Garlic-infused Zucchini Ribbons with Pine Nuts

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I hope the week is treating your right so far!

This week, I am reading a book called, The How of Happiness and in this book the author discusses scientific research about how one can increase their long term happiness.  I am by nature a happy person I think 🙂 but the book intrigued me and so now I am learning some interesting tips on how to be more happy!  One of the keys to long term happiness is remembering to regularly count your blessings.

So what are you grateful for today?

I am grateful for SO…. many things.  Today, I am grateful for the ability to afford fresh food and create healthy and fun food for me and my family.

Last night I received FOUR thumbs up on my zucchini ribbon recipe!

Zucchini is growing abundantly right now if you live in New England so go ahead and pick some up and whip up this very easy and very deeeelish zucchini ribbon dish.

Wash up the zucchini, trim the ends and make ribbons with a vegetable peeler.  Just peel the outer flesh– the non-seed part of the zucchini–including the skin.  Sau·té up with some garlic infused olive oil and toss with toasted pine nuts.  It’s really that easy.

The only thing I did wrong with this recipe…is not make enough.

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