IBS + Low FODMAP Workshop

Just a quick post before I jet off to Greece for my daughter’s wedding!  I want to share with you an upcoming 2 1/2 hour workshop on October 19, 2018 for people with IBS and/or SIBO interested in learning more about the low FODMAP diet and other treatments.  The workshop will be led by myself and Toni Fiori, RD and will involve some fun hands-on activities to help apply what you learn. The workshop activities will be very low key but offer real life scenarios– such as how to read a complicated food label or what to order when dining out– that often come up for folks trying the low FODMAP diet.

In addition to reviewing the 3 phases (elimination, re-introduction and personalization) of the low FODMAP diet in detail, we will also discus other possible treatments for IBS from supplements to physical therapy and more.

The workshop will be held in Medway, Massachusetts at the lovely Thayer House. Medway, Massachusetts is about a 50 minute drive west of Boston and 45 minutes drive North of Providence, Rhode Island.

Whether you are new to the low FODMAP diet, already on the personalized phase, struggling with ongoing IBS symptoms and/or want to learn more about overall gut health, this workshop is for you. The workshop will provide a great opportunity to share your success stories as well as your struggles and connect with others!

Toni and I hope to see you there! Oh…and of course, you will receive a low FODMAP swag bag!

For additional information and registration, click here!

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  • Carolyn

    Hi Kate,
    Do you ever schedule virtual events? The company I work for uses virtual frequently as we’re scattered across the globe, and while they never quite replace the experience of a live event they are a great way to expand your reach. There are tools and techniques that help make them really valuable. As a California resident, I’d love to have that as an option, traveling to the east coast is a pretty big commitment.
    Thanks for your blog, I always learn from your posts.

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