Slow Cooker Stir-less Risotto

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I love risotto but cooking it can be cumbersome.  The process requires constant stirring and the addition of  hot broth every second–or maybe it just seems that way– and sometimes, I simply don’t have the time to spend over the stove.

That is why, I love my slow cooker.

Simple add your favorite risotto ingredients and slow cook while you run around picking up kids, get a walk in with the dog, create a blog post…or at least that is what I will be doing. 🙂  With just one child left living at home… I still find I am busy, especially at the dinner hour.

Risotto is made with arborio rice.  This rice has high starch kernels that are white, short and fatter than most short-grain rices.  The increased starch content lends itself to a finished creamy textured rice dish.  What’s not to love about that!

This recipe is easy and yummy and can be adapted to your own concoction by  adding in your family favorites–peas and chunks of ham, chicken sausage, shrimp, caramelized butternut squash and spinach, kale, golden raisins and toasted pine nuts….you can get fancy or keep it simple. And of course, FODMAPers, choose your add ins according to your own tolerance.

I saute a bit of oil with fresh garlic.  [FODMAPers remove the garlic after you infuse flavor]. Carefully add the oil right in the crockpot, and add in some chopped basil leaves. Love fresh basil!

Add some chicken or veggie broth[FODMAP followers use homemade] and white wine [can omit wine if you want-just up the broth] and put on high for about 2  hours.

Just prior to serving toss in cooked meats, if desired–shredded chicken,diced ham chunks, sautéed shrimp. And add in some favorite leafy greens or peas–just to wilt or lightly cook up.

Garnish with fresh grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese–expensive but OH>>>so tasty. This Italian Parmesan cheese has a granular texture that simply melts in your mouth and adds a savory finish to the risotto.

And of course you can always toss more fresh basil or chopped chives for a flavorful garnish.

Here’s a peek of my spinach risotto–simply make the basic risotto and add in chopped fresh baby spinach.  YUM!

I also experimented with a kale, raisins and pine nuts mixture.

{Kale has not yet been tested FODMAPers}

I just tossed in some chopped kale, raisins, and toasted pine nuts on top of the almost cooked risotto and let simmer for about 2-3 minutes.

Get creative people!  I know you can!

But before I let you go, I have a give-a-way for my FODMAP followers.  I just received a 3rd edition Monash University low FODMAP diet booklet to give-a-way!

One lucky winner will be randomly picked! Just provide a comment about what types of recipes you are hoping to see on the blog.  I need your help for some creative inspiration!

And on another important note:  The Kate Klim CD winner is Nan!  Thanks for providing a nice comment about how you spend quality quiet time with those you love!  Love it!

Here’s the basic risotto recipe for YOU!


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  • Shirley

    This sounds really great. I am enoying getting receipes from this site/blog as i am on all FODMAP and always looking for things to eat. Love this site……would like to see some snack items that might be filling for me me especially during the PM…thanks and love your site!

  • Johanna Wood

    I recently found a risotto recipe that topped the risotto with an egg. I’ll have to try making it in the crock pot and then serving it with an over easy or sunny-side up egg on top. I can’t wait!! Yumm, and easy! Love that!

    I’m always looking for recipes that can be good for left overs (like the risotto here). I find myself making food for the family and then making seperate food for myself each night. Having something in the fridge I can nuke or eat cold has been key to make this diet easy to follow.

    We are also in soup season, soups are great as left overs and could be crock pot friendly.

    Thanks so much for the great recipes, they are a life saver!


  • Catherine

    I, too, am particularly interested in easy recipes, so slow cooker ideas and anything that requires less than 30 minutes of active time and/or can be done ahead is really helpful. Chasing around twin girls under the age of 2 and trying to feed us all healthy (and, for me, FODMAPs-friendly) meals is enough to wear you out!

  • Sarah

    Would love to win. I’m new to FODMAP (and feeling much better already) so recipes of all types would be welcome. I’d love to find good curry recipes.

  • Dan Jeffus #fodmap

    I’d like Italian FODMAP recipies. The thing I miss most is Italian – with no garlic and onions. So recipes that feature a good tomato sauce.

  • Caroline

    Me too I really miss my Italian treats. Any easy FODMAP pasta sauces would be greatly received!! Grateful for all new ideas & love the blog!!

  • Ruth

    Hi Kate,

    I really enjoy your blog! I am new to the FODMAP diet and was glad to find that somebody out there knows what’s up! I would really love to see some homemade bread recipes–I miss my breads! Also, simple sweet treats would be wonderful. I look forward to seeing what you come up with! 🙂



  • Kristen

    Hi Kate! I love everything that you do, you are truly a great resource for FODMAPS. I was actually thinking of getting the handbook, since I am a FODMAP follower and advocate for the diet. I have recently developed handouts for the outpatient nutrition clinic at the hospital I work at as well, so any new research I pass along to the dietitians who are starting to see patients now who follow FODMAPS.

    Being a nutrition student finishing up my DPD course work, working part time and going to graduate school for human nutrition, time is really never on my side, so having your recipes to reference is such a time saver! I love cooking and being in the kitchen and I have to plan ahead for the whole week, so recipes that can last me multiple uses and that are not to time consuming would be perfect. I would love to see more crock pot inspired dished as well as protein and veggie packed entrees.

    I look forward to more of your posts, again thank you for all your work and dedication to FODMAPS it has made me feel so much better!


  • Ellen

    You need a Thermomix to make the perfect risotto. It sautes, chops, and stirs for you and voila 17 minutes later you have the perfect creamy risotto! Great for a low FODMAP diet too.

      • Ellen

        Can’t recommend it highly enough. It saves so much time and ensures you know exactly what’s in your food as you can make things like low FODMAP bread etc so easily and quickly. It is worth the money!

  • Elaine Savage

    Low fodmap soups would be wonderful, especialy those suitable for the slow cooker. I love the sound of this risotto, it’s on the menu for this evening! Many thanks for all your hard work.

  • Mary Andrews

    Hi Kate- Thanks for the great site. This recipe sounds great. My son, and I, have recently started the FODMAP diet. He is 12. I have found a great meatloaf and mac n’ cheese recipes that he loves. It has been a bit challenging to keep him positive with the food change. He is still challenged with stomachache also. Do you have kid friendly tips for treats and general kid favorite recipes that are fodmap friendly?

    • katescarlata

      If his stomachache continues on the low FODMAP diet –I would suggest he be screened for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Do you have a link to your meatloaf recipe….I have been wanting to try a good low FODMAP meatloaf!

  • esther

    I’d love to see some dessert recipes that are low FODMAPS and low carb, since I have SIBO and I’m trying to lose about 6 lbs.

    Thanks, Kate, for all you do for us. Your spirit is an inspiration.

  • Jennifer Dent

    Hi There,
    Thank you so much for your site! I have recently found out about the FODMAPS diet (thanks to my GI Specialist) and so far I’ve been on it a week and I feel wonderful!
    I would love to see recipes for snacks to take with me to work, and more treat/dessert recipes to help soothe my sweet tooth – which is currently in shock. I can’t wait to see what you post next!

    Thank you!

  • Priscilla

    Love the risotto idea. My husband and I were just wondering how to figure it all out! haha

    I would love to see some baked goods. Love those baked goods. Just out of hospital and want cakey comforty stuff. Ya know what i mean???

  • Monisha

    I love all your recipes – would love more easy chicken or salmon recipes and cookie recipes . I tried out the chocolate chip cookies and they were delicious!

  • Sophia Kleiber

    I struggle with savory foods especially finding substitutes for onion flavors. I would love stews and slow cooking recipes.

  • Lauren F.

    So glad I found your blog when I was searching for FODMAP resources for a patient. I’m actually a dietetic intern in Boston at the moment, so it’s great to find RD blogs. I’d like to see fall recipes.

  • Rachel

    I’d like to see some recipes for sauces, because I am finding locating sauces that meet all my requirements, as I react to onion and garlic and they’re in everything!!! And removing them from recipes kinda doesnt make them retain their flavour.

  • laura

    I would like to see more dinner recipes that include the upcoming fall and winter vegetable. Every v reci of yours that I have made has been really tasty and easy on my GI system, keep it up!

  • Meredith

    I would love to win the booklet. My three year old has fructose malabsorption, so we eat low FODMAP. Any FODMAP kid friendly recipes would be great to see. Oh, and some yummy fall time recipes. I’m going to have to get creative in baking this fall.

  • Nan

    I’m thrilled to be the Kate Klim CD winner! I love her voice and her style – I’m a new fan! Thank you so much, Kate!

    As for recipes, I am also partial to vegan recipes. Being vegan has helped me reduce my cholesterol by a great deal, so I try to stick with it. Hard to be vegan without beans….

  • Emkacey

    Hmm… How about party-friendly finger food recipes? I am definitely on board with slow cooker recipes, too, I haven’t used mine in years! I am still looking for a good BBQ sauce to make pulled pork. 🙂

  • Ashlee

    I’d love to see more vegetarian recipes. I’m having a hard time doing that and incorporating protein into my meals. I’d also love to see more crock pot recipes. Thank you so much for all you are doing to help fodmap followers! You are an answer to prayers!

  • Rachel

    I’d love to see some quick and easy recipes! It’s late when I get back from class in the evenings, and I just want dinner on the table.

  • Isabel

    What a great site! I am new to the concept of FODMAPS and was temporarily bummed out when I saw that so many things I love have them, but there are lots of FODMAP-sensitive-friendly foods on the “ok” list too. Like one commenter above, I do miss cooking with and eating foods containing garlic and onions, so though this has already been said, recipes for sauces, BBQ sauce/pulled pork, and desserts would be great. Oh, and CASSEROLES – family meals! Thanks so much.

  • Rachel

    I am SO glad I found this blog. I have been on a low FODMAP diet since March 2012. Being a busy college student only having to cook for myself I would love to see more recipes that are quick and easy to grab on the way to the library or class, that you don’t have to be a chef at (but i’m learning)! Thank you!!

  • Nicole

    I have been lurking on your site for a while now. I love you’re recipes. I’ve been looking for ideas for ready-to-eat protein sources … something that I can grab and go, even if I need to make a batch of it up on the weekend.

    In additional to FODMAPS, I’ve also had to give up citrus and tomato (allergies) as well as high fat foods, chocolate, and tuna (tummy trouble). Luckily, I do not react to small amounts of lactose.

    • katescarlata

      Nicole–I love the term ‘lurk’! 🙂 I lurk on sites too! I am glad to know you follow my site and I will try to think of some recipes that may suit your dietary constraints. When fat is an issue, this can be a sign of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth so I encourage you to be tested for that. Perhaps make the granola bars without the chocolate chips.
      The mozzarella cheese sticks are a great protein rich snack. Chobani yogurt has been recently tested and the lactose runs around 4-5 grams per container (6 oz) I find I tolerate Chobani pretty well compared to other yogurts. Even if you purchased the larger containers and put about 1/2 cup of the vanilla yogurt and some #fodmap friendly granola or blueberries to top it. Greek yogurt has about 20 grams of protein per 6 oz–an awesome dose of protein. Hard boiled eggs make a good snack on the run too–if you like ’em.

  • Lauren

    Thanks for all your careful notes to
    ensure that us FODMAPers can follow your recipes without stress!!!!
    I can’t wait to try your recipes and share them!!!

  • Lauren

    I have been on a lowfodmap plan for five months now and feel great! I have shed 50 lbs because without onions I don’t get sick after eating salad! While I have also totally eliminated bread, cookies, and cake (my need), my sweet tooth is very satisfied with gluten free rice krispie treats. I use Kellogg’s Gluten Free cereal, one large container of marshmallow FLUFF and sometimes add chocolate chips. The recipe is fast, no cooking needed and sweet!!
    Simply spray a bowl, a 9×13 pan – or smaller if you like thicker squares- and spoon (and your hands if you can deal) with PAM. Scoop out the fluff into the bowl, add the cereal, and chips. Mix with your hands or the spoon. The fluff is covered by the cereal, press mixture into pan. It might be necessary to re-spray the spoon or your hands with PAM. Once the pan is full, you can freeze for 10 min and cut into squares. I usually store in the frig as I like the harder texture.

  • Jackie

    I would like to see side dish recipes. Low FODMAPs is so restrictive on veggies. It is nice to find different ways to cook the few we can eat.

  • Ashley

    2 hours was too long for me, it got very sticky even after 1 hour and 45 minutes. The rice was also very bland. I added seared scallops, though, and that was an awesome addition! (I used the fodmap free version: fodmap friendly broth, spinach, and garlic-infused olive oil to replace the fodmap ingredients)

    • katescarlata

      Thanks for sharing your cooking experiences with this recipe…I think slow cookers do vary –so as a reminder to others–this recipe may require less cooking time. I love the idea of seared scallops… Thanks Ashley!

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