Easy Sugar Cookies or Tart Shells (FODMAP friendly)

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I picked up some Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Vanilla Cake Mix to experiment with this week.

I created the cutest tart shells and cookies with the same recipe.  I have to say the tart shell idea is wicked cute but I did find it a bit hard to remove them from the muffin tin.

If you want to keep this recipe easy-peasy…then definitely just roll out and make cookies.

But the tart shells were so dang cute.

I just added a stick of butter, an egg and about 1/3 cup of corn meal to the cake mix.

 Rolled it out use a small scalloped edge cookie cutter about 3 in in diameter and placed on the back side of a generously oiled mini-muffin tin.This cute idea was courtesy of my Mom who is always scouring magazines to get new recipes.  When these little cups were thoroughly cooled, I removed from the tin and filled with a bit of whipped cream.

Then topped with some chopped strawberries and blueberries. So cute, right?

I saved half the dough in the fridge and the next day whipped up some cookies with the same dough.  This time I made up some diamond shaped cookies and added just a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar with my Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Sugar grinder!

These cookies are delightful…but SWEET…so suggest a one cookie limit if possible!

Here’s the recipe.  Hope you enjoy!





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