Prepping for a colonoscopy: tips for the FODMAPer

Okay, so today’s topic might not be too exciting…but it is a necessary one! Oh…yes, let’s talk a bit about the dreaded prepping for a colonoscopy, shall we?  Never fun.


The prep for a colonoscopy varies institution to institution, BE SURE to follow the guidelines provided by your doctor! Typically, the colonoscopy prep involves a few days of a low fiber diet followed by a day of clear liquids before the big day!

For the low FODMAP diet follower…finding clear liquid options to consume can be a little tricky. Most commercial broths contain onion and many clear liquids have high fructose corn syrup (most ginger ale) or are a source of excess fructose (apple juice).  Many popsicles and frozen treats contain high fructose corn syrup, at least here in the States!

Toni Fiori, RDN, who specializes in digest health nutrition, shares a few suggestions, “Stay hydrated while prepping for a colonoscopy, drinking at least 8, 8 ounce cups of clear liquids daily or as instructed by your doctor. Lemon-lime Gatorade made with sugar is a good clear liquid option. Making your own stevia or sugar sweetened lemonade with pulp free lemon juice, water and sweetening to your taste is another option.”

Low FODMAP clear liquid inspirations:

  • Jello Brand boxed lemon Jello (sweetened with sugar; make yourself) Note: avoid pre-made Jello snacks as many contain apple juice concentrate.
  • Broth sans onion and garlic: Try Trader’s Joe’s savory chicken broth or Progresso reduced sodium chicken broth, Savory Choice chicken broth packets (add hot water), or make your own.
  • Beverages: water (plain or carbonated), Simply Lemonade (contains sugar, lemon juice), Gatorade (clear liquid varieties made with sugar and dextrose; avoid red dyes, per your hospital instructions), Clif Hydration Electrolyte drink (Lemon-lime flavor), tea, coffee, coconut water (keep portion to 3 ounces per serving, per Monash U. guidelines) or try half and half lemon tea beverage: iced tea made with steeped green or black tea with a splash of Simply Lemonade and ice or purchase a suitable pre-made version such as Honest Tea organic half tea & half lemonade.
  • Hard candy (made with sugar, not high fructose corn syrup), such as lemon drops (brand: Signature kitchen) or peppermint rounds (brand: Yummy Earth).
  • Make ahead frozen treats: Freeze Simply Lemonade or suitable Gatorade by filling a paper cup 2/3 full  and freeze partially for a slushy treat. Another option, freeze beverages in a popsicle mold or paper cup, until completely frozen for a popsicle or Italian Ice style treat.

While you are on the low fiber diet phase of the colonoscopy prep, here are a few meal ideas to help keep your energy up but your fiber intake down.

Breakfast options:

  • Gluten free pancakes: Bisquick GF pancake mix with a drizzle of pure maple syrup and a few banana slices on top.
  • 2 ingredient banana pancakes made with 1 banana, egg and cinnamon, recipe found here.
  • French toast: Udi’s white bread dipped in mixture of egg, lactose free milk dash of cinammon, and pure vanilla extract. Drizzle with pure maple syrup or sprinkle with confectioner’s sugar, if desired.
  • Scrambled eggs, gluten free white toast with butter and a small banana (1/4 cup grated, peeled zucchini, shredded cheddar, Canadian bacon strips, or a bit of bacon, can be added to the eggs while cooking, if desired.)

Lunch/Dinner suggestions:

  • Chicken and rice soup, check out my recipe here (remove celery from my recipe to reduce fiber)
  • Grilled cheese sandwich made on white gluten free bread, such as Udi’s white sandwich bread, cup of carrot ginger soup, low fiber gluten free crackers such as white rice crackers.
  • Salmon topped with mustard and maple syrup glaze (mix 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard with 1 tablespoon pure maple syrup and brush on salmon), baked white potato (don’t eat skin) with butter or olive oil, and 1/2 cup cooked zucchini (limit skin) or cooked carrots and 1/2 cup diced cantaloupe.
  • Baked chicken, jasmine rice and steamed carrot rounds, drizzled with maple syrup, 1/2 cup diced honeydew melon.
  • Gluten free pasta or suitable gluten free gnocchi seasoned with butter or garlic infused oil and grated Parmesan.  Enjoy with sliced grilled chicken and a small banana.


  • White rice crackers and a cheese stick or a scoop of lactaid cottage cheese
  • Popchips, sea salt flavor
  • 1/2 or {full} sandwich: Udi’s white bread or suitable sourdough white bread topped with turkey breast, mayo and a slice of Cheddar or Swiss cheese.
  • Lactose free yogurt, plain or vanilla such as Green Valley brand.
  • Rice cake with creamy peanut butter topped with banana slices.
  • Snyder gluten free pretzels
  • Homemade trail mix: 1/2 cup Environkidz panda puffs, 1/2 cup Snyder gluten free pretzels, 1 tablespoon semi-sweet chocolate chips

Please feel free to share other words of wisdom or clear liquid options to other FODMAPers gearing up for the clean out!

Oh, yeah, remember to buy plenty of cotton-y soft toilet paper and good luck! 🙂

4 replies on “Prepping for a colonoscopy: tips for the FODMAPer

  • MK Trail

    Once you’re in the “purging phase”, I’ve found that using the flushable moist wipes, like Cottonelle, helps prevent your bottom from getting quite as sore.

    My question is how do you regain GI equilibrium after the procedure? My digestive system is always so messed up that I don’t know what to eat as I return to solid food.

  • Susann

    What about sodas made with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup? Would something like that be ok? Something like a ginger ale or Sprite type drink? Would there be a limit on how much one could drink at one time?

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