Sweet Potato & a Sunny Side

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Hello Friends!

I am just back from DDW–Digestive Disease Week conference which was held in the fantastic city of Chicago!  Toni Fiori and I are working on a post conference wrap up video to share some of the key highlights of the conference. Stay tuned.

After a few days of eating on the run, I was eager to get back in my kitchen and whip up some nourishing meals. This breakfast dish, Sweet Potato & a Sunny Side was a HIT! Easy, low FODMAP & nourishing. 🙂

Don’t fear sweet potato! Although it contains mannitol–the Monash U folks have deemed 1/2 cup sweet potato to be low FODMAP. Sliced thin (as in this recipe), the sweet potato stays within the limit, and offers a great nutritional punch.


2 replies on “Sweet Potato & a Sunny Side

  • Vivian Lewis

    Did the conference have low FODMAP foods?
    Looking forward to your wrap-up of the conference!

  • Katharyn

    What’s the deal with sweet potatoes vs yams in terms of FODMAP content? The Monash app says yams are okay but the photo doesn’t look like any yams I’ve ever seen so maybe what we call yams is different here in the US.

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