Happy MOM’s Day!

We had a busy weekend at the Scarlata household.  Russ and I went to see one of our favorite folk singers, Kate Klim on Friday night. The concert was very low key in a church hall.  A really nice calm atmosphere…a great way to chill out after a long work week.

Saturday, after a nice long run with our chocolate lab, Lucy, a soccer game, grocery shopping, and about 10 loads of laundry, Russ and I and our boys, headed into Boston for the Celtics playoff game!  It was one of the most exciting games ever…we won by just one point.  Yay Celts!

Of course, today is Mom’s day.  And as always…I feel SUPER lucky.  After our morning run, it was gift time!  Look at these wicked cute gifts I received….

Hmmmm….quite perfect for a nutritionist, huh?  I am in love!  I will adorn myself with muffin tin holders, forks and knives daily….Yay for thoughtful gifts!  I also received a new knife set which I am super excited about….sharp knives are key in the kitchen.

We did a bit of dividing and conquering today.  Chelsea and I visited with my Mom, my sister Trisha and her daughter, Dianna AND Russ spent some time with the boys with his mom. My mom is 87 years young this year.

We enjoyed a nice dinner out with some fancy desserts to end the meal. Girls just have to have those fancy desserts, right?


Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the Mom’s out there.

It’s the greatest job and really, for me, an  honor… to be a mom of my three wonderfully  compassionate and kind kids.