Chicken and Rice Vermicelli Confetti Salad

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Well, I am back from vacation and ready to cook!

It always feels good to be back in my kitchen when I have been a way for a bit.

Today I felt like a salad with a little bit of everything so I made one up. Check this baby out….YUMMMY!

I definitely like my protein so I first started marinating up some chicken.  I just added a little reduced sodium soy sauce, some sesame oil and minced ginger–just kept it simple and added in some boneless skinless chicken breast.

It grilled up so nicely.

I like to wash my lettuce about 1/2 hour before serving and wrap in a clean dish towel.  I toss it in the refrigerator and my lettuce is cold and crisp when I am ready to chop it up.

My daughter, Chelsea likes fruit in her salad, so I grabbed some mandarin oranges to toss in the salad today.

I like crunch and so does my son Brennan so I also picked up some tortilla strips.  Just lightly salted and really yum. 

Of course, my Italian husband loves his pasta and my son Kevin does too….so I boiled up a handful of rice vermicelli noodles to toss on top of my salad mixture. These little thin noodles cook up in just 3 minutes.

I do love a bit of  cilantro and scallion in just about every salad I make…

Top the salad with your favorite dressing–I just added a bit of my Asian dressing–see past post here for some homemade salad dressing ideas.

And voilà…a family dinner was had…..mmmmmmm! and everyone gobbled it up. Yay! 

A FODMAP friendly salad too…I might add!Don’t just settle for a boring salad….jazz it up!

What’s your favorite salad combo’s?

Here’s the recipe!


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