend.

  • Kailey

    I made this tonight and it was delicious! I’ve recently started the low fodmap diet and your blog is a life saver! So far, so good. However, I’ve noticed I’m not meeting my DV for most vitamins. Is there a safe multi vitamin to take? Thanks 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I made this last night, and my husband and I loved it! It will definitely be in our dinner rotation. It was super fast and easy, and it didn’t cause me any belly issues at all, which is the biggest win!!

  • Lola

    Hello Kate –
    I have a general question (not related to this post). We are having a hard time finding chewing gum that does not contain either high fructose corn syrup or xylitol. We found an “all natural bubble gum” which includes the following in the ingredient list: “natural flavors (including lemon, grapefruit, watermelon, pomegranate).” Also “natural colors including beet.” Are the amounts of fodmaps in these items low enough so that this gum could be included in the elimination phase of the diet?
    Thanks so much for your input.

    • katescarlata

      Hi Lola–until a product is tested–I can’t say with 100% certainty that the food is low FODMAP–but I do allow chewing gum products w/ a little beet color and natural flavors. Natural flavors in the US only seems to be a FODMAP concern in savory products regulated by USDA–(animal oriented products)–such as beef broth, meats.

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