Roasted Spuds with Thyme

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Happy Tuesday, Friends.

Today’s recipe is an easy and delicious mixture of fingerling potatoes with just the right amount of sweet potato for the low FODMAP limit seasoned with fresh thyme and garlic infused oil. This recipe makes a great side dish next to grilled fish or chicken. Adding a colorful salad, will round out your meal!

I am all about well-balanced meals. A little starchy carb, protein, produce and healthy fats.

If you haven’t seen my quick and easy guide to creating a well balanced low FODMAP meal, check out this post and free downloadable handout to help you out, here.

Too much fat and too much fiber at one meal, for some individuals with digestive issues, can bring on unwanted symptoms of bloating. Because healthy fat is…well, healthy and a variety of fibers is good for our gut microbiome (don’t forget about those healthy microbes that live in your colon!)…having just the right balance of fiber and fat at every meal allows for better nutrition and symptom management.

I just returned from a very fun anniversary and birthday weekend in Maine. Russ and I walked the beach with Lucy, went on a great run, dined out at my favorite restaurant, Earth and even took a ferris wheel ride at Old Orchard Beach amusement park. We embraced our inner child and played a game at the amusement park too! I left with a stuffed duck. Ha! 🙂

I am in the final days of my Research Methods class which meets twice a week. Tomorrow is my last class and I am a little bit sad…but look forward to some well needed mental downtime.

Enjoy the gorgeous New England weather to those of you who live near me!  Hope you are eating up those fresh off the vine strawberries!

Next post, I will be sharing a fun low FODMAP patriotic dessert for the upcoming July 4th holiday!

Have a fabulous week! And here’s the spud recipe…

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