Maple Walnut Bars

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Hello Friends. I hope your week is off to a great start!

Russ and I spent this past weekend up at our Maine cottage. I truly love Maine. We tried out a new restaurant, a fun wine bar in Kennebunkport, dined at our all time favorite, Earth at Hidden Pond and enjoyed 2 long walks with Lucy to the beach. I also did a little more writing for my latest low FODMAP diet book that I have been working for over the past year. My manuscript is due next month. Seems like I had all the time in the world…then, here it is…almost September!

Today, I thought I would share my latest kitchen experiment...Maple Walnut Bars. Honestly, this was a true experiment. I kind of just tossed ingredients together…and with my beginner’s luck …the recipe came out pretty darn good. LOVE it when that happens!

maple walnut mixture

This mixture looked so good, I truly wanted to just eat it up.  But…I decide to forgo the risk…and instead….baked it right up! 🙂

maple walnut brownie

Slightly sweet, with a hint of pure maple syrup, this cake-y bar is perfect for a light dessert or afternoon snack with a cup of tea. I hope you enjoy these yummy bars like I did!

21 replies on “Maple Walnut Bars

  • Pamela

    Hello – the maple walnut bars look yummy, but would it be possible to publish nutritional information with your recipes? The calories for just the butter in one serving would be about 100, so I’m thinking this is quite calorie-laden.

    • katescarlata

      Hi Pamela, the entire recipe has 16 bars, each tablespoon of butter has 100 calories and I use one stick which has 8 TB. This translates to 50 calories from butter per square. I purposely do not post nutritional facts for my recipes–but many others do. I feel nutritional fact panels move my clients away from eating intuitively.

      • Pamela

        I appreciate your reply. Since I have issues other than IBS I like to have all nutritional information for my recipes and diet.

  • Andy Wheaton

    Isn’t the brown sugar against the FODMAP diet? I have SIBO and still struggling with what, exactly, i can and cannot have. The desert sounds great, but per FODMAP, i’ve cut out all sugar. Thanks for any input!

    • katescarlata

      Hi Andy, the Monash team tested brown sugar and it is low in FODMAP. The serving size for this recipe is one bar and the recipe makes 16–so divided over the entire recipe—it does have sugar –but not crazy amounts, like many desserts.The problem with SIBO and diet recommendations–is that everyone has their own opinion—the research is scanty in this area. There in NO evidenced based diet for this condition! There are a couple studies showing symptom benefit form the low FODMAP diet—but we need more research.For my SIBO clients (and I have had SIBO myself), I recommend eating low FODMAP nutritious foods first and foremost–but allow a little treat now and again–I don’t believe that a treat now and again should not pose a major issue. Of course, I encourage all SIBO patients to work with a registered dietitian to receive individualized guidance. I think.. in my humble opinion, that most SIBO patients over restrict their diet unnecessarily often leading to malnutrition. There are many Internet sites that sound legit–but offer unfounded suggestions.

      • Andy Wheaton

        Thank you! Sorry to hear about your SIBO. I’m seeing a Primary Care, Naturopathic Dr, a nutritionist, as well as a GI. They all agree on a FODMAP diet but none are sure how long I should be on it. Or, maybe forever. I’ve lost a lot of weight on this diet, which is good and bad! I’d love to hear more about the Monash Team and their testing, such as the brown sugar. I’ve spent well over 100 hours studying SIBO, and as you say, mixed messages all over. Thanks again, and we’ll definitely try this treat out!


  • Paula Jacunski

    Kate, your blog is my favorite of all the low fodmap blogs for your recipes. They are great. This looks good and I’ll be making it.

  • Rachel

    This looks delicious! What is in the baking mix? I’m in Ireland so can’t really get my hands on it. Could you suggest a substitute?

  • CB

    I just started the low FODMaP diet 3 weeks ago and feel like a new person. Always looking for new easy recipes. Just baked these and they are delicious!!! Substituted 1/2 cup of canola oil for the butter and came out great. Thank you so much!

  • Sarah

    Kate, first, thank you for everything you do!! Your website is awesome btw. Do you know if coconut palm sugar is low FODMAP?

  • katescarlata

    Andy, you need to open app when you have access to wi-fi and it should automatically update. If you haven’t opened the app while connected to the internet–it might not update. If that doesn’t work, I might re-load the app again.

  • Lora

    Thanks for another great recipe! I’m just wondering if you generally use the scoop and level method when you’re measuring flour in your recipes, or the spoon in and level method. I know they can result in different amounts of flour.

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