Fuel for FODMAPers

fuelforfodmapersI am excited to share with you my latest project here!


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  • Ann

    Hi – Could you give more specifics about the products included?
    Also – any suggestions for prebiotic foods on the fodmap diet?

    • katescarlata

      Ann, The products are part of the surprise! You can find hints on my Instagram feed and twitter….but I really wanted the products to be more of a surprise feature. Resistant starch can be a prebiotic source on the low FODMAP diet–such as raw oats–found in my no bake energy bite recipes.

  • Naomi(1fitfoodie)

    I love this tote!! I had a question regarding Isagenix shakes-I have been tested for fructose and bacterial overgrowth (both negative) but have serious intolerance to fructose and most of the foods on the high fodmaps list. I have been using Isagenix shakes 1-2 times a day and looked at the ingredients and noticed fructose as one of the ingredients. It may sound stupid and obvious but I’m assuming Isagenix shakes are a no go for following a low fodmaps diet. Love your website and I’m
    Local and live downtown boston! 🙂

  • Juliane Baerwaldt

    … just stay warm, Kate! I`ve heard about that exceptional winter wheather in the USA! In Germany it´s getting warmer but I think you have to wait a little longer to get a feeling of spring!

    All the best

  • Camille Petitjean

    My friend has been having digestive problems for the past 3 years and it is getting worse. We have see countless doctors, gastrointestinal specialists, taken all kind of tests(all coming back negative) taking all kind of laxative, But he his constantly bloated. he is also diabetic and taking heavy dose of hydromorph for back injury and back operation he sustained 8 years ago. we have dabble with gluten free and FODMAP but not scientifically or proper regime. We want to get him on a true FODMAP diet but we need help in what he can eat and can’t eat. We live in Canada and do not know anyone specializing in FODMAP diet. Any help will be appreciated.

    • katescarlata

      Camille, it might be a good idea to see if your friend can be tested for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth which can occur with morphine medications and diabetes–so he is at higher risk. I have 2 favorite Canadian dietitians to recommend Stephanie Clairmount(waterloo, Ontario) and Stephanie Shabet (Montreal).

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