Hello, Happy Bars!

Hey FODMAPers. It truly is an exciting time for those following the low-FODMAP diet. Why? The word is getting out. More and more media outlets are covering the low-FODMAP diet and broadening the awareness of this life-changing nutritional approach. Increasing awareness is paramount, as there remain many IBS sufferers that have never even heard the term FODMAP. Research continues to grow and we are now seeing studies from all over the globe revealing that the low-FODMAP diet effectively manages IBS symptoms.

Today, I would like to introduce to you a new line of products by physician and mom of 3, Dr. Rachel Pauls. I was fortunate to meet Dr. Pauls last year in Boston at a digestive health conference. As a FODMAP diet follower, Dr. Pauls was on a mission to create a suitable low-FODMAP energy bar made with recognizable ingredients that tastes great.

Well, welcome….Happy Bars!


We have been enjoying Happy Bars for the past few weeks at my practice, For a Digestive Peace of Mind. The feedback from patients has been great! Happy Bars are yummy (yay!), gluten-free and low- FODMAP, and are made with just a few ingredients. There are 4 varieties of Happy Bars currently, with fun and catchy names including: Orange Chocolate Ecstasy, Chocolate Chip Delight, Peanut Chocolate Euphoria, and my personal favorite, Peanut Maple Pleasure.


For me, these bars are great on the go…and I tend to be constantly on the go! I take them when traveling and with me to class. Yes, you can find me at Biostatistics every Monday night! I like that each bar contains 8-10 grams of satiating protein, 3 grams of fiber and healthy fats, from nuts and seeds, to keep me full and satisfied.

Want to order some? Shipping is free. Simply go to www.rachelpaulsfood.com

This post was sponsored by Rachel Pauls Food but my opinion, comments and feedback about these bars is completely mine.



16 replies on “Hello, Happy Bars!

  • Mary

    Hi Kate. I, too, am always looking for a healthy protein bar for in between meals or on the go. However, I have a problem digesting oats, even if the are gluten-free and organic. Do you have any suggestions as a replacement for oats in recipes to make my own bars? I look forward to your informative posts and appreciate all you give to make life easier and more enjoyable for those with digestive issues. Many thanks!

  • Denise Hobby

    Hi Kate,
    I ordered the Peanut Maple Pleasure bars as soon as you posted on Instagram (I think). What a joy it is to have a non-chocolate snack bar that is delicious! I often make my own when I have time but these are perfect for when I don’t.
    I received my first order (there will be more) last week and was a little skeptical because oats usually bother me (like Mary), but they were just fine. I’m so happy with my Happy Bars that I’m sharing a few with some of my fellow FODMAP friends.
    Thanks for sharing this! You made my day!
    Good luck with your Biostatistics course!

  • Margaret VanDyke

    Just ordered a box of the chocolate orange. They are really expensive, so I’m hoping they will be as good as they sound. Thanks for the information about these! BoBo bars are great but sometimes a bit unsettling for the stomach. The oats??

  • Wendy Holcombe

    I thought these would be great to grab when I’ll be out and might get hungry and not know if I can get something safe, but they are almost $3 a bar! Sound great, but I’ll wait until they can come up with something a little less expensive. For now I’ll just throw some nuts in my bag.

    • Annie

      Wendy, there are low fodmap things you can buy while out and about. Potato chips are safe, Kozy Shack rice pudding (with a lactaid), you can buy water and some grapes or strawberries and wash and eat them then and there. Chocolate, too (with a lactaid if you’re very sensitive).

  • Wendy

    Thanks for sharing. As the mother of a college student who often goes from class to work to study, I’m always in the lookout for something that may make her day less hairy.

  • Laura Kathrein

    Thanks for letting us know about these bars! I love 88 Acres so much, but these will be a nice variety. You rock!

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