Low FODMAP Cinnamon Sour Cream Coffee Cake Dip

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What? A decadent dip that tastes like sour cream coffee cake? Yes!! This dip is so darn good. Imagine the delicious flavors of cinnamon sugar swirled sour cream coffee cake layered on top of fresh fruit.

I can’t take credit for this recipe inspiration, you can find the original recipe here on the Food Network site. I modified the recipe for my friends with a sensitive tummy and lactose &/or FODMAP intolerance.

Thanks to lactose free sour cream and lactose free yogurt products–this dip is easy to whip up and will make a yummy dessert, snack or fun appetizer for your next celebration. In addition to the amazing flavor you are also getting some probiotics and calcium into your diet!

This week, I am in Florida. I just spoke at Clinical Nutrition Week in Orlando on FODMAPs (of course!) …and now, Russ and I are in Miami! The weather is a very welcomed changed from the cold in New England…so I am feeling very lucky to take in some sun. We are headed out this morning for a run on the beach.

In other news… If you haven’t checked out my youtube channel–feel free to check out the new series of videos I have compiled called, Digestive Health Coffee Chats. The videos include my colleague, Toni Fiori, RDN and I {some just have me} talking on digestive health topics. Let me know if you have any topics you’d like us to cover. And subscribe if you are interested in getting updates on the new videos we release. The latest video is on bloating–underlying causes and treatments.

From sunny Florida to where ever you may be….Have a great week, friends.

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  • Kara

    This recipe looks delicious! This question is off-topic… I see the ProNourish Drink (by Nestle Health Science) listed in the Monash App as suitable for the low fodmap diet. Is it tasty? Also, is it 3rd party tested? Thanks! Kara

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