Thankful for Cheese!

Happy Thanksgiving week to you and yours!

Thanksgiving reminds me to take inventory of what I am thankful for…thankful for youThe Scarlata family is gearing up for a fun, relaxing holiday with family.  My brother-in-law is flying in from Canada and my son will be home for the holiday! 🙂 My just shy of 90 year old mom and all three kids will enjoy the holiday with us.  So…what more could I ask for? 🙂

My favorite part of the holiday is the pre-game time.  Chilling out and catching up with those I don’t see that often.  I love appetizers…and my favorite is a good cheese plate.

So this Thanksgiving I am giving thanks for cheese! 🙂

Most cheese (unless its very wet) is low lactose and low FODMAP approved.  If the cheese is hard and aged–it tends to be the lowest in lactose.

I love bringing a nice cheese plate to any holiday gathering as it’s easy to put together…requires NO cooking and travels well.  Adding a few pretty sprigs of greenery makes it even prettier!

cheese plateI created a savory cheese board on the left and a sweet version on the right.  Olives (dressed up with a spring of rosemary), Swiss cheese, Chai BellaVitano cheese, baby carrots and some stacked brown rice crackers make for a tasty savory cheese plate.  I might add some prosciutto too for the Italians in my world!

My dessert board features Taza chocolate–salted almond (amazing!), Taza Cape Escape cranberry jam a sweet jam with a hint of chocolate, Camembert, and some California red grapes. Russ surprised me yesterday and took me to Taza chocolate on a surprise road trip! BEST husband ever!

dessert cheese plateFor more Thanksgiving holiday inspirations–check out my 2013 post which features more holiday recipe links.

And a Low FODMAP stuffing recipe (I include a non-FODMAP and FODMAP version).

Hope this post inspires you to create some yummy low FODMAP treats for your upcoming holiday!

Safe travels to you and your family and… enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving!

7 replies on “Thankful for Cheese!

  • Liz

    I was thrilled to find out that I could eat lots of different cheeses on Low Fodmaps; however, I also suffer from Migraines, and aged cheese is a big Migraine trigger. Any idea which cheeses are low Fodmap AND Migraine safe?

  • Carla

    Are all blocks cheeses considered “hard”? I have noticed some block cheese, like cheddar, mozzarella, and some swiss are a little squishy compared to Bella Vitano cheeses. Can you clarify for me? Thanks!!

    • katescarlata

      Most cheeses that would NOT leave a ‘wet spot’ on a paper towel–are likely low enough in lactose. Avoid those wet enough to leave a wet spot on a paper towel–like ricotta and cottage primarily. The wet part of cheese has the lactose. The softer the cheese –the more the lactose—typically…but semi-soft goat cheese and feta cheese are still low enough in lactose to be allowed on the low FODMAP diet. Portion size matters too–if you overdo cheese the lactose content will be more–and the fat in cheese alone–if overdone–can trigger GI symptoms for some.

      • Carla

        Thank you so much, Kate….I appreciate it very much. I have GP so am trying to balance both GP diet and FODMAP diet. Am on day 9 and while it is hard to figure out what to eat, my stomach pains/spasms are diminished greatly. Thank you!!

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