Harvest French Toast-kin

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This morning, my friendly chocolate lab, Lucy woke me up at 5 AM.   I can’t really complain because my husband Russ got up with her and with our hungry cats, Molly and Ed.

But while I lay half asleep, I starting thinking about what I wanted for breakfast on this rainy Saturday morning.

I knew I had a small amount of canned pumpkin from a previous recipe I concocted in the week.  Hmmmm, what about adding the pumpkin to my traditional egg, milk mixture and make some ‘French Toast-kin’ (Russ’ name for it!)

So I added an egg, milk and 3 TB of pumpkin to a bowl.  Added a dash of cinnamon, about 2 tsp of maple sugar and could have added some vanilla bean paste but didn’t think to add it…but you can if you want!

I dipped the bread in this well blended mixture and added it to the skillet to cook it up.

Here it is!

I decided to chop up some pecans, add them to a bit of melted butter and sprinkle in a bit of maple sugar-to top the toast.

This recipe was super good. Here’s the French Toast-kin… all dressed up.

[FODMAP followers…US canned pumpkin has not been tested by Monash for FODMAP content yet. It may be a source of mannitol and so I suggest you try with caution.  Mannitol malabsorption is less common than sorbitol malabsorption and I do find many of my clients can tolerate mannitol containing foods in reasonable portion.  This recipe has small amounts of pumpkin per serving]