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Happy Easter!

Spring is trying desperately to makes its full time appearance here in New England.  The snow is finally disappearing after what feels like an endless winter.

This year, we did Easter a little differently.  Just shaking things up a bit.  We celebrated with our extended family on Saturday night with an “Easter Pizza” celebration.  It was so nice to connect with family and chill out together.  Since we have to get 2 of our kids back to college today, we decided it would be a lot less rushed to celebrate with family the day before the holiday.

I think I like this new tradition!  Easter Pizza! Ha!  It seems quite fitting, after all, I am married to an Italian!

This morning we are hanging out in our jammies…and not rushing about.  Aaaah….relaxing.  We need it and I am loving it!

I decided to take a few pictures around my house that just make me smile.  Hope you like ’em!save me from these eggs

Love this Easter candy dish.  The duck is surrounding by malted milk eggs. YUM.
Easter basket favors

I love these little Easter basket favors. So sweet.

My niece Alex brought me this very sweet floral arrangement.  Oh…SO beautiful!

Easter brunch

Russ is the brunch director this morning!  Cooking up a storm for our family.  MMMMMmmmmmm….
pink easter

I do love hydrangeas. My mother-in-law, Mickie brought these to us last night! GORGEOUS!!  One of my favorite flowers.  They remind me of Nantucket in the summertime. One of my favorite places in the world as we go there every August with our kids. Special memories.

I hope you enjoy a relaxing Easter holiday to those who celebrate with those near and dear to you.  My girl Lucy is taking relaxation to a NEW level.  But she is VERY good at that.  A lesson she has taught me in her 3 young years. Lucy exhausted


I hope all of my US friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  We enjoyed a special trip to the Big Apple.

Of course, we took in the Macy’s Day Parade. Here’s Buzz at the Macy’s Day Giant Balloon Inflation Day event–on Wednesday afternoon. Buzz is all blown up but netted down awaiting the parade.

It’s hard not to feel like a kid again seeing these BIG balloons….magical.

Here comes Spiderman!

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is reflecting on all of my blessings…of course, my family making the top of the list.

We created a thankful tree….here’s my Father-in-law, Tony’s ‘thankful words’…I love it!  And yes, we do put up with him….but he’s worth it. :)

My favorite place in NYC is Central Park.  Walking through this beautiful park just makes me so happy.

Here’s a few pictures of one of my favorite places on Earth.

Love the architecture.

Beauty…every turn.

Skating anyone?

I love the trees in this area.


Family + walking + Central Park= Happiness

Love the bridges in Central Park.

Me and the man.  With our beloved Starbucks, of course.

Outside at the Lincoln Center water fountain, Chelsea and Grandpa share the love.

And since I can’t get to Paris anytime soon, a trip to Ladurée is the next best thing.  So grateful there s a shop on Madison Avenue! YUM!

These macarons are amazing! (most recipes for macaroons are low FODMAP!) Here is my previous post on making macarons.

So…Turkey Day is over and now on to tree trimming.

Time for my very favorite time of year.

I am working on some special holiday recipes…. so stay tuned….and enjoy the weekend!




Feeling ‘Fall-ish’ and a Kate Klim CD give-a-way

The weather has changed in New England and really I am okay with that.  Sunny and a little cooler.  Nice.

Fall is full of lots of bright colors and foliage–pumpkins and gourds…I love it!

This weekend, we did a little more celebrating of my husband Russ’ big 5-0 birthday!  I invited one of our favorite folk singers, Kate Klim to sing at our home.

Here we are..Russ and I get a quick pic with Kate…

Getting ready for our gathering….I pulled out all my little ‘Fall’ style decorations…

I made a batch of very decadent Pumpkin Brownies–not my recipe–and NOT low in FODMAPs AND not particularly healthy–BUT ridiculously tasty.

I have posted about Kate Klim before, she is an amazing folk singer with a truly magical voice…and Russ and I are BIG fans!

Having a home concert is really wonderful.  We invited those near and dear to us and enjoyed some intimate time together….somewhat of a rarity these days with all the hustle and bustle we all seem to get wrapped up in…

Even my infamous father-in-law, Tony showed up! :) Here we are with Kate!

What made this night especially amazing was that Russ commissioned Kate to help write a song using a poem he had written to me a few years ago.  Kate played it live for us for the very first time.  Here’s the song–should you be a hopeless romantic like me– and care to listen to it. Just click on the title, You Caught Me below.

You Caught Me

The song has a Paris theme because it is one of our favorite places on Earth.

If you like Kate’s amazing song, give her a big ‘like’ on Facebook and spread the word. I have  Kate Klim’s latest CD to give away called Kamikaze Love.  Simply leave a comment about how you like to ‘take it down’ a notch with those near and dear to you and make memories together…and YOU just may win!

Happy Fall fellow New Englanders and Happy Spring to my friends, Down Under!

Life’s Turning Points

My husband Russ turned the big 5-0 this week.  How the heck did that happen?   I think I blinked my eyes, and boom…here we are! Yikes.  Here we are…just a few years ago!

This past month I sent my second child off to college.  Another one of  life’s turning points.  I was pregnant with Kevin when I experienced life threatening surgery that required removal of about two-thirds of my small intestine. {Sorry if that’s too much information! :) }  I was just 3 months pregnant with Kevin and I will NEVER forget the days post surgery.  I would call the obstetrics department from my room and request a nurse to come up with the doppler to hear Kevin’s heart beat.  The surgery was not only a life threatening risk to me, it was a real risk that my unborn baby would not make it in the days that followed.

Every heart beat I heard, I would cry….tears of  joy and hope.

Again, this seems like yesterday…

But Kevin is off and running at college. Doing what he is meant to do. And as yet another one of life’s turning points…I reflect back to that hospital stay like it was yesterday.

I can’t complain, despite some health blips, I have a really great life.  But these life turning points certainly make me pause and reflect a bit.  What’s next?

So…here is my question….Do you live life by the seat of your pants….and let your life unfold as it may or do you plan an strategize goals for your future…?

What’s next on your life’s journey?

I like to plan and strategize.  I like to have things to look forward to while I plug through my day to day activities. So I thought I would share  a great book I found.   Check it out on amazon here.

Adventures may come to you….but sometimes you really do need to create the adventure.

It’s all about life balance.

And really, it’s up to YOU to make the most of  YOUR life.  Don’t wait for life to come to you, go out and live your most wildest dreams.


This is a great book… to get you thinking about what you want for your life ahead.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

~C S Lewis


I hope you all enjoy a wonderful week ahead.



Well Balanced Vacation

I enjoyed a wonderful week on Nantucket with my family.  Really, this quaint island off the coast of Massachusetts is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.We are fortunate to come every August for a week to enjoy all of Nantucket’s beauty.

I had one mantra for the week and this was it!

But for those that really know me, I am not much of a good relaxer…but this trip, I really did take it down a notch!

The flowers on Nantucket are unbelievable.  Gorgeous.Every morning we took a nice walk and enjoyed the cobblestone roads and peaceful sites.

We biked almost every day too, taking in a beach and perhaps a dip to cool off along the way.

Here Chelsea and Russ arrive at Ladies beach.  

This trip since we have 2 kids going off to college this fall, we saved a bit of cash and made breakfast and lunch pretty much every day.  We loved the baguette’s for sandwich making at this sweeeeeeet bakery– we bought one almost every day. :)

We also did enjoy a wonderful sail in the Nantucket sound on the Endeavor.

Here the boys wait for the boat to come back to the harbor so we could get aboard.

Russ and I enjoyed a refreshing cold Nantucket beer while we sailed the Nantucket sound….now that is relaxing.

We left the dock at 5:30 so the weather was perfect and the sun was slowly setting.

And in the midst of all the fun and relaxing, my agent called about another book deal!  After much thought, I declined the offer, but….never a dull moment!

Although I am very sad to say farewell to Nantucket, I am very much looking forward to seeing the best chocolate lab in the world, Ms. Lucy and gearing up for  the fall schedule.

Hope you all had a wonderful week and look forward to sharing recipes later this week!

Just Be Nice

My second child graduated from high school this month.  It’s amazing how time flies. Kids sure do grow fast.  I hope you can enjoy each and every day with your little ones.

Occasions like these make me reflect a bit on my role as a Mom, daughter, sister, wife and friend.  I really try to be a good person and most importantly to be a good role model for my 3 children.  I realize I am far from perfect but just try to do my best as best I can.

This weekend I met up with 5 of my Junior High girlfriends.  These 5 ladies are special friends.  There truly is something special about spending time with friends that have known you for a very long time…we are very comfortable with each other and share so many of the same values.  They are all good role models for me on how to be a good friend, because they have always been a good friend to me.

Girlfriends are important.  I am grateful for mine.

We also had a family party for Kevin to celebrate his high school accomplishments.  As my son Kevin embarks on his life’s journey outside our home, I think about some of the life lessons I have tried to teach him not by what I say, but more on how I life my life.  After all, actions speak louder than words, right?

We are all works in progress and I do believe that most people do the best they can.

My sister, Trisha sent this quote to me and I thought I would share it with you.  As one of the most important life lessons I believe is… Think before you speak.  It’s often NOT what you say, but how you say it that is important too!

So as you parent your little ones, show love to your partner, share memories with your sibling, and chat with your friends….remember to think before you speak…It’s easier and nicer being inspiring, helpful, truthful and kind.

Have a nice week!


Weigh to GO! Nutrition Services

Who wouldn’t want 2 registered dietitians to come into their home and teach you how to cook a wonderfully healthy family meal?

Meet Liz and Jeanne…of  Weigh to Go! Nutrition Services.  Weigh to Go, a Massachusetts area service, offers in home cooking classes- teaching basic cooking skills or menu planning for someone with a specialized dietary requirements, think…allergies or celiac disease or perhaps just an family that wants to eat healthier.  Not only do these two enthusiastic culinary talents provide personalized cooking instruction in your own home, they also take the show on the road and provide corporate workshops as well. Check out this deelish dish…

Have a few girlfriends interested in learning how to cook a healthy meal, invite Weigh to Go and have a cooking party!

For more info, contact Liz and Jeanne at info@weightogons.com or check out there site here!  Fees vary so best to consult with them directly to design your personalized menu.

And FODMAP followers, this crew can help you cook up some tasty belly friendly dishes too!


Happy MOM’s Day!

We had a busy weekend at the Scarlata household.  Russ and I went to see one of our favorite folk singers, Kate Klim on Friday night. The concert was very low key in a church hall.  A really nice calm atmosphere…a great way to chill out after a long work week.

Saturday, after a nice long run with our chocolate lab, Lucy, a soccer game, grocery shopping, and about 10 loads of laundry, Russ and I and our boys, headed into Boston for the Celtics playoff game!  It was one of the most exciting games ever…we won by just one point.  Yay Celts!

Of course, today is Mom’s day.  And as always…I feel SUPER lucky.  After our morning run, it was gift time!  Look at these wicked cute gifts I received….

Hmmmm….quite perfect for a nutritionist, huh?  I am in love!  I will adorn myself with muffin tin holders, forks and knives daily….Yay for thoughtful gifts!  I also received a new knife set which I am super excited about….sharp knives are key in the kitchen.

We did a bit of dividing and conquering today.  Chelsea and I visited with my Mom, my sister Trisha and her daughter, Dianna AND Russ spent some time with the boys with his mom. My mom is 87 years young this year.

We enjoyed a nice dinner out with some fancy desserts to end the meal. Girls just have to have those fancy desserts, right?


Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the Mom’s out there.

It’s the greatest job and really, for me, an  honor… to be a mom of my three wonderfully  compassionate and kind kids.