A Time of Giving

It truly is better to give than receive.  7daysofgiving

During the holiday season, the Scarlata family tries to make it a point to share a little love for those in need. The holiday season can be a time of great fun and festivities but for some people it can also be a time of stress, reflection and loss. The pressure of purchasing presents can be a financial burden too.  This year, we put our heads together to come up with a few small gestures of giving to hopefully put a smile on someone’s face during the holidays.

We find it particularly fun to give when no one is looking.  We have sent anonymous grocery gift cards, left money with the cashier at the local deli to pay for a neighbor’s lunch order, paid for the car behind us in the coffee drive thru.  But equally important is visiting the elderly, treating those who have made your life a little easier during the year, sending a text message of gratitude, reconnecting with an old friend…small gestures of kindness can turn around someone’s day.

This year–our family goal was to come up with 7 days of giving. Here’s what we came up with:

  1.  Create homemade cards for the women that are living temporarily in our local women’s and children shelter.  Every year two Moms in my neighborhood head up an effort in which other mom’s contribute to gift boxes for the moms at the shelter.
  2.  Make homemade sweet treats and spend time with elderly neighbors–it’s one of my favorite traditions.
  3. Send a little gift package to a friend’s brother and children who’s wife is terminally ill.
  4. Buy coffee for the person behind us in my beloved Starbucks.
  5. Send a small gift card anonymously to a family in our hometown that could use a dinner out with him family.
  6. Distribute hats, gloves and blankets for the homeless.
  7. ?  Please leave a comment and share what you plan on doing during this season of giving. We need one more idea!

When you take a minute to think about it, there is always someone in your life that could benefit from a little surprise love from YOU.