Sweet Caramelized Butternut Squash

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This weekend, Russ and I had a nice mix of exercise and relaxing.

We visited a dairy farm with my Mom in Rhode Island, close to where she grew up as a child, called Wright’s Dairy Farm. There’s lots of creamy goodness at Wrights!

The treats are very rich and very tasty but what I like the most about this place are the cute cows…

Check out this cute freckled nose.  What’s not to love?

I love the old-fashioned farm atmosphere.

Although I do enjoy a sweet treat every now and again, Russ and I really do try (operative word) to balance our indulgences.

This morning, like most weekend mornings, we started our day with our favorite steel cuts oats, blueberries, raspberries, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds.  Great fuel for our run with Lucy.

We typically end our run with an iced coffee at my beloved Starbucks. 🙂  And Lucy enjoys a refreshing cup of ice water.

I love our little routine on the weekends.  Do you have a special weekend routine?

In honor of the change of seasons and the fall produce selection…. I decided I would cook up some butternut squash.  It’s my favorite fall squash to cook with and it is equally delish done up with savory seasonings as it is with sweet and cinnamon-y flavors.  This time I opted to add some cinnamon and ginger.

First, peel the squash.  Easily done with a vegetable peeler.

I de-seeded the squash and chopped it up into bite size chunks.  Sometimes I like a big hearty chunk and sometimes a small bite-size piece.  Today, I went bite-size.

Mix up with a bit of melted butter, olive oil and seasoning.

Roast it up….and eat it up.

Yup, this is yummy! But FODMAPers limit is just 1/4 cup. Boo!


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