Peanut Butter, Oat and Dark Chocolate Bites

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Happy Friday, Friends!

This morning I got up early and the sun was rising–it was the most gorgeous orange, yellow and pink. What a great start to the weekend! Beauty is all around us if we look for it!

I wanted to share with you a wildly popular Instagram post that I posted this week. It is a healthier version of a dark chocolate peanut butter cup –made into a bite size balls.

These are made with simple pantry staples–and they are truly delish!

Check these beauties out:

Here is the recipe and I hope you enjoy it!

10 replies on “Peanut Butter, Oat and Dark Chocolate Bites

  • Julie

    Any suggestions for those in families w/ peanut allergies? I’m low-FODMAP and my son has a severe peanut allergy so peanuts/peanut butter can never be in our house. Our dog can’t even eat peanut butter treats.

      • katescarlata

        Yes, I believe those options would work well. If the sunflower butter is sweetened–you may need to reduce maple syrup (use 1-2 Tablespoons instead) and oat flour slightly less (perhaps leave it a 1/4 cup only) so it’s not too sweet and consistency remains the same.

  • Laura

    These sound wonderful, and I would love to make them. Does anyone know why, digestively, I can eat peanuts and other nuts, but the nut butters do not work for me? Perhaps the oatmeal will help.

  • Rhiannon

    Same question from me for same reason. Also, can you substitute rice and/or coconut flour for the oat flour? I am one of those Celiac people who cannot tolerate oat products, even if certified GF. Thanks!

    • katescarlata

      It certainly worth a try, Rhiannon. From a FODMAP standpoint, coconut flour is high fodmap–but you wouldn’t be getting much in 1-2 bite portion. I think almond flour would provide best flavor profile–but this recipe is worth experimenting with…

      • Rhiannon

        Thanks Kate and friends for sunflower butter suggestions and accommodations for such. Glad to hear that experimenting with the flour(s) just might work. Due to allergies to nuts/seeds, I can’t use almond flour, much as I’d like to. I had forgotten about coconut flour being high FODMAP — darn. I’ll see what I can “cook up” with rice flour….and maybe tigernut flour (not truly a nut, despite the name, 🙂 ). I wonder about teff flour or quinoa flour? Looks like I’ll be busy over this Superbowl weekend, LOL!

  • Melinda

    These are delicious. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I made them as a Valentine treat for my husband and me. Do you think they would freeze well?

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