When I was a little girl, my family used to go to  Anthony’s Pier 4 restaurant in Boston on the harbor front.  It was a big deal to head into the city and enjoy a meal out together. Anthony’s Pier 4 was known for their wonderful seafood meals but also for their popovers.

I have not made popovers in many years, but tonight, decided to make some so that I could use my new muffin tin.

Popovers are easy to make and require minimal ingredients.

Eggs and…

milk (I use 1%) and all-purpose flour for the traditional recipe. Of course, gluten free flour works well for this recipe too! {See recipe to link below}

Fill each well-greased muffin tin just 1/2 full.  Just how cute is my new muffin tin?  So cute, right?

Bake at 450 degrees for 20 minutes then put heat down to 350 for another 20 minutes.  Be sure to enjoy right away, perhaps with a bit of butter?

I used this recipe for my popovers, but deleted the salt.

Want to make a gluten free and low FODMAP version?  Check out King Arthur’s flour recipe here!