Orange & Dark Chocolate Blender Ricotta Pancakes

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Ricotta cheese in pancake batter offers a little extra protein, calcium and a creamy texture. I crave this addition to pancakes on occasion so thought I would share a low FODMAP recipe with you. How can ricotta cheese be low lactose? It’s all about the portion! This recipe makes 3 servings and each serving has a mere 1 gram of lactose.

I opted to add freshly squeezed orange juice, orange zest and dark chocolate combo to my pancakes–but you could also try lemon juice, lemon zest and blueberries are a nice complement to ricotta pancakes as well.  You know what I always say, ‘get creative’ in the kitchen. And use combos that work for your body.

We LOVED these orange and dark chocolate blender ricotta pancakes.

There is less mess using the blender too, and added bonus.

During the holidays, Russ and I made a trek into Boston to Eataly, to purchase some Italian staples for our Christmas feast.  Eataly has a number of low FODMAP products–some garlic free pesto and a variety of suitable gluten free pastas.  I love wandering around Eataly and checking out all the goods!

While we were shopping, I found some freshly made ricotta… that I had to have. Impulse buy? Yes.

I thought I would use it to make a lemon-y dip for the holidays–but that never came to fruition.

What prompted this recipe inspiration to make ricotta cheese pancakes this week–was a trip to Bristol, Rhode Island. Russ and I just love this little cafe there called The Beehive Cafe.

The table next to us at The Beehive Cafe, ordered the ricotta pancakes. That was it. I heard the order and couldn’t get it out of my mind!

At the Beehive, we ordered up a green smoothie (so good), a yummy grilled chicken plate and a kale salad. And then left with a homemade granola bar for the ride home.  Russ and I love to split our order when we dine out. We left with a nourished and just “full enough” bellies. The food we ordered was not all low FODMAP–but modified in FODMAPs… just right for me. The Beehive cafe offers oat and almond milk for their tea and coffee drinks and many wheat free cookies.

If you are extremely sensitive to lactose, this recipe may not be for you…but the amount of lactose, truly is minimal per serving (about 1 gram per serving).

Here you go! And Happy New Year Friends! 🙂

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  • kate

    Can’t wait to try! After searching for Calabro Ricotta, and not having any luck, I thought I wouldn’t be able to try any of your ricotta recipes; as luck would have it – the supermarket I buy my yogurt at sells Calabro Ricotta! Oh Rejoice!!! 0g of sugar rejoice!!! We discovered as long as the sugar content is 0 I can have it, so thank you Kate for the suggestion of Calabro and for the wonderful recipes. Will definitely be making these pancakes over the weekend, served with butter and just a hint of powdered sugar 🙂

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