Going off Grid

Hello Friends. Today’s post is about mindfulness, relaxation and mental clarity, all important aspects of living a healthy life. I often talk about nutritional approaches for digestive distress but healthy mind-body practices are equally important.

After truly over-booking myself, I took a 4 day break and traveled to New Mexico last week.  My husband, Russ was working so I had some time to explore and get quiet with myself.  It was just what I needed.


Russ and I explored the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument. I had never heard of this national park until I mentioned I was traveling to New Mexico during my biostatistics class. One of the doctors in my class has spent about 6 months in New Mexico on one of the reservations. She suggested I visit Tent Rocks…and it was the highlight of my trip.

What you will find at Tent Rocks are these beautiful cone-shaped rock formations up to 90 feet tall, formed 6-7 million years ago due to volcanic eruptions.


Check out the beauty! I totally felt disconnected from my work world…and it met all my needs of feeling peace, mental clarity and gratefulness.

When was the last time you got off grid? It is so important to get out in nature and quietly observe the beauty while escaping the busyness of our lives. 


Russ and I love any adventure…and Tent Rocks did not disappoint!


While in New Mexico, I also traveled by train to Sante Fe while Russ was at work meetings. It was fun to explore the city by myself. Being alone, I wandered and captured images through my camera lens.


I love a colorful door that is welcoming. This one captured my eye.


While in Albequerque, I also visited the amazing historic inn and organic farm at Los Poblanos. The entrance was stunning, tree lined and welcoming. The farm shop here was full of lavender sprays, lotions and potions…right up my alley. The resident peacock thought we were best friends and followed me around…a little too close for comfort actually. 🙂


Lavender provides a great aromatherapy that is both relaxing and invigorating for the soul.


Old Town, Albequerque, New Mexico was a fun little part of town with shops and restaurants. I wandered here by myself one day…and then took Russ back with me so he too can enjoy the fun vibe.


I love the architecture…so vastly different from New England.


While you work on your health goals, don’t forget to factor in gratitude, relaxation, exploration, and peace.

…And big congrats to Peggy for winning the fall give-a-way!








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