Spook-tacular Cookies

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You may not know this about me but I am a SERIOUS sprinkle collector. When traveling here in the US and even more so when traveling out of the country, I always check out the local grocery store for different sprinkles.

Here’s about 1/8th of my collection…

With the upcoming Halloween holiday, I thought I would try baking some gluten free sugar cookies….a dangerous feat…as baking with gluten free flours can be a challenge.  Why gluten free?  Well, many of my blog followers are on a special diet [low FODMAP diet]  to help with their digestive symptoms and wheat is pretty much a no-no.  The low FODMAP diet incorporates some gluten free products because wheat contains both gluten and FODMAPs–so there is some overlap with these 2 diets.

So I got out my gluten free King Arthur flour and added traditional sugar cookie ingredients–confectioner’s sugar, an egg,  almond and vanilla extract and a wee bit of potato starch and of course butter.

The cookies came out light and airy…and really yummy.  

To create some spooky cookies, I added some eye balls.  Every cookie deserves a couple eyeballsmore or less. These eyeballs are low in FODMAPs and gluten free!

I called Wilton, the manufacturer.

For more gluten free sprinkles options, click here!

And of course, I made up some  crazy green confectioner’s sugar glaze.

Roll out the dough with a bit of brown rice flour or potato starch to prevent from sticking.  I always use parchment paper to roll out the dough–easy clean up!

Meet my scary cookies! Boo!

Halloween should be fun for everyone–even on a low FODMAP diet or gluten free diet!

Enjoy these yummy cookies!



4 replies on “Spook-tacular Cookies

  • EA-The Spicy RD

    I loved learning that you are a serious sprinkle collector! These are such fun cookies, and even betterm they are gluten-free. My daughter is just like you-seriously in to sprinkles. Pinning this to make with her soon 🙂

    • katescarlata

      Yes, EA –sprinkles are a little obsession of mine. I let the dietitian side of me ‘go on vacation’ as I drool over the many beautiful sprinkles that I find in stores.

  • MarY Lou Ridler

    I did not know powdered sugar is low fodmaps. Is this really true? If so I’m baking as soon as you reply:)

    • katescarlata

      Domino powdered sugar is sugar and cornstarch –so okay, low FODMAP. I wouldn’t eat a ton of it as too much sugar, although considered a low FODMAP choice can contribute to your overall ‘fructose load’. That is why I recommend limiting to only 1 serving of fruit at a sitting vs. a HUGE bowl. So one cookie okay–not 2 or three! Everyone’s tolerance for fructose seems to vary–some are particularly sensitive so always listen to your body.

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