Chocolate Covered Pineapple…in preparation for Valentine’s Day

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Okay….here it is….my latest addiction.

Semi-sweet chocolate + fresh sliced pineapple = Heaven

Sooooooo tasty.  And really one or maybe two little chunks and your sweet tooth should be completely satisfied.

chocolate covered pineappleSince Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…you might want to treat your sweetheart to these tasty sweets!

Can you say…YUM!?

Valentine's treat chocolate covered pineapple

Chocolate has not been officially tested for FODMAPs to my knowledge but if you choose a lactose free chocolate chip with a lower fiber content (1 gram or less per serving)…you may find in small quantity you can tolerate it…..of course, listen to your body and adjust your diet accordingly.

And…if pineapple isn’t your favorite fruit….you can always get creative with other fruits…and perhaps even a smattering of nuts or coconut!

chocolate covered fruit

6 replies on “Chocolate Covered Pineapple…in preparation for Valentine’s Day

  • Alison DaCosta

    Perfect timing! I was planning to make chocolate covered strawberries for my Valentine’s party this weekend. I think I will add some pineapple chunks and make them look pretty with toppings!! I have been wondering about chocolate and FODMAP content. I think I tolerate dark chocolate a little better, which I think makes sense since it has no or little lactose?

    • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

      That is correct….milk chocolate has some lactose. Probably small amounts but still has some. And the other issue with chocolate is fiber!! Chocolate comes from a bean. We know the FODMAPs in cocoa comes from fructans and GOS–(they are fiber sources)–so try to also pick a chocolate with less fiber. Some fair trade or specialty chocolates can really be quite a fiber dose. I hope you enjoy the chocolate dipped fruit!

  • Linda B

    Kate, did you mean to say that after heating the chocolate in the microwave and stirring it that it should go back in the microwave for another 30 – 45 minutes?

    • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

      Ooopps…seconds not minutes….BUT microwaves do vary in cooking time so keep an eye on it so you don’t burn it. You may need a little less or a little more.

      • Linda B

        OK. Thanks. I was thinking 30 – 45 seconds since the first time in the microwave was only 1 minute. I will watch it.

  • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

    Oh boy, Linda…sorry I missed your question altogether! Yes, seconds, not minutes…and I changed it in the post!!

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