And the winners are…

This week is a busy but exciting one! I am hosting a seminar on FODMAPs, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and the gut microbiome in Boston for dietitians on Friday.

Today will be a quick post…as I am re-reading all of my slides and generally getting myself organized for a very fun but busy Friday.


Who is feeling like a winner??

As you may know, I announced 2 give-a-ways last week and thought it might be a good idea to tell you who won!  Fran is the winner of the cookbook and Jessica is the winner of the Quinn popcorn.  If you didn’t win, don’t you worry….I have another product give-a-way soon!

Recently, I was asked to compile a list of what I am working on currently and some of my accomplishments as an entrepreneurial dietitian. As I put together my list, I was truly surprised about how much I have accomplished. I have been so fortunate to be involved in countless educational opportunities. This is by no means a bragging session. What I learned is that many of us don’t take the time to sit back and take in our accomplishments …professional or personally.  I think it is so important to stop, breathe and feel a little pride in all that you do everyday!

We all need to celebrate even our most tiniest of victories! A little pat on the back every once and a while can go a long way.

I feel true admiration for many of my clients that have advocated for themselves or their children, found the right health care providers to help them on their health journey…and more importantly did the hard work and investment that it takes to get better…which often means countless GI testing (often NO fun), difficult elimination diets, physical therapy, and more.  So don’t let the day go by without reminding yourself…YOU really are amazing!

Will catch up next week when I am a little less busy. Take it easy this week, my friends.

2 replies on “And the winners are…

  • Christine

    Hi Kate,

    thank you very much for making us aware of celebrating what we accomplished. Often we rush from one task to another without rewarding ourselves….
    I wish you toi toi toi for your seminar on Friday! Your work is a very important one and many people benefit from it!
    You wrote once a very good article about sour dough. Do you have a simple recipe for sour dough bread or spelt bread that works for the Low FODMAP diet?

    Take care and many thanks,

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