Fluffernutter Cookies

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Happy Memorial Day, Friends.

We just got back from a bit of a whirlwind trip to NYC and Philadelphia!

My daughter, Chelsea Rose graduated from college!  And we couldn’t be more proud of her accomplishments!  graduation announcement

The fam.college graduation

We enjoyed 2 graduation ceremonies, lots of great food in the city (as always!) and even tried a Soul Cycle class.  If you haven’t heard about Soul Cycle–it’s a spinning class–an exercise class on bicycles.  To say you work your butt off would be an understatement.  Russ and I survived…we are proud to say, but we sure did sweat a lot! soul cycle

After graduation, we were off to a family wedding in Philadelphia.  Being one of nine children, family weddings are quite the event!  A great opportunity to catch up with my siblings that live all over the US!

We had such a GREAT time but we are in need of some chill time which is what we are doing now.

I do find cooking relaxing and have been wanting to try a recipe that one of my interns mentioned to me.  She provided the original recipe which I believe was from Snackgirl.com but I couldn’t find it to provide the proper link for you.  I did modify the recipe a little so provided it for you today.

Growing up, I was a HUGE Fluffernutter fan!  We used to toast up bread and smear the fluff (marshmallow cream) with globs of peanut butter.  The heat of the toast would melt both the fluff and the peanut butter into wonderful goodness.  This little cookie is grain free, FODMAP friendly and gluten free too.


With this recipe, I used Teddie all natural peanut butter.Teddie all natural

Added just 1/2 cup of chopped mini marshmallows {and a few other ingredients, of course}chopped marshmallows

Put them in rounded spoonfuls on a cookie sheetfluffernutter cookies ready to bake

And baked ’em up.  Enjoy!

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