Quick and Easy Spinach ‘Risotto’

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Hey FODMAPers and Friends!

In my effort to eat more veggies (most of us could use a little more produce in our lives), I thought I would whirl some spinach into a sauce (mixed with other yummy ingredients such as garlic infused oil, fresh lemon juice, walnuts and a little Parmesan cheese) to adorn some brown rice. The end result is a creamy rice dish somewhat like risotto, so I call this recipe Quick and Easy Spinach ‘Risotto’.

To simplify the recipe, I used a 10 ounce bag of pre-cooked brown rice (you can find pre-cooked brown rice in the freezer section of your grocer’s).

This tasty nutritious rice and spinach dish tastes like a creamy risotto…BUT with very little effort.

Outside of whirling a few ingredients in the blender and heating up the rice, this recipe takes seconds to prepare.

Serve as a side dish or top with your favorite protein (think… baked tofu squares, roasted shrimp, pork tenderloin slices, or even 1/4 cup roasted chickpeas) to make a quick meal. Haven’t roasted chickpeas yet? Check out my roasted chickpeas recipe here! 

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Here’s to a productive (and fun) week ahead! I am booked at 2 spin classes and a core body work out this week. I normally am one to work out outdoors (walking, running, hiking)…but these freezing temps have me joining all sorts of work out classes. 🙂 I actually have learned that I like taking classes as I am working muscles that havent’ been worked in years (maybe my whole life, ha). 🙂

Next up on the blog…Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (part 2).

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    • katescarlata

      I rarely recommend a protein drink, to be honest–especially since most protein foods are FODMAP free. In some instances–some individuals that don’t consume or enjoy enough protein foods–I would recommend certain protein powder products. Check my Pinterest page –FODMAP kitchen for some I products I like.

  • Lucy

    Looks great! I recently bought your cook book and love the recipes! Any thoughts on how to gain weight while eating low fodmap? I see Nestle Pronourish is Low Fodmap. How do you feel about this drink? Some online reviews said it contains carragean which is bad?

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