Low FODMAP Product Give-a-ways!

Hello Friends,

As part of IBS Awareness Month and the #IBelieveinyourStory campaign, I have 3, yes, 3 give-a-ways today. I have 3 different delicious low FODMAP foods variety packs to give-a-way! Yippppeeeeeee…..

Are you feeling lucky? 🙂

First, I have a FODY food Kate Box  give-a-way! Thank you, FODY foods for generously donating a Kate Box! The Kate Box is just a fun product (if I say so myself!)…full of delicious low FODMAP certified foods. In the Kate Box you will find my favorite salsa, tomato basil pasta sauce (imported from Italy), BBQ sauce (yes…it is time to fire up the barbie), & dark chocolate nuts and sea salt bars (slightly addictive)…plus exclusive recipes that I put together and a fun low FODMAP tote.

Second, I have a Case de Sante Artisan Granola variety pack.  Thank you Case de Sante for providing this generous low FODMAP certified product give-a-way to one of my followers!  I love these savory granolas that come in unique flavors, including: Tuscan Herb, Golden Turmeric, Indian Spicy Hot and Plain. Enjoy this tasty granola on its own or add gluten free pretzels and popcorn, to create a fun trail mix! I also like to add to salads too for a little crunch. Next week,  I will be sharing a new comfort food recipe featuring one of the savory granolas…stay tuned!

The artisan savory granola is low FODMAP certified, vegan and cholesterol free. It was developed by a Physician Scientist (MD &  PhD) and is made with nutrient rich ingredients such as grains, nuts, seeds and spices. The granola is artisan handcrafted in small batches and created with no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives!

Third, I have a variety pack of Happy Bars!  Thank you Rachel Pauls food for sharing your variety pack with one of my followers! Happy Bars have a short list of simple recognizable ingredients, no preservatives, 8-10 grams of protein per bar and are low FODMAP. Looks inviting, right? 

How do you enter to win?

  1. Simply leave a comment [in the comment section below] saying which item(s) you would like to enter to win.
  2. Also, provide an idea for an upcoming blog topic! I would love to provide content that you are interested in learning more about!
  3. I will randomly select 3 winners later next week.

And a big thank you to FODY foods, Case de Sante and Rachel Pauls food for their generous donations! Disclaimer: I have consulted with all 3 companies—but as always, my comments and opinions about these products are my very own.

Also, thank YOU all for sharing your stories, donating to IBS research and posting pictures on Instagram, as part of the #IBelieveinyourStory campaign.  There is 121 posts on Instagram using the hashtag #IBelieveinyourStory and my goal is 150 pictures. Please keep them coming! And if you get a chance, search in the tags search section of Instagram…and read some of the stories. Amazing, inspirational, and brave stories. When you share your story, there is an opportunity to connect with others that share a similar experience. As an IBS or SIBO sufferer this provides you the opportunity to be brave enough to say, YES, I feel that way too. There is something truly powerful and healing in a shared experience…and this is the essence of the #IBelieveinyourStory campaign.

Have a wonderful week! And, Congrats to Lisa J for winning the 88 acres dark chocolate & sea salt bars give-a-way!

213 replies on “Low FODMAP Product Give-a-ways!

  • Beth Morton

    I’d love to win the FODY Foods box, so I can test my tolerance to tomatoes. I’d also like to learn more about rechallenging FODMAPs and where to start. I’m following a low histamine diet for another health issue and trying to eat low histamine and low FODMAP is hard, so I’ve decided to try and reintroduce a few low histamine, but higher FODMAP foods to vary my diet.

  • Elayna

    Hi Kate,
    I am entering to win the FODY Kate box! I was hoping to see a post on alternative therapies for IBS that may work in conjunction with a low FODMAP diet to relieve symptoms.

  • Lynn A. Reynolds

    Can I say that I would love a chance at all three? I’ve never heard of these products so that means I’ve never tried them. What a great way to change that. But if I’m forced to choose, I’d love the granola. Why not the basket you ask? And this leads into a blog topic. My dad recently passed away so now I’m cooking for one. I have IBS, gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, can’t stand red meat, and I just don’t know how to enjoy cooking again since now it’s only myself. And that’s why I didn’t choose the basket. Being a single person and really not into cooking yet, that’s something that a family might enjoy.

  • melanie gerhart

    I would like to win the fody products. I can never find salsa or tomato sauces that dont have either garlic or onion in them!
    My biggest struggle with IBS is knowing if I am going to have to simulate a low fodmap diet my entire life. Will there be a time when I can eat onions in my food? Will there be a time when I go out to eat and I dont have to ask the waiter about all the sauces or marinades they use?

  • Megan King

    I would love to win the FODY foods “Kate Box” or Happy Bars variety pack. Thank you for the awesome opportunity.
    It would be great to see more eating on-the-go tips, eating when traveling, etc. It would also be great to have more information about dealing with the emotional aspect of IBS and digestive health.

    Thanks, Kate!

  • Avery Eddy

    I would love to win all three! It is hard to find condiments that are ok for me to eat and breakfast is another tough meal! I think I miss bagels and English muffins the most. I would love to see some more dessert recipe posts. I loved your frosted brownie bites that you posted for Valentine’s Day.

  • Tanita Weeks

    How can you choose just one! All 3 products sound amazing and i would be so greatful to get to try them all but if i had to it would either be the sauces or granola haha!
    A helpful blog post about tips to prevent anxiety due to ibs and how to overcome the anxiety you get from reintroducing high fodmap foods. I struggle alot with reintroducing as im so affraid of going through flare ups, this then causes me to have a small variety of foods i eat! I need help and motivation on how to branch out and try new foods as well as high fodmap foods.

    Also a blog on tips of how to reduce/help ibs related flare up symptoms would be really interesting and helpful 🙂

  • Kathy

    I would be thrilled to win any of them. The Case de Sante granola package looks especially intriguing.
    Future blog idea – homemade fodmap-friendly ketchup / catsup. The ones in stores all seem to have onion powder.

  • Christy Moran

    I would love to try the Casa De Sante products. I would love to see a blog post about what to do next if the low FODMAP diet doesn’t work or about histamine intolerance.

  • Kayla

    I would love to try the tomato basil pasta sauce, because, if it’s low-fodmap, I’m assuming it doesn’t contain any garlic and onion! I think a great blog post idea would be to share some of your favorite low-fodmap grocery store finds at all of the grocery stores that readers might shop a (think… Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Sprouts, Publix, Costco, Walmart etc.) It would be really helpful to see what some stores have, that others might not, that might help eating low-fodmap easier!

  • Jenny

    I would love try all! And I enjoy your recipes and information on latest research on ibs and SIBO. Thanks so much.

  • Laine

    I’d love to win the FODY sauces or the granola bars. Sauces in particular often trip me up on my FODMAPs when eating out because I can ask onions to be left off of something, but they’re hidden. I’d love to see a blog post on eating out, places or cuisines to avoid or trend towards or particular dishes. I recently went to Japan and had no digestive problems at all (I suspect its their lack of garlic and onion use).

  • Barb Harris

    I would love to win the Fody sauces. It would be great to see a post on how to pack lunches that are low fodmaps. I usually eat
    rice and chicken, but would be nice to have variety. Thanks!!

  • Marcy

    I’d be thrilled to win the Fody food Kate Box! Everything looks delicious and what a treat to find sauces that I can actually use without being worried that my tummy will be unhappy after I eat. In terms of a blog topic, here’s one that’s a bit unusual. We are renovating our kitchen starting next week and I’ll only have a toaster oven and microwave available for at least a month. What are some good low fodmap recipes that I can make without using an oven or cooktop? I can’t survive on salads alone and would love some suggestions.

    • Sharon

      I’m also doing a kitchen remodel and using a roaster oven, works wonderfully well. I’ve roasted lots of meat, but also made quick breads, pies and cookies. Anything that can be made in a regular oven can be made in a roaster oven. The quick breads turned out better, they were moister and the roasted meats were more tender.

      Good luck on the remodel.

    • kari

      I underwent a 6 month kitchen renovation when my babies were all little. I was not eating low fodmap at the time but one thing that helped was going to my mom or a good friend’s house and cooking up some favorites in the oven to freeze or have on hand for the week ahead. The other survival tip was using the grill a lot because without a kitchen clean up isn’t very easy either! Good luck!

  • Savannah H.

    I’d love to win any of those great prizes! But specifically, the energy bars. I’ve been trying to ease back into making a full breakfast, but it is so hard to find something that doesn’t bother me and can help start my day off right. Even though I’ve tried a few bars, like ‘R.X. Bars’, ThinkThin, or Luna – they aren’t the best things for me; I find myself spending hours just looking at various bars in the supermarket.
    Thank you for everything – your blog posts keep me motivated on a regular basis, and make me feel more confident in asserting my own food needs – whereas in the past, I was always the person who just ate what was handed to me and felt like I was the problem for requesting to just eat food that didn’t hurt me!

  • ali r

    Any of these prizes would be an awesome gift! Each would allow me to explore low FODMAP products I’ve never tried before! I would love a blog about how to enjoy your social life while living fodmap free! It’s often difficult to go for drinks or a meal to celebrate life’s events without falling into a rough next day. Thank you! 🙂

  • Sarah DeBord

    I would love the FODY Food Kate Box. I have e 2 toddlers with Fructose Malabsorbtion and reoccuring SIBO. We recently found out they are on the super sensitive side and my 3 yr old is always in pain. I have met with her dietitian and she says I doing everything right as to their diet, but I am wondering if there is anything else that I can do to help her be a happier healthier toddler? Other than the Low FODMAP diet, is there anything that can help my kiddos? Thanks!

  • Theresa McManus

    I would love to win the Fody sauces. I would to learn about Low FODMAP snack ideas/on the go foods when you don’t have time to make a full meal.

  • Jamie

    I would love to win any of the boxes! It is so nice to eat “normal” foods. I have fallen in love with Fody Foods’ BBQ sauce and salsa 🙂 The hardest thing for me to find is salad dressing. I love salads! Any recipe ideas for dressings would be wonderful. Thank you so much for doing this blog. It makes the stress of this condition a little bit easier 🙂

  • Debbie

    I would like to win the FODY food Kate box.
    For a topic I would like to know more about probiotics, 1 – Which are better the ones that work in the stomach or the ones that stay in tact and work farther down in the intestines? 2 – If you have IBS can/should you continue taking probiotics daily for the rest of your life? 3 – Can you take too much probiotic causing gas and bloating? Should you just regulate it on a daily/weekly basis depending on what works best for you. Also do you need to take a daily probiotic if you drink homemade kefir daily?

    • katescarlata

      Great topic, Debbie—the reality is we don’t know the answer to your question quite yet–and it likely will be an individualized answer as we all have our own ‘fingerprint’ of microbes in our gut!

  • Katherine Byrne

    I would love the Fody Food Kate Box. These are the items I have been searching for. I would like to read a blog about success for temporary relief, a brief fodmap food vacation, by use of medication, for a night out. Someone suggested Imodium. Thank you!

  • Patty

    I would like the fun box, #1. There is a topic I have been wondering about. How do you get into your body the specific nutrients/anti-oxidants/benefits of certain foods you really can’t eat. For instance, I believe there are great benefits in raw garlic, how can I get those unique benefits when garlic is something that makes for great symptoms. There are other foods that pose the same dilemma.

  • Stefanie

    I LOVE Happy Bars, but I think I’d like to win the FODY box to share with my daughter who has IBS (and is a big reason I became an RD). I’d like to know how you, Kate, deal with the stress aspect of IBS. And thanks for all of the great recipes…..

  • Taylor A.

    I would love to win the variety pack of “Happy Bars”! I am a full-time student and intern, so I am always on the go and looking for low fodmap snacks I can throw in my purse. Also, I would love to see a blog post about the best pre-packaged low fodmap snacks. 🙂

  • Katie

    I would love the granola! But actually all of them sound wonderful! I would love to read more on the go/travel/what to eat when you are in a rush and don’t have time to cook tips!

  • Jeannie

    I would LOVE to win any of the products! I’ve tried all of them in the Kate’s FODY box and if I fell in the world’s largest bottle of the BBQ sauce I would be a happy girl, lol. Excited to try the granola and the bars- This is such a great informative blog! Thank you 🙂

  • Mo

    I would love the Kate box as I love BBQ and salsa and miss the freedom of eating those items on a whim. I’d love to see a blog post on simple family style lunches/dinners. As a working parent, it is challenging to maintain low fodmap and have meals that everyone enjoys (BBQ and salsa chicken are old Stand bus!)

  • Kate

    Hi Kate! Finding your site has been life changing for me! I would love to win the Happy Bars as I would keep them in my office to snack on during my day. Could you write a blog on how to handle FODMAPs when you’re out to eat? Maybe include some restaurants that you know have a FODMAP friendly menu or are flexible with their menu options. Thanks so much!!

  • Angela

    I would love to win either the FODY products or the Happy Bars. Both sound delicious and would be a welcome addition to my diet. I am currently in the middle of the reintroduction phase. So far I have discovered a big issue with fructose and also had symptoms with fructan cereal, but not fructan bread. A couple other challenges have been passed. I have been using Lee Martin’s book as a guide as well as other dieticians online and would welcome any helpful hints about reintroduction, or life beyond the challenges, in a blog. Even though I feel I have a fairly good grasp on things I continue to discover something new weekly. I’m very distraught about life without honey, apples and pears. They’re some of my favorite things…

  • Cassandra Garcia

    I would totally love to try the FODY Foods Kate Box!! I’m a sucker for condiments and easy to grab snack options and I would love to try these products! I am fairly new to the low FODMAP diet and it’s always a learning experience so finding new options as far as products or recipes is a huge help. I’d love to see some blog posts about way to meal plan or cook simple meals. I’m not a fan of a ton of ingredients or items I can’t find in a normal grocery store so having simple, healthy meal options to make at home would be really helpful. I’m a healthy eater so not being to eat “healthy” foods because of FODMAPS is a big adjustment me! Your information has been a huge help in my journey so thanks a bunch!

  • Deb

    I would love any of the three gifts, but primarily the first two. For your blog, I’d like to see a summary of the distinctions among IBS, SIBO, and Celiac, and current thinking on the good standard testing for all three. I read so many conflicting opinions about this. Also, a guide to great docs for treating these ailments around the country would be wonderful. Lastly, suggestions for what to do when you stay on the diet and still have symptoms. So frustrating and depressing! Thanks so much for all you do! So very much appreciated!!

  • Helen Glover

    I would love to win the Fody samples of salsa, etc. as I am unable to eat these unless I make them at home and time is a factor there. Thanks for the chance to win! Would love the bars also so I’m not choosy! Thanks!

  • Jamie Stuiso

    Hi Kate! I would love to win the FODY food Kate box! Ever since getting the news about my FM intolerance i miss my tomato sauce and BBQ sauce soo much. And i always am interested to learn more about fructose malabsorption and new recipes to try! Thank you.

  • Teri Luehrs

    I would love to try all of these foods: The Fody food Kate Box, the Case de Sante Artisan Granola variety pack and the Happy Bars. I’m new to the LOW FODMAP change and these would certainly help me with additional foods to eat. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Julie

    I would love to win any of the giveaways! The salsa looks amazing and the granola and happy bars look like they could be great for traveling. I would like to learn more about probiotics/prebiotics. Do they work? Which kinds should I take? How do I find one without fodmaps in it (inulin is in the probiotic I used to take!)?

  • Emily

    Kate, thank you so much for all the effort you have put forward for IBS awareness month. I am 24 years old and have been suffering from severe IBS-C for the past 6 years. Your posts — from recipes to educational pieces — have served as a bible of sorts for me as I navigate my way through life with this disorder.

    Though all of the items you are offering sound fantastic, the Granola is what I find most intriguing. Being a young female living in NYC, both my social and work life revolves around food and drink. To have an option available to me like granola that is not only lowfodmap (score!) but able to be incorporated into meals throughout the day would be incredible.

    As per a suggestion for another blog post, I would love if you could speak to the younger generation suffering with this disorder, and perhaps helpful tips on how to overcome / minimize the anxiety that tends to accompany it.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • April

    I would LOVE to win the Fody box or Happy Bars! THANK YOU for making this even possible- your blog is inspiring and has helped me on my eating journey since being diagnosed with Fructose Malapsorbtion 2.5 years ago! I’d love to see an article about living low-FODMAP long term. I read a lot about it not being a long term diet but I don’t feel I have much of a choice so would love to understand how to make it sustainable.

  • Donna

    As others have said, ALL of the products sound great but if I have to choose, I would love the Kate Box. I would like to see any information on experiencing ongoing worsening GI symptoms after a GI virus.

  • Marichell

    Hi Kate,
    How Exciting to have an opportunity to share and maybe win something!
    I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis almost a year ago…That changed everything for me. Being of Latino/Hispanic decent what I couldn’t eat really shocked me. I used onions, garlic, and corn for just about every meal. Taking these away was one of the hardest things and easiest things to get rid of…1) hardest because everything seemed to taste so delicious with it (I was clueless)…2) easiest because getting rid of the items that triggered issues helped me so much… now I no longer have pain “)
    I now know it’s a learning process, especially reading those darn labels. I’ve taken just about everything out of my past life diet and am now in search of something new. I have tried your Kate Box and love all the products. Yes, the bars are Very Addictive! (FYI- for those missing bouillon Fody has a couple of Great Soup Base. They have Vegetable & Chicken! They are Gluten/Onion/Garlic Free. For those that are wondering about the taste…they’re really Yummy! (Sorry…I had to throw that in for those that need their Bouillon )
    I am following the Low-Fodmap/Gluten Free and have found it’s not too restrictive….But it’s time to add to my foods.
    I would be happy with anything New or those Fody foods bars .

    Thank You Kate & all the companies that shared their wonderful products.

    • Marichell

      As April has mentioned in an earlier post, I would also like to see an article about low-Fodmap long term.
      I did try adding Gluten foods a couple times and felt the pain between 2-3 hours later. Like I mentioned earlier…It’s a Learning Process (of course, each of us has our own issues and no one person is the same)

  • Barb

    All are tempting, but I would have to go with the granolas. Finding new reliable food.. my belly thanks you.

  • KMM

    I would love to win any of these! I’d love a post with Mexican recipes without onions/garlic. Salsa just doesn’t seem right without it.

  • Laura

    I would love to be entered in for the Fody food Kate Basket. For an upcoming blog entry, I would like to hear more about your views on probiotics and the use of fermented foods for gut health. Thank you!

  • Tess

    I’d be happy to win any of them, but especially the Kate Box or the Happy Bars – it’s impossible to find a granola bar that’s truly low FODMAP!

    Blog idea: How to deal with eating out and waiters who just won’t accept that you can’t eat certain foods. I’m new to the low FODMAP lifestyle and haven’t tried eating out often, but I have had staff at restaurants make snide comments to me and insist that they can’t even ask about trying to accommodate no onions/garlic. I was super taken aback but wish I had had strategies so that they know I’m not being picky – it’s a real thing!!

  • Carley

    Super excited to try (and possibly win!) all of these products! I’ve tried to FODY snack bars but not any of the other products! Thank you, Kate! I would really like to learn about the different FODMAP’s more in-depth. To really learn what each different one is and how it individually affects our guts, how combining them makes a difference and which ones have more of a build up effect than others. Thank you, Kate!

  • Vanessa

    I would love to win any of the 3 prizes! I am fairly new to the FODMAP way of life and having safe products like salsa and bbq sauce and snack bars would be amazing!! I would be interested in learning about safe ways to eat out. I find some restaurants hard to eat at – if it’s not made from scratch they aren’t aware of all the ingredients in each component of the meal. Until you go home and feel awful! Thanks!

  • Vivian Lewis

    I would like a chance at all three but the FODY food Kate Box is top on my list.
    I also would like to see an article about re-introduction of foods. I have found this very hard to accomplish.

  • Jamie Laskaska

    I would love the FODY Food Kate Box. The biggest problem I have is finding sauces that are Low FODMAP. I have been eyeing this box since it was released, would love to be able to try it.
    My future blog topic request would be any information related to IBS and stress. Sadly, I am finding stress could be a major trigger for me.

  • Andrea

    I would love to win the granola or the happy bars!! And regarding a blog topic, it’s always helpful to have more support around the social aspect of dealing with IBS. I find it challenging to vocalize my nutritional needs around others in social situations and at restaurants as some people view FODMAPs as just another “diet” (insert eye rolls from wait staff and food pushing by friends and family.) And more conversation about the incorporation of “intuitive eating” and HAES into the FODMAP way of life so it becomes easier to see food and our bodies as friends and allies rather than enemies that cause pain and need to be avoided or fixed.

  • Kim Gregory

    The Fody box or the Happy Bars would be wonderful, even though I am allergic to chocolate, I do dare to eat it now and again! (It gives me migraines!) An idea for a blog topic, something that I am struggling with is integrating my eating with my husbands. He doesn’t have a problem with any foods, and he is the one who does a lot of the cooking in the house, and it is often really good – but stuff goes in it that I shouldn’t eat. I often make my own meals and he makes his, or I eat what he made and regret it later. It’s hard to follow a plan. Thanks for this offer! We have a smoker and I’d love to try the BBQ on some ribs.

  • Ashley

    I would love to see more blog posts about:

    IBS-C-specific coping strategies, reasearch, etc.
    Hormones and IBS (for women)
    How to tell if/when IBS is a symptom of a bigger problem
    Vocabulary/Toolkit to use when seeking medical help (i.e. how to talk about your gut/digestion issues in a language that accurately communicates those issues to a doctor)

    (and I would love to win The Kate Box)

  • Brooke

    I would love to win the Fody Kate box or the granola (don’t tolerate flax well-so the protein bars are out for me). I would love to learn more about fodmap friendly fueling for the endurance athlete. I want to try a full marathon, but have been limited to a half because of fueling issues. Thanks!!

  • Robin

    I would love all of them, lol. But since I have to pick one, I would like the Kate Box. Idea for future blog posts would be breakfast ideas.
    I am stuck in a rut! Thank you!

  • Kate

    I would love to win the FODY Kate Box! I really want to try the salsa and the pasta sauce, those are items that I used to eat often and now have a hard time finding ones I can tolerate and just buy off the self, not having to make it myself when I don’t have time.

  • Mary

    I would like the Fody Food Box. I would love some organized way or form for food reintroduction. I struggle with that.

  • Kelly McCabe

    I would love to win the Kate box! One of my biggest struggles with IBS is how to continue eating food plain my whole life with no sauces. Although I do love raos sensitive tomatoe sauce I would be thrilled to try another one. I also would like to see a bold post about dealing with IBS and SIBO mentally. What are the best remedies and options in addition to the nutritional aspect? Thanks for all your support Kate! You really have made a difference in how I manage my IBS thus far and I really enjoy all your insight.

  • Marge

    I am interested in winning the Happy Bars as I always need something later in the day to snack on at work. I’ve been looking for the perfect thing. The Happy Bars sound so delicious.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Leasa Sieve

    I would love, love, love to try a “Kate box.” Blog idea- how does one go about finding a low FODMAP knowledgeable dietitian to work with.

  • Dina

    I would love to win the Fody Kate basket or the granola bars. I would like to hear more advice about eating out. I have pretty much figured out how to cook for me and my family (although I’m always looking for new recipes!) but eating out/traveling feels like a gamble. Thanks!

  • Liz Balmer

    I have already tried most of the FODY products (and love them!), so I’d love to try the Happy Bars. Who doesn’t want to be happy, right? 🙂

  • Judy Mason

    I would love ❤️ to try the tomato sauce. I’m always looking for a good sauce. I would like to obtain more information on prebiotic and probiotics IBS. I read about it but it still is confusing. Another subject I am finding intriguing is microbiomes. All information is helpful. Thank you for all you do.

  • Carol Shimberg

    I would love to win the Happy Bars. Topic idea–how about list of low FODMAP bars folks can purchase at local pharmacy or grocery stores??

  • Kelly Goering

    Hi there! I am grateful that I found your blog after my GI doctor started me down the FODMAP path. I’m gluten intolerant, IBS and now starting to work on the FODMAP plan. I’ve had every test you can think of to ‘figure out’ what is going on. The FODMAP has been challenging when cooking for my family and how I can manage eating along side them. Your blogs and stories have been very beneficial to both myself and my brother who struggles more than me with issues. I would love to hear more about ‘how to eat out’ and managing around menu selections. The Kate Box would be amazing to win and incorporate to our family meals. Thank you for what you do!!!

  • Venessa

    I would love any of them, but the Happy Bars seems to be the items I need the most. I am leaving for a conference in the morning and terrified about taking this whole IBS/FODMAP show on the road. It seems to be challenging enough as a recently diagnosed to just muddle through when I am home and can read the ingredients on the food I consume. Airports, conference food and socialized eating events all things I usually handle in stride, now terrify me. How do I cope with this? Mentally I am struggling and cannot put life on hold while I figure all of this out. Sigh.

  • Liana Moore

    I would love to win the FODY food Kate box, I haven’t tried the products yet and have been reluctant to spend the money on something I am not sure if I would even like!! As far as a topic, apologies if you may have already addressed this one, but I would love to know how to deal with feeling overwhelmed with the transition to a low FODMAP diet. For 40 plus years I have eaten a certain way, and fed my kids a certain way, I have a really hard time trying to shift that mentality. I will also say it doesn’t help that I have to stay away from garlic/onions, which is in almost everything pre-made. Mentally I have given up before I have even started b/c it is so overwhelming, and I have been reduced to eating basics, like eggs or cereal. Not really a healthy way to eat!!

  • Lisa Sidibe

    Hi, I would love to win a Kate box. I appreciate FODY foods and hope someday that there will be even more low FODMAP products (like ketchup) available for purchase :-). For a blog topic, could you discuss what to do if your gastroenterologist believes SIBO is very rare and will not refer you for testing.

  • Sharon

    I would love to win the Fody products and also see more simple recipes for sauces.

    Blog ideas: Ideas for traveling.
    A simple concise explanation for people when they ask why I’m not eating certain foods, i.e. onions and garlic.
    More personal success stories from people using the FODMAP diet.
    Staples to have on hand for cooking (grocery list).

  • Linda

    Case de Sante Artisan Granola variety pack sound really interesting and I would love to have something different for breakfast. Although I would be also interested in trying all the items. For a blog idea I would like to learn more about probiotics and prebiotics, and how much we need without having too many fodmap’s.

  • Heidi

    I would love to win BBQ sauce! I miss having one that’s flavorful! I look forward to reading your articles & love the recipes! I am interested in knowing what would cause swelling while & right after exercise. Sometimes I get uncomfortable in abdomen & throat. My doctor said some patients get the same way but offers no suggestions why? Thank you!!

  • Maryam

    I would love a chance at the box or the Happy Bars, and am interested in adding some hearty lentil-based vegetarian recipes to my toolkit that will keep me going on long/active days.

  • Chris

    I would love to win the Case de Sante Artesian Granola Variety Pack!
    Future blog suggestions:
    – Stool tests for SIBO;
    – Understanding varying results of breath testing, duodenal biopsies, & stool testing for SIBO (when the same patient receive inconsisent results)
    – Vocabulary/Toolkit to use when seeking medical help (i.e. how to talk about your gut/digestion issues in a language that accurately communicates those issues to a doctor) (this one was poster “Ashley”‘s idea — but I can’t agree more!

    Thank you for breaking down and sharing current clinical research and providing practical suggestions for so many people worldwide!

    • katescarlata

      Great questions…and I too, love the toolkit idea. We break down the lingo with our patients at my practice–but definitely I can come up with a post to help all of you trying to navigate the medical/GI visits on your own!

  • Aislinn

    Hi Kate!
    Thanks for all the work you do for us! It inspiring to see a community of people “like me” and to be reminded that cooking and eating can still be fun even with IBS restrictions. I’d be interested in trying the FODY Kate box. I’ve been making tomato sauce and salsa from scratch, but it would be great to try premade lowfod options for nights when you want to get dinner on the table quickly.
    As far as blog posts go, I have an upcoming two week work trip abroad. What do you recommend to bring for food/snacks to keep up adequate nutrition? (And for when you need to pack food in your bag for later in case you don’t trust a restaurant!)
    Also, suggestions for homemade lowfod salad dressings would be nice too.
    Thank you!

    • katescarlata

      Aislinn, thanks for your comment! When I travel–I bring single pack nut butters, rice cakes and suitable granola bars. I also bring snack bags filled with quick oats, walnuts and small amount of chia. These are handy–even in the plane –as getting a hot cup of water is easy. I purchase bananas—and have the nut butters handy to smear on the banana. But, a full post is a good idea. Just wanted to get you started as I am not sure I will get to it b/4 you go! and for salad dressings–check out this post: https://blog.katescarlata.com/fodmaps/fodmap-friendly-salad-dressings/

  • Wendy

    I’d love any of the boxes!! I have been thinking of ordering some FODY products, so I guess that would be my number 1 choice.
    I’d like to see an article about reintroducing foods back in your diet.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    I’d really love either box!

  • Carol Benjamin

    The Kate Box would be my choice as I have such trouble with sauces. I try to follow your suggestions but often don’t get it right.

    I would like to have you discuss the ingredients in over the counter drugs that are acceptable particularly in vitamins. Thank you so much for all your advise and resources.

  • Carole C

    I would love the fody box. I have tried the salsa and it was fabulous. I am unable to eat nuts, however, if I could they look fabulous. I would also be interested in information regarding dumping syndrome without either stomach cancer issues or bypass surgeries. I have been diagnosed along with FODMAP issues with this. “idiopathic”. Thank you for addressing UBS issues.

  • AnnMarie Anderson

    I’d love to try the Happy Bars! Right now I’m limited to the very yummy NV roasted nut brittle bars, but I’m looking for something to switch it up a bit!
    As for a blog topic, eating out is always a bit of a challenge. Any helpful hints would be appreciated! Also, just to let you know- I recently went on a cruise and mentioned an “intolerance” to onions and garlic, and wow- I was really impressed on how they bent over backwards to accommodate me! For the most part, I can pick and choose what I want to avoid. They really went above and beyond to accommodate me. So have no fear FODMAP peeps- cruise away!!

    • jmke

      Hi AnnMarie,
      Please share with us which cruise line this was and maybe even which ship. You may have been especially lucky with which chef you encountered, but we have to start somewhere! Last fall I got great service when I told the chef at the Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen in Albuquerque, NM that I was intolerant to gluten, onion and garlic. They seemed comfortable with the gluten issue and then went the extra mile to help me avoid onion and garlic.

  • Kelley T

    Any 3 of the items would be wonderful to win.
    Any topic related to low histamine low fodmap would be very interesting and maybe a couple low histamine low fodmap recipes. Thank you very much!

  • Fran

    I’d love to win the Fody products or the Happy Bars! As for blog posts I love all the ones you’ve already done, they are all informative and useful so not sure there’s much you haven’t covered but i would be keen to see a meal prep post with ideas for meal prepping for one and also one on an elemental diet for SIBO and food reintroduction following this.

  • Tifanny Anton

    I would love to have any box, but the FODY Food Kate Box is my first choice. My daughter and I suffer from SIBO, and I have IBS, and finding foods or sauces without certain ingredients is exhausting. I would love a post with recipes to make our own salsa or taco seasoning without the onion and garlic. My daughter loves Tacos and I would love to have recipes that would help her. I cannot afford to by the bottles or jars online at this time, but maybe I could learn to make my own. Thanks for all you do!!

  • Patti V

    It would be great to win the Kate Box, but if that doesn’t happen , I am glad to know about these products. A close relative is having severe IBS problems, so my menu research is just beginning, and I am new as a reader. You may have previously addressed this, but an article helping with menu choices when eating out would be helpful.

  • Laurie M Smith

    I love them all and would love any of them! But with BBQ season approaching I would love the FODY Kate Box. Since my diagnosis with IBS-D several years ago it has been a real challenge on what to eat each and every day! I found the 21 day tummy book about 2 years ago and started eating low fodmap foods and making a lot of the recipes in the book. I have to admit most of my friends and even some family members have no idea what a terrible diagnosis IBS is or how it affects your life daily. My hope is that with more awareness and understanding people who don’t suffer with IBS will at least be understanding of this disease! Thank you Kate for your amazing blog and knowledge !!

  • Ellen

    I would love any one of the gifts! If I have to choose just one to register for it would be the Happy Bars. Thank you!

  • Alyssa Cohen

    I have tried everything BUT the happy bars (well, not all the varieties of the granola), so please put me in for HAPPY bars 🙂
    I would love to learn more about traveling abroad while eating Low FODMAP, and I would love some “family friendly” ideas for meals. I find I can usually only cook one meal for all of us if I think it out, so I’d love to have a few more meal ideas under my belt! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  • Lisa J

    As I have just won a 88 Acre giveaway (Yeah!!!), I won’t enter any of these drawings But since you are asking for topics to cover, I am gonna query your thoughts on Low FODMAPS for SIBO long term. It’s been my experience that as I eliminate SIBO with Xifaxan, overtime it comes back. For me, the first symptom causer to return is lactose, followed by oglios and later fructose (I don’t seem to have a problem with polyols thankfully). My point is, it takes about 3 months for my mix of problematic bacteria to return to an overgrown state in my SI causing symptoms again. If I adhere to a low FODMAP diet after the 3 months (or rather gradually start following it as each FODMAP category appears), I can be symptom free. But symptom free is not necessarily SIBO free. I consider that by the 3 month mark SIBO has returned. Question: In my case (autoimmune SIBO with motility disorder due to food poisoning) does it make more since to live with SIBO but control it with low a FODMAPS diet or take Xifaxan ever 3 months to erridicate the SIBO and just eat normal all the time.

  • Darla kissling

    Food box looks great! Any blog on trips for traveling. This is my struggle. Love your recipes and all of your encouragement!
    Thanks for sharing your life.

  • Julie T.

    Oh this looks like a wonderful giveaway! I would love to win the Fody food Kate Box, since I’ve not found any of this brand locally and would love to try it! I would also love to hear more tips on eating out following a low fodmap diet. This is my biggest challenge and often leaves me fairly discouraged when dining out with friends and family. Any suggestions or fodmap friendly restaurants would be appreciated!

  • Christine

    Hi Kate,

    I would love to try the Kate box or the bars. I am very interested in hearing the answer of Lisa J’s question.
    As for blog posts, I am interested in learning how to eat Low Fodmap while travelling and how to manage a healthy fruit intake if you also need to avoid acidic fruits. It seems there is not much left…

    Thank you so much for the gerat work you do.

  • Shannon Drury

    I am new to low FODMAP living, so I would love a shot at all three–but if I had to pick one I’d love to try the Happy bars. As a busy mom I am forever looking for something to eat quickly that will give me energy, and now, not make me sick! Thanks!

  • Cara

    I would love to win the FODY Foods Kate Box! As an aspiring registered dietitian, I’ve been studying the low FODMAP diet during undergrad and grad school for about 5 years now, and I have a great person in mind I’d love to try the Kate Box! For a blog idea, I wonder if you’ve seen any connection between suboptimal blood cholesterol levels and low FODMAP dieters. I’ve had someone ask me about this who’s been following the low FODMAP diet for years now and found that their blood cholesterol levels (specifically 117mg/dL LDL and 204mg/dL total cholesterol) were higher than expected. On that note, I wonder if there are any consequences of staying on the low FODMAP diet long-term. Thanks for all you do to promote gut health, Kate! I’ve been following your blog for years now and I hope to become an RD specializing in the low FODMAP diet as well!

      • AnnMarie

        Interesting…. this diet is a life changer for me but my “bad” cholesterol jumped to 238 this year!! I never connected the 2. Something to watch, but not following this diet isn’t an option. Luckily my good cholesterol is also fabulous…

  • Susan

    I would love to try the box of goodies in Kate’s box or the granola. Thank you!
    I would love to hear more ideas on making sauces such as Ketchup, Mac and cheese type cheese sauce, gravy for meat and potatoes.
    Thanks Kate for all your helpful blogs!

  • Anne-Marie

    The Kate box looks fantastic. I really miss salsa. I wish I could buy the Fody Food in Denmark. Topics I would like to hear about is how to ease false hunger, reduce gas, loose weight without a lot of hunger. Eating more proteins without triggering a lot of symptoms (boiled eggs triggers my stomach, I know it’s not fodmap).

  • Raegan

    I am getting ready to go on the low FODMAP diet and have not tried any of these products, so I would be happy to try any of these! I would like to know more about how prescription and over the counter medications may have an impact on my GI system, how to speak with my Dr. regarding possible issues. Thanks!

  • Lynne

    I love FODY foods and would be interested in winning the Kate Box. Also, I would be interested in the Casa de Santa gift as I have not tried the products. I want to say, Kate, that I look forward to your recipes and have never been disappointed. Our favorites are the Turmeric Chicken Soup and the Maple Peanut Sesame Chicken. Delicious! I would be interested in more quick snack ideas for between meals in your blogs.

  • Susan C.

    Happy Bars for me!! I miss being able to eat the Nature Valley Nut Crisp bars. I’d like to hear more about options for wraps for sandwiches. I tried a rice wrap last night and, well, let’s just say I didn’t keep the rest of the package. I am about four weeks into the diet, and keep forgetting which vegetables I can eat. Broccoli and Brussels sprouts, even in small quantities such as 1/4 cup, don’t sit well with me. Eating raw carrots, cucumber and zucchini isn’t very satisfying — is there a type of Ranch salad dressing that’s low-FODMAP? I have also found that I can eat only about half the volume of food that I was eating before I began having symptoms of IBS. The list of name brands that are low-FODMAP has been very helpful. Can you offer advice on probiotics and vitamins? I have changed my diet so radically I’m not sure I am getting all the vitamins & minerals I need. Thanks so much for all your advice!!!!

  • Lisa

    I would love to try the Happy Bars. On-the-go low fodmap snacks are so hard to come by. I would love to read a new blog with an updated list of brand name grocery items that qualify as low fodmap!

  • Kristie L Mccadden

    Hi Kate! I would love to win the FODY box! It is so hard to find any salsa, bbq sauce or pasta sauce without onion and garlic. I would love to try these. I think a great topic for your blog would be how to travel in Europe while adhering to a Fodmap diet. I am going to Italy the end of June and would love some ideas/tips that you may have.

  • Kathy Stahl

    The Fody Products seem wonderful. It would be great to prepare food with safe products and not having to read labels to see what caused discomforts.

    A blog post on different sugars and sugar substitutes would be great. I am confused as to what works and what doesn’t.

    • jmke

      Hi Kathy,
      I’ve had great luck with Born Sweet™ Zing™ Stevia Sweetener by Domino. It’s a blend of stevia and dextrose (http://www.gourmetnews.com/domino-debuts-born-sweet-zing-stevia-sweetener/). It tastes better than Truvia, is without the erythritol, and isn’t so overly sweet. There’s a Zing Baking Blend with stevia and sugar and and a new “organic” Zing though I’m unsure of its ingredients. The packets of Zing are very sweet from the stevia so I use about one third of each instead of one-half per serving to sweeten my tea.

  • Andy Wheaton

    I would love to try the Kate Box!

    Blog: I’d love to see and hear more about SIBO and what foods are ok. There are too many discrepancies out there. For some honey shows as ok. For others, honey is bad, but a little table sugar is ok. I’ve hear red apples are bad. Green apples are ok. There also seems to be some that state SIBO can be fixed and gone for good, while others talk about it being a life long issue. Anyway, thanks for all you do!!

    • katescarlata

      I could not agree more—so much conflicting info…the truth is we need more research–and likely, there is not one diet that will work for everyone–it needs to be tailored to the individual. I hope you listen to the SIBO symposium–as I will talk about this in great detail.

  • Jan

    I would love to win the Fody foods sauces and salsa! One of the things I am most interested in learning about is: what are the best foods to eat after a major flare up? I try and eat low fodmap much of the time but there are times when things flare and even some low fodmap foods don’t agree with me. Best ways of recovering would be really helpful.

  • Sherry Dasenbrock

    Happy Bars please!
    I’d love to know some of your favorite breakfast ideas!
    Blessings and Thanks so much,
    Sherry Dasenbrock

  • Beth

    I would like to win the FODY food kate box! And a topic for a future blog post would be crockpot low FODMAP foods. Thank you!

  • Carolyn Ibrahim Pavlich

    Thank yo Kate for all you do for us fodmapers. I am also a registered dietitian and the FODMAP diet can be challenging even for the nutrition educated. Your work has helped me immensely and I am so grateful for it.
    I would love to win the pasta sauce, BBQ sauce and tote.
    I am a terrible cook (clearly I work in the clinical setting, and not all RDs can cook well) and am looking for easy-to-prepare lowfodmap recipes.
    Thank you again for significantly enhancing my personal life as well as help me work with my patients.

  • Constance

    All of the gifts sound wonderful….if I had to choose it would be the Kate box!!
    As far as a blog post…..I would love to learn more about how to cope with the mental part that goes along with IBS/C.

    Thank you Kate!

  • Sandy Gold Raynes

    I would like to win the Casa de Sante Granola pack – looks wonderful and this makes a great snack.
    A blog topic that I would love to see is one that could be on a continuing basis – Recipe Makeover. A reader would send in one of their favorite non-FODMAP friendly recipes, then you (and possibly other readers/professionals) would makeover the recipe to be FODMAP friendly and just as or even more delicious.

  • Emily

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    April 19, 2017 at 11:43 am
    Kate, thank you so much for all the effort you have put forward for IBS awareness month. I am 24 years old and have been suffering from severe IBS-C for the past 6 years. Your posts — from recipes to educational pieces — have served as a bible of sorts for me as I navigate my way through life with this disorder.

    Though all of the items you are offering sound fantastic, the Granola is what I find most intriguing. Being a young female living in NYC, both my social and work life revolves around food and drink. To have an option available to me like granola that is not only lowfodmap (score!) but able to be incorporated into meals throughout the day would be incredible.

    As per a suggestion for another blog post, I would love if you could speak to the younger generation suffering with this disorder, and perhaps helpful tips on how to overcome / minimize the anxiety that tends to accompany it.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Gayle Peters

    I would love a chance at the FODY food Kate Box …even with onion/garlic in them I would use a little at a time and enjoy them. Second would have to be the Case de Sante Artisan Granola variety pack. Both look wonderful. Thank you for the chance.

  • Sherry Curtis-Cramer

    I would be happy to win and try any of the three!! I would also like to learn more about the relationship between hormones and sugar consumption and their impact on IBS sufferers.

  • Shari Thompson

    Kate, your blog, recipes, and scientific articles are so appreciated by me. Thank you for spending your time to help the rest of us!
    I would love to win anyone of the three give-a-ways but the Happy Bars I have yet to try, so put my name in for those.
    Having read the comments so far, I most appreciate articles on recipe makeovers. I would also advise my fellow followers of your blog, to word process a card listing ALL of the foods one MUST avoid to hand out to chefs or email to restaurants ahead of time. This has worked wonders for me!

  • Dara

    I would like to win either the Kate box or the happy bars. I have been struggling with GI issues for over a year now which started after severe food poisoning. I have been to multiple doctors and had many tests but have not received any definitive diagnosis and I have not responded to medications. The only relief I have found is from following the low fodmap diet but find I am unable to re-introduce foods as my symptoms come back immediately. I think a blog post about how to explain this to friends and family would be helpful as I find it is hard for them to understand the reason I can’t eat so many foods. Also, tips on what to order when going out to eat for different cuisines would be helpful! Thanks!

    • katescarlata

      Dara, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth is common after food poisoning. Did your GI doctor do the breath test for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth?

      • Dara

        I was not tested for SIBO but as my GI considered it as a possible diagnosis, I was treated with xifaxan but it did not alleviate my symptoms.

  • R. Herman

    I’d just love to win the FODY food Kate Box, I really would! Thank you for asking for suggestions. I had some FODMAP issues prior to salmonella poisoning two years ago, and while I was lucky not to develop a SIBO, my FODMAP issues have increased. Thank you so much for posting about FODMAPs, SIBO, probiotics, prebiotics, and everything else. Your posts have been incredibly helpful and have improved the quality of my life. I’ve often wondered about helminthic therapy. I’d love to know more about this. Thank you again.

    • katescarlata

      I listened to a very interesting podcast about helminthic therapy. I don’t know much about this therapy or how frequently it has been used or studied. I will try to learn a bit more!

  • Mary Lou Veroline

    Kate, I would be over the moon to win the FODY box. Such delicious sounding items and so hard to find in the marketplace. In terms if an article, I am so curious about to transition from an SCD diet to a FODMAP diet. I also have learned I have low stomach acid and am doing a lot of research about that. Thank you for all the great information you provide to your community!

  • Sarah Ladd

    I’d like a chance at the Kate Box. Everything sounds inspiring for lots of dishes!
    I’m interested in the link between birth control and its effects on IBS. I am convinced that my use of them caused me to develop IBS. Thank you!

      • Sarah Ladd

        I came up with another thought on blog topics: I’m currently sick with a sore throat and a stomach virus. All of the medications I’ve found (mouth spray, cough drops, cough medicine, decongestants, Airborne-like remedies all contain a ton of fake sugars and other IBS irritants. What do you suggest while trying to get over such a sickness?

  • Katie Kadlec

    I would love to won’t the Happy Bars. They look healthy and delicious! My 8 year old son was diagnosed with IBS when he was 5. We already knew that he had several food allergies (dairy, eggs, nightshades just to name a few). However, he continued to have muscle/joint pain, bloating, stomach pain, and diaharrea. After several tests that fortunately but frustratingly came negative we were told to start the FODMAP diet to treat IBS. It has changed his life. He does have flare ups, but we try to keep on top of it. A good article may be how to address IBS with children. It is hard when we travel and/or when he goes to a friend’s house. Much appreciate it!!!

  • Lorna

    I’d love to try the FODY food Kate Box. Perhaps you would be kind enough to talk about living with an ileostomy & the low fodmap diet as well as reflux? I had an ileostomy for IBD (UC) over 25 years ago and my GI thinks I probably have celiac disease and may be IBS! I manage it with a gluten free Low FODMAP diet and I avoid apples, apple juice, chocolate and canned tomatoes to deal with my reflux. Thank you.

  • Laura

    Though all the boxes look inviting I think I would love the Rachel Pauls foods. I have trouble fulfilling my inbetween snacks and I love my sweets – these look like they might fit the bill. I would really like to learn about different food groups and intolerances: I have been detoxing from heavy metals and I find that I have had to adjust my diet around completely in the last 2 years, a couple of times – always following a fodmap diet as a base diet, I have also had to watch thiols at one time, and phytates at another, and now goitergenic foods – and what about oxalates and tannins – jeez!!! Makes me dizzy thinking about all the combinations of foods that can cause us problems.

  • Wren

    I’d take any of the boxes but will say the bars if I have to choose one. Blog idea: I have trouble getting enough vegetables in my diet and lack variety, so would like more ideas.

  • Joan Elkin

    I would like to win them because I’ve had trouble finding good BBQ sauce and Marinara. And, I did try Fody Foods and they are good.
    For the future, I would like to see more about soup. I love it, but most recipes have garlic and onions.

  • Jolante

    I love all the hard work you put into FODMAP friendly lifestyle. This website has made my life so much easier! Thank you for that!
    I would love to be entered for the Kate Box! Would be exciting to try it.
    I would like to see more articles on different FODMAP friendly supplements.

  • Amy CG

    I would love to win the Happy Bars or the Granola since I haven’t had a chance to try either of those products. I recently bought a Kate box and have been enjoying everything in it! It is terrific to have onion/garlic free BBQ and Salsa again. I was making my own pasta sauce, but love the ease of having a jar available in the cupboard.
    There have been a lot of terrific blog topics mentioned above! I am especially interested in more information about dining out and social eating as these have been big struggles for me. I manage well at home on modified low FODMAP, but holidays with family or dining out with friends can be really tricky. (Thanks, though, to Toni Fiori who gave me some good tips during our recent consult!)
    I really liked Sharon’s suggestion above of in the comments: A simple concise explanation for people when they ask why I’m not eating certain foods, i.e. onions and garlic
    And I love all of Ashley’s suggestions listed above in the comments:
    IBS-C-specific coping strategies, reasearch, etc., Hormones and IBS (for women), How to tell if/when IBS is a symptom of a bigger problem, Vocabulary/Toolkit to use when seeking medical help

    Thank you Kate for all you do! Your Blog has been so incredibly helpful to me on the low FODMAP journey!

    • katescarlata

      Thanks for your comment and ideas, Amy. These are so great! Toni and I are working on a project to make talking about the low FODMAP diet easier when visiting w/ friends or family–and it will be simple and concise! Stay tuned. Vocabulary tool kit–this is a fantastic idea.

  • Betsy Johnson

    I would love to receive the granola or the FODY food box. I am have been doing the Low FODMAP for almost a year now and have noticed a big difference. I am a runner and would like to see more meal ideas for pre and post running. I also seem to have a difficult time eating out and would love suggestions there.

  • Pamela Sinclair

    I would love to win the FODY box and/or the snack bars for my daughter. I would also be interested in learning more about using asfoetida as a replacement for garlic/onion in recipes, as my daughter is very sensitive to both (she can’t even eat green onion tops!).

  • Mary

    I would love to win any of the three but the Happy Bars sound great.

    I have been exploring removing grains from my diet. I have substituted almond flour for rice flour and it seems to work for me. A blog about how to reduce various grains in the diet and how to work in substitutions within Fodmap guidelines may be helpful.

  • Janeen

    Hello! Thank you for this contest and for your awesome blog. I would love to enter to win the FODY food Kate Box! I am in Canada though, so I don’t know if I qualify :-). Thank you again!

  • Margaret Warzecha

    Kate box. But anything new sounds great to Me! More tips on snacks. I’m a diabetic so I have to be careful that way. Thank you for all of your assistance and tips!

  • Kate Treasure

    I would love the Kate FODY box. My husband is very supportive of my low FODMAP diet but he does miss things like Barbeque sauce and pasta sauce.

    I would like to learn more about the sourdough starter made from wheat flour for people who are gluten sensitive.

    Thank you!

  • Marie Bone

    I would love to win FODY food Kate Box. I love the topics you share and am happy to say I made it through the holiday the best ever.
    Thanks Mitzie

  • Bethany Mason

    I would LOVE the Kate Box or the Happy Bars variety pack. They are all wonderful products! What a huge gift to have support to keep our bellies calm AND happy!! Thanks!

  • Polly Williamson

    I would love to win the Kate Box. I have tried the Happy Bars but have found that I don’t tolerate them. Love how they taste though! Would like to know more about long term effects of diet. Thanks!

  • Sandy

    Thank you for this opportunity. I would like to win the Kate Box as I love Fody’s products – they really have helped me feel so normal. I carry a portion of the BBQ Sauce or Salsa with me when I eat out. What a treat not to have to eat dry food without sauce (I put the BBQ Sauce on hamburgers – yum). One future blog I would like to see is one that discusses and teaches people how to modify treasured family recipes to make them safe for Low-Fodmap eating.

  • Beth

    I would love a fody Foods kate box. I would also like a blog about how to gracefully maneuver work potlucks without sharing personal details about health or coming off as a “food snob”.

  • Your Partner in Passion Kait

    The FODY box for sure!!!! So neat!!!!

    Blog post ideas: navigating low FODMAP when on other restrictive diets (eg low residue/fibre for crohn’s). Oh and coming to accept being low FODMAP (it’s still new to me and at times I find myself rather upset over never eating garlic or onions again).

    Thanks!!! xo

  • Kath

    I want to win the FODY Foods Kate Box! I love recipe posts (including your hummus) – a couple of ideas: pizza sauce (and pizza) or vegan mayo. I also love to learn about low-fodmap products in stores and online, such as FODY Foods.

  • Kathy Brown

    I would love the Happy Bars!! It would make some not-so-great snack choices at work better!!! I would LOVE for you to talk about , on your blog, the difference in Low FODMAP vs. just gluten free and lactose free…. I am lactose intolerant but not gluten intolerant, BUT low FODMAP seems to make me feel better overall. Thanks for trying to help us desperate folks out with sensitive tummies!!

  • Jennifer

    Oh ID love the Kate-box! The bars look really tempting but I love to bake and usually make ny own bars. Yet to learn to make my own salsa tho!
    A post about young kids and Ibs would be helpful. How early they can develop it, useful recipes for them etc. I suspect I’ve had it all my life since my mom has it and Ive always had tummy issues.
    OR; Im Also curious to how vitamins work when it comes to ibs. Im super sensitive to garlic, but could I take garlic tablets/caps? Tried google but havent found anything useful.

  • Rachel H

    Really any of them look good, but I’ll pick the Happy Bars! I’d like to learn more about the affects of the low FODMAP diet on the gut micro biome. Also success stories from people after trying the diet. I’m curious to see how people have you used the information they learned from the diet (what foods trigger them), and what changes they’ve made to their diet.

  • Lisa

    Hi! I would love to win the Kate Box. Or any of the items you are giving away. It’s great to already know the item(s) are Low FodMap without having to read a label! I love all your recipes. A great topic would be 5 ingredient or less recipes that a fast and simple to make. As always, thank you for the great info!

  • Nancy Jones

    I have found the products you have recommended to add great taste to my FODMAPer life. I would like to explore the Casa… line for free! Thanks for being a leader to healthier eating and a happier life.

  • Emily

    I would love to win the granola! I am 24 and have been suffering with IBS-C for the past 6 years. Having something like granola that is easy to transport / keep in my purse would make life that much less stressful!

    A topic I would love to see more on are how to cope with the anxiety linked with IBS for different generations — someone younger like myself, a new mom, an empty nester, etc. We all suffer but at different stages in our lives I feel like the approach could be different? Thanks!

  • jane freund

    Hi, I would love to win the Kate box or case de sante sample pack. I would love to learn more about appropiate menu choices when eating at Mexican, Indian, Chinese and Thai restaurants. Thanks for this blog!

  • Angie Scarlato

    I too would love all 3!!! But if I have to choose just one it would be the Happy Bars! I’m always on the look out for bars that I can take on the go! As for blog topics, I would love to learn more about SIBO (how to diagnose, what if your tests are negative but all symptoms point to it?, how to treat) as well as tips for low FODMAP restaurant tips.

  • Nancy Vizza

    I would love to win the KATE box. That being said, I totally agree with a comment in this list about onion powder free ketchup. Maybe FODY could add that to their food line. I do have a bottle of Heinz in my refrigerator but use it sparingly. I also wish that supermarkets would run more sales on gluten free products. Kate, I really appreciate your delicious low FODMAP recipes you post on your blog. Thank you!

  • Lisa Primeaux-Redmond

    I’d be happy to receive any of the products, but my preference is probably the Fody Food box. I’d be very interested in seeing a blog on how to deal with health care professionals who do not help patients like us find solutions. From my own experience and from the#IBelieveyourStory posts I’ve been reading, it sounds like a common thread in people’s stories is that they get misdiagnosed many times, get brushed off by doctors for years, are told there’s nothing that can be done or there’s nothing wrong they can find etc. and we continue to suffer. Many of us only find solutions through our own research and years of bouncing from doctor to doctor until we find one that goes the extra mile to help us. I have found that most health care professionals are not very interested in hearing what you’ve read on the internet or a patient’s self-diagnosis ideas, but so many of us have no other choice because we’ve found no solutions in the traditional health care system. How can we advocate for ourselves? How can we find the health care providers who are willing to help us (as many of your patients I expect have found in you) more quickly? How can we move forward when we are told again and again there is nothing that can be done?

  • claude bird

    Hi! Happy to see that low FODMAP products are going to be more accessible. (Not in MASS as of yet)
    I would love to check the barbecue sauce and the marinara sauce as those are kitchen staples.
    I’ve been on the low FODMAP diet for 4 years now and it has changed my life.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter in the free give away from FODY.

  • Linda Port

    I’d be very happy to win the Kate Box. What a great idea! Thanks, Kate, for everything you do for your fellow Fodmapers.

  • Sylvia D'Ambrosio

    Wow the give-a-ways look wonderful….but I would love to win Kate Box….I just want to say I love your recipes –I just made and ate the lemon tart last weekend for the Easter Holiday…..came out wonderful! I actually made my own almond flour (or meal) by purchasing a 10 oz package of slivered natural almonds and pulsing in the blender. 1 cup almonds made 1 cup of the flour which saved me about $4.00. Love it and the great work you do!


  • Joan McDonagh

    Would love to try the Happy Bars. The Kate Box was a success – yeah! Red sauce – finally! I haven’t searched the blog yet but I recently heard about supplemental digestive enzymes (like lactase but also include xylase, maltase and pancreatic enzymes) – so would love your blog opinion. When I get a chance I’ll search your blog.

  • Laura Berke

    Hi Kate, thanks for offering a chance to try new fodmap foods. enter me to win any of them-especially the granola bars.
    I’d love it if you’d have a topic of what to do if you have high blood pressure and you’re trying to reduce your salt intake. most low fodmap prepared items have a lot of salt to compensate for those lovely but hard to digest foods like onions, garlic and mushrooms

  • Micah

    Hi Kate! I would love to win the Kate box. I would be interested in seeing a blog post about how to be low-fodmap in college.

  • Jan Horwood

    I would love to win the Kate box! Oh, how I miss salsa.
    I’ve had some wonderful success in spicing up my food with Indian recipes. Would love to hear about those kinds of spices and ways to use them.
    Thank you!

  • Cassie T.

    I would be thrilled to win any of the items. I have microscopic colitis and am on the FODMAP diet to control symptoms. I’d like to see you include some information on microscopic colitis. Thanks for your great information!

  • Katie

    Hi Kate! I would love any of your prize offerings and am especially interested in the 1st box as i love salsa and spaghetti! My blog idea would be how to balance SIBO with pregnancy. I’m 12 weeks and pretty sick. I don’t feel like eating anything but need to eat, so sometimes I just eat what I can tolerate which in turn can sometimes irritate the gut.. I have so much anxiety over how to manage it all (which is never helpful to the gut) when in reality, I have to somewhat “shelf” SIBO for the time being and deal with the pregnancy. Would love to hear your thoughts on that!

  • Sheila Green

    Kate, thanks for the blog. I have found many recipes to try here and don’t always thank you. So, thanks for those and for getting the word out about the Low FODMAP diet. It will only get easier for those of us who need to follow this diet, as it is publicized and companies see another new market, like gluten free was years ago. I have tried the Kate Box, so put me down for the Happy Bars please. For future blog ideas, more recipes definitely, and perhaps ideas of dealing with the diet in a family. I am the only one who has to follow it in my household. Generally, my family wants something for dinner/dessert that I can’t eat, fast food is nearly impossible, and eating out in a sit down restaurant is challenging and embarrassing to have to ask so many questions. How do other families deal with these problems?

  • Suzy Merkins

    Hi!! I would love to win the Happy Bars!!! Eating low fodmap is changing my life so much! I would love to see something on the blog that touches on low-histamine too. Along with IBS I break out into head to toe hives often (with nothing found during allergy testing) and I think low histamine eating is helping that!! Thank you!

  • Jackie

    Hi kate

    I am addictive to FODY products!!!!!! Would love to win the Kate box from them. I am also a huge fan of yours. Last September I went on your food tour at Roche Brothers and came away with so much information. A topic that would interest me would be anything on the mind/gut relationship. I find it amazing how the 2 are connected.
    Thanks for all that you do for us!!!!!!!!

    • katescarlata

      Great topic idea, Jackie! I am actually working on this topic as my final presentation in one of my graduate classes–so I am up on the research. Need to get it together for a blog post! Interesting topic!

  • Jen

    I would love to win the Kate box! The variety of products to try out would be amazing for my family! I would love to see an article with suggestions for raising a child on the FODMAP diet. Thanks so much for all of your articles, they have been such a blessing to me!

  • Dodie High

    I would love to try the HAPPY bars given that I’ve been doing Crossfit for three months and am always looking for another way to increase my protein intake. Something I would find interesting to read about in your blog would be how low FODMAP foods affect acid reflux/heartburn.

  • Lindsay Devine

    I would love the very first one: the Kate box!!!

    I love your recipe ideas, they’re very helpful, but maybe as a future blog post, you can try doing another meal plan. I read the one you did before, but an updated one would be great for fodmappers like myself still struggling to come up with meal plans. Thanks so much!

  • Jen

    I would LOVE to win the case de sante granola! I’ve been wanting to try it!

    As for future blog topics, I’d love to see a post about low fodmap and gastroparesis. Foods light in nature that are easily digested for those of us that have gastroparesis.

    OR, I had a doctor tell me that some anti-GERD meds cause protein malabsorption. I was wondering if this is a big concern since so many of us are on meds like Pantoprazole, etc.

    Thanks for all you do and share!

  • Adam

    The Fody foods Kate box sounds awesome!
    How about the role of probiotics in treating IBS and SIBO. I know I am curious about this possible treatment.

  • Erin

    They all look delicious, but that granola is calling my name! I would love for you to write about how I can keep my fruit/veggie intake high (5-9 servings per day) for health benefits and cancer prevention without all the bloat!

    • Julie Flood

      And since I’m new to the low FODMAP diet, maybe a topic on how to get started? (You might already have one posted, but since my friend just recommended your site to me, I haven’t had a chance to explore!)

  • Marcia

    I would love to win the granola or the bars. Having a hard time finding snacks and sometimes making them with gluten free flour leaves them very grainy. Not being able to have honey or molasses doesn’t help either. Really trying hard and sometimes miss on something I thought was good!

  • Sarah Fielding

    Hi Kate! The day you posted this post was the day I was told I had to switch to the FODMAP diet. Almost a week in and I am finding it emotionally danting at times. I know over time it should get easier as I reinforce this new habit and rid the old eating habits. I would first off love to try these products and introduce them into my new diet. I would also love to read more recipes (I love to cook) and more on dealing with the emotional aspects of IBS and digestive disorders. Thanks!

  • jmke

    Hi Kate! I’d love to receive the FODY Foods Kate Box! My husband is in withdrawal from our avoidance of garlic and onion in sauces and this might help.

    My suggested blog post is about whether or not there are effects on the gut from taking oral progesterone supplements. I see that others here have questioned birth control pills (which I’d been on) and after reading this quote, below, I started to wonder about how my gut might have been affected after I started taking progesterone:

    “….food intolerances frequently get worse just before their periods. This is because gut bacteria are more active under the influence of the female sex-hormone progesterone, which is released during the second half of the menstrual cycle. ”

    Here are some topics suggested by others that I also want to learn more about:
    – Navigating low FODMAP when on other restrictive diets – for this one, please include diets for Interstitial Cystitis (IC). I find foods on either list often contraindicate each other which further restricts my diet.
    – How to tell if/when IBS is a symptom of a bigger problem
    – Vocabulary/Toolkit to use when seeking medical help
    – How I can keep my fruit/veggie intake high (5-9 servings per day)
    – More about soup
    – Supplemental digestive enzymes
    Thanks for all you do!

  • Liz Ryan

    I would love any of these wonderful products, but I especially would love the Kate Box. I have tried most of these products before and would love them all. Any of these make it easier (or at least less painful) to stay on the diet. Thanks for all the info and opportunities to find ways to deal with this way of life.

  • Lori Gardiner

    Hi Kate,
    I am a registered dietitian with a masters in nutrition and just recently have been put on the FODMAP diet. I love your website and all of your useful information! I would love to try any of the products! Thanks kindly! Lori Gardiner, MS, RD, LDN

  • Chelsea

    Hi Kate, thank you for this amazing giveaway! I’d like to try the happy bars – having something on-the-go to eat at work morning teas etc would be so handy. My blog post idea is: other common allergens or intolerance that may create IBS like symptoms.

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