Low FODMAP Fall Pumpkin Favorites

Hello FODMAPers and Friends,

I hope you all enjoyed the “last weekend of summer”.  We had such a fun summer filled with walking the beach in Maine with Lucy (our chocolate lab), tubing down the Ogunquit river and vacationing with my family on to the quaint island of Nantucket. Feel free to check out my son’s creative Nantucket video re-cap that really showcases the beautiful island, here. I am a proud Mama…he is self taught and talented!

With fall in the air, I thought I would share a few of my favorite low FODMAP pumpkin recipes from my blog.

Pumpkin treats are one of my favorite things about the fall. To find several recipes featuring pumpkin, simply search my blog by adding the word “pumpkin” to the search bar on the right side (half way down) on the blog home page.  Here are a few of my favs.

Pumpkin granola bars for on the go. YUM! 🙂 Recipe here.

Delicious coffee cake with a pumpkin, pecans and pumpkin spice. OH yeah! Recipe here.

And a creamy spiced filled pumpkin smoothie! Recipe here.

Another yummy pumpkin recipe you might want to check out is the low FODMAP spiced pumpkin mug cake, here. Yes, please!

A few quick reminders about canned pumpkin. Did you know I was the “helper” that shopped for canned pumpkin in US stores to send to Monash University of formal FODMAP testing? This required sourcing multiple different brands from different stores to create a mixed sample of pumpkin for the actual testing.

Individual US style canned pumpkin can vary in the amount of fructans and GOS.  Have you ever opened a can of pumpkin and found the consistency and color is vastly different from brand to brand? Food can be complicated! As a general rule of thumb, stick to the 1/4 cup canned pumpkin serving to stay in the low FODMAP zone. FODMAP content of food is not a black and white concept! The goal is to just reduce FODMAPs to assess the diet’s benefit. The low FODMAP diet is not a NO FODMAP diet!

If you are reading other low FODMAP recipes from around the globe, do note that other countries refer to many types of squash as pumpkin.  If you have the Monash University app, you will note butternut squash is termed butternut pumpkin.

Oh…and if you haven’t entered in my recent give-a-way…head over to my previous blog about the potential benefit of eating kiwifruit for gut health and constipation relief. I will be selecting a winner for the Zespri kiwifruit swag later this week!