New Low FODMAP checklists

I have been working on some new FODMAP diet checklists for you!  Hope you like ’em!  🙂

Here’s my latest LOW FODMAP food checklist:

Click here for printable low FODMAP food checklist

LOWFODMAP!CHECKLISTAnd here’s the HIGH FODMAP food list:   

Click here for printable HIGH FODMAP checklist

HIGHFODMAP!CHECKLISTAnd remember to learn the latest about FODMAP food composition, consider purchasing the Monash U low FODMAP diet app.  Monash U is the leader in accurate and up to date  FODMAP food analysis.

24 replies on “New Low FODMAP checklists

  • Linda

    Thank you so much, it is so helpful. Getting the quantities right on some of them like peas, wow only 1/4 of a cup, it is hard when they are freshly shelled and so yummy, but I must control myself lol.

    One thing I am still confused with if I have in one meal something like 1/2 cup of broccoli, 1/4 cup peas and 1/2 cup of pumpkin is this too much in one meal? I think sometimes I might have too much even though I think I am following the amounts allowed.

  • Amelia

    Hi Kate, thanks so much for the checklists. They are great! One question i have is regarding spinach. The Monash App says 1 cup, or less than 150g, of baby spinach is low FODMAPS. Does this mean 1 cup/150g cooked or uncooked? And does the same apply to mature/large leaf spinach? Thanks, Amelia

  • Casey

    These are so helpful! Thank you so much. It’s great to have as a reminder as there are so many specifics it’s hard to remember them all- especially when I’m having someone else cook for me.

    I’m curious about your thoughts on almond milk- Silk or Almond Dream brands specifically. It’s a non-dairy beverage and its additives are similar to those found in rice milk which you labeled as low in FODMAPs. Any reason I should be cautious of it?

    Thanks again!

    • katescarlata

      Casey–I don’t allow almond milk on the low FODMAP elimination phase. Almonds do contain fructans and GOS–in small amounts 10 almonds–the amounts of FODMAPs are limited –so eating 10 almonds is okay. But when making almond milk–often MANY almonds are used–and the way the milk is made–many FODMAPs could end up in the milk.

      • Linda

        I have been making my own almond milk. I soak 1 cup overnight with a little salt, rinsed them well a few times and blend with 6 cups of water adding a little vanilla stevia for sweetness.Keeps in fridge for 3-4 days. I only use about half a cup a day and seems to be okay for me. I would not use packaged almond milk because I am not sure if they soak the almonds first and what they add.

      • Casey

        Hi Kate,

        Thanks so much for the clarification! I started notice I was getting flare-ups and couldn’t understand what it was from. I will switch to rice milk for a while and see if it calms things down.

        In regards to your last post, I love Crystal’s website. I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis about a year ago and Crystal’s tips (especially her video on how to pack when traveling since I travel occasionally for business) were lifesavers. While I’ve been advancing my diet cautiously since then, I still refer to her site as well and think she’s definitely on the right track. I am so grateful that people like the two of you are out there advocating for a very under-researched and misunderstood area of health.

        Thank you for all that you do!

  • Roberta Karp

    What about asparagus?
    I have been pretty good but I find I am terribly constipated are there any hi fiber foods that would help? I do recall a gastro man once telling me that hi fiber would have the opposite effect on my condition. Comment?

  • judith sayland

    your hard work in compiling these food lists for us ibs’ers is so much appreciated – we are out here, believe me, and the Fodmap diet has been life altering – thank you for your protective wing!

  • Robin in New Jersey

    I am new to this FODMAP diet and this is VERY helpful. Thank you so much! I am 54 and have had problems since I was a teen. Doctors have never been able to help me. All I ever heard was, “Eat more fiber” to which I would reply, “gastro intestinal nightmare.” I recently returned to the gastro dr. that I went to 10 years ago, only because I am due for a colonoscopy. He told me about FODMAP. I immediately bought the IBS Free At Last book and finally found my answer. It’s really hard for me to follow as I am still having to cook for my husband and children. We are going through a very difficult financial crisis and have to use the food pantry to supplement from payday to payday. So I eat lots of rice and canned green beans these days. Last night I splurged after 2 months of careful eating and ate a slice of pizza. It was delicious! But of course today I am not having a good gut day. Thank you for this blog and all the help it has been to us IBS sufferers.

  • Terri Sidell

    When I found out that Aspartame had lactose in it, I started taking the Lactrase Enzymes when I ate or drank something with it in it. That made a big difference.

  • Robin in New Jersey

    I’m back…and confused. On the High FODMAP chart, lentils has a star. Does that mean you can have a small amount?

    • katescarlata

      Hi Robin….small amounts of canned lentils–1/2 cup and 1/4 cup of canned chickpeas are considered under the FODMAP limit. Drain and rinse them –and choose brands without added onion and garlic.

  • Mary

    I noticed that raspberries on on the OK list now. Is this a recent change? Also, what about canned black beans and Gouda cheese?

    • katescarlata

      Mary Raspberries are okay. Initially US data suggested that they had excess fructose–but I decided to stick w/ Monash data–and patients tolerate them. Gouda is okay–low lactose. Canned black beans have not been tested to my knowledge.

  • Reagen


  • suzanne

    Thank you Kate, for continuing to post for all of us ( free of charge!) so much practical help for everyone. Regards Suzanne 🙂

  • Wendy

    Thanks for the work that you put into updating this information, Kate. As I don’t have a smartphone, I can’t access the Monash Uni App, so your site is my main source of information. The only negative I’d say is that I don’t like the font. Using all capitals makes it harder to read. But apart from that, fantastic. I didn’t know there was a limit on oats!!

  • Christina

    Thanks Kate for the updated list! I’m replacing the one on my fridge as we speak 🙂
    Also do you know if any of these ingredients are okay (link is below)? I usually make my own shakes in the morning, but for those mornings I am really pressed for time or am traveling, I would like a good option. Any suggestions would be great!

    • katescarlata

      Chris, Fresh cranberries should be okay–last I heard the researchers had trouble finding fresh cranberries so have not officially tested them. But a glass of cranberry juice and small amounts of dried cranberries are allowed–and have been tested!

    • Linda

      Kate, It would depend on the vegetables you use, check the fodmap friendly list. Do not use garlic or white part of onions, and I think only common cabbage. I would only try a little at a time to see how you react to it.

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