Coconut and the low FODMAP diet


Today’s Tuesday tip is about coconut! Early FODMAP research papers listed coconut milk as HIGH FODMAP…but more recent food analysis has yielded different results.  thelatestscoop

So…here’s the scoop about coconut for low FODMAP diet followers.  Per the Monash app my go to resource

  • Coconut milk (canned) is allowed in 1/2 cup portion per meal or snack
  • Coconut water is allowed in SMALL quantity < 1/4 cup per meal or snack
  • Shredded dried coconut is allowed in 1/4 cup per meal or snack

And of course, coconut oil which has NO carbs–has NO FODMAPs and can be incorporated per your personal health goals.

I love the flavor of coconut so try to incorporate a little whenever possible. 🙂

I have some fun recipes this week and a probiotic post coming up to share…so stay tuned.

And today, I am giving away a wonderful cookbook, Artisanal Gluten Free Cooking.   Not all the recipes are low FODMAP but many can become low FODMAP with a few simple tweaks.  It’s a gorgeous cookbook written by a husband and wife, Kelli and Peter Bronski.  Peter has celiac disease and Kelli has worked in the hospitality and restaurant business for years…and they collaborated to create this great cookbook!  Check it out!cookbook

If you’d like a chance to win this gorgeous book, this is what I am hoping for in exchange for a chance to win…

As you may have noticed I launched a new product:  a balanced box for a digestive peace of mind.  This box contains 5 delicious food products, recipes, a grocery shopping pad and more.  The feedback on the balanced box has been terrific…and we are so excited about it here at! So much so… we can’t wait to launch the next box.  So…what I would LOVE to know is what would you like to see in the next box?  Recipe ideas? Fun products? Food samples? Please share…and you’ll be entered to win this beautiful gluten free cookbook!






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  • Aurelia L.

    Thanks for the update on the Coconut! I too, love the taste and flavor and I have found that the app not only provides easy access when going grocery shopping for double-checking low-FODMAP options, but also provides a wonderful resource for educating loved ones about the diet.

    In regards to the wellness box, I think your ideas of food-samples or recipe ideas would be great! However, there may be an issue with keeping the food ‘fresh’ or undamaged during the shipping process to certain places; especially in warmer weathered areas. I think maybe providing small business-card templates where people can write their allergies or such on the back, but where the front can state a simple message or warning that they eat a Low-FODMAP diet or so forth, would be a wonderful addition. That way, people can use them for when they go out to eat or to hand to people/medical staff, etc with ease. Another idea could be in providing small inspirational post-cards or such to give that extra boost for people to ‘keep pushing through’! Lastly, you could also add fun products like a t-shirt, key-chain, or sticker that says a fun statement for fellow FODMAP-ers. That way they don’t have to be ‘afraid’ or ashamed of their condition, but feel proud to embrace their ‘healthier’ selves. =)

  • Jordan

    Good news about coconut! Love the box idea. I would definitely say good things to have would be food samples and more recipes! You can never get enough recipes. Also maybe coupons or something for the sampled items? Could be fun!

  • Robyn

    I would love to see snack ideas!! Or a list of great low FODMAP substitutions for high FODMAP items.

    Glad to see about the coconut milk!

  • Christina

    Thanks for the update! I am trying to use more coconut oil in my foods – still trying to get the ratios right but happy with most of the results! Glad to know coco water and dried coconut are okay! Yay!
    Also would love to win the book 🙂

  • Lisa

    What a great idea! I think some educational information would be helpful. I am interested in learning everything I can about digestive health.

  • Mary

    I love the new balance boxes! It’s fun to try new things that are FODMAP friendly…love the recipe ideas and coupons.

    Holiday themed boxes could be fun. I am always struggling for FODMAPS friendly recipes for holiday meals.

    Thank you again for all your helpful advice and great recipes. I love this blog!

  • Alicia M.

    I recently started seeing a nutritionist at BIDMC and she referred me to this blog and I LOVE it. Good to know about coconut. I just bought dairy free coconut creamer and it is a life saver.

    I think the boxes that include some snacks should also include information explaining if they are available in what stores/states. I also think the box should contain maybe a coupon, if available, or maybe if the snack was available in stores, maybe a price outline from 2 or 3 different locations.

    I find myself going to many different stores and comparing prices for some certain foods.

  • Alicia M.

    I recently started seeing a nutritionist at BIDMC and she referred me to this blog and I LOVE it. Good to know about coconut. I just bought dairy free coconut creamer and it is a life saver.

    I think the boxes that include some snacks should also include information explaining if they are available in what stores/states. I also think the box should contain maybe a coupon, if available, or maybe if the snack was available in stores, maybe a price outline from 2 or 3 different locations.

    I find myself going to many different stores and comparing prices for some certain foods.

  • Lyn Saver

    I love seeing recipes for low FODMAP meals and love to see meal ideas. What I think would be helpful is a gauge on the meals of Red, Yellow or Green for as an overal FODMAP guide to your meal or snack so that you know how to coordinate in your daily meal planning. For example, if I have Yellow breakfast then maybe I would choose a Green lunch and dinner. Something like that so that you have a better idea what you’ve had in a day and be more consistent in your choices.

  • Linda

    Thank you for the update on coconut, I have been reading different views on it and have been confused. Now I know where I went wrong yesterday I had two small glasses of coconut water in one day. I do love coconut water but will have to water it down.

    Being in Australia I don’t think I can enter competition to win this book but here are my ideas anyway:

    Samples of food is always great because many times you want to try something but don’t want to fork out money for a larger quantity.

    Menu plans for vegans would help me, knowing what quantity to have is always tricky.

    Recipes for snacks too and how many pieces you can have a one time, I always want to have more but hesitate.

    I want to enjoy my food and not have it as a burden worrying about fodmaps all the time so have the colour coding is a great idea that Lyn Saver mentioned above.

    I don’t have a smart phone so your updates from Monah Apps are always helpful for me and I so much appreciated it thanks :))

  • Wendy

    Oh I’d LOVE to win this book!
    And Wonderful news about Coconut.
    Also looking forward to your post about probiotics.

    About the box.
    *Recipes that are very easy, as tasty as possible so people do not miss the beloved garlic and onion. Not just substitutes for them. (which is of course important too.)
    *Perhaps a helpful hints list…..
    – how to help others who want to cook for you?
    -how to deal with entertaining?
    -how to eat out?
    *A card you could give a waiter to give to a chef…or really good hints as to what to order when you go out…making going out easier. That’s a tough one. How to pick a restaurant.
    *I’d love slow cooker recipes….or freezer recipes…to make this easier and more convenient.
    …I’m not one who eats many processed foods, so if there are products I’d prefer things like seasoned oils or great seasoning mixes…things like that.

    Hope that helps a little….you are already so great at thinking up things we need!!
    I just adore you!

  • Maddie and Kate

    As you know, we loved our Balanced Box! The recipes and samples were equally appreciated at our house. Someone already mentioned it, but I’d like to second the idea of a holiday-themed box… Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or Christmas it’s such a food-focused time of year. It’d be great to have recipes and samples that can help us get through this busy time of year in a healthy way. We’re always looking for pies, breads and main meals that the Low-FODMAPers can enjoy but that can also appeal to a crowd.

  • Kim

    Hi Kate,

    I just got my first wellness box and I love it! My favorite part was the food samples & I would love to see more of them. 😉 I also really enjoyed the shopping list/notepad and I think more things like this would be a great idea! Helpful handouts, lists, recipe cards, etc. Maybe even a fun utensil/dish/cooking tool that you find fun and/or helpful, or a low FODMAP baking mix.

    Can’t wait to see what you think up next!

  • Lisa R

    Love the wellness box idea — you are such a great advocate!! Here are my ideas for future boxes:

    A birthday box that contains recipes for low fodmaps chocolate cake, vanilla cake and possibly a boxed mix that is low fodmaps. Plus, some candles…

    The other idea is a box of mason jars, each containing the dry ingredients from 4 f your low fodmaps dessert recipes:
    brownie recipe
    cookie recipe
    flourless cake recipe
    muffin recipe

    Plus the recipe for each and instructions for how to add the wet ingredients and bake.

    Good luck with these boxes!!

  • Jeani R

    Thank you for posting the recipes! I also love how you post snack items or packaged items. For the last two years I have stayed away from these… really unsure of what I can/can’t eat. (if it’s boxed). Having been diagnosed with Fructose Malabsorption and Lactose Intolerance, it’s been really tough. Grateful for your postings! The new Balanced Box is Brilliant, finally FODmap! Still scared to try new foods, hopefully I’ll be able to introduce more now that I am following you =) Thank you Kate!!!! <3

  • Robin

    I am enjoying your blog posts!!! I’d like to see recipe modifications, grocery shopping guides with manufacture/brand names listed and holiday recipes in the next “box”. Would love to win the new Gluten Free cookbook! 🙂

  • Patricia Foster

    I am a big lover of coconut oil as well. In regards to your box, I would love to see some season recipes…such as pumpkin bread for the fall or Christmas cookies. Coupons are also a welcome item since we all know how expensive GF items are. I am going to print out the Gorilla Munch Trail Mix and try it this weekend!

  • BethB

    I love your first box and how we can sample a couple of items we haven’t tried.

    Down the road it would be fun to have a meal-in-a-box – the ingredients for a main dish, or main dish plus side dish, where you just add the protein and veggies. A healthy, low FODMAP version of Hamburger Helper. ; )

    Or maybe you could have a box where you have a choice of savory or sweet.


  • Abbey Frost

    It would be great if you could send the box ‘down under’! We don’t have anything like that available here. I think it would be such a big help understanding what is a complicated set of food rules!

  • Mary Sosinski

    Thanks for the info about coconut oil. Coconut flour works well in gluten-free baked goods, but I have avoided coconut flour. Do you know if it’s allowed on low-FODMAP diet? I’d like to see more recipes for food on the go and/or eating out at restaurants. Thanks!

    • katescarlata

      Hi Mary, I don’t know that coconut flour has been tested. My thought would be –given shredded coconut is limited to 1/4 cup—that perhaps small amounts of coconut flour would be okay –but not large amounts or for use as the only flour in a recipe.

  • Sue

    For your boxes, I would be most interested in food samples and recipes – maybe based on certain themes like holidays, birthdays, seasons, meal or food type (breakfast, snacks, baking), etc. Other products are of less interest to me.

  • Pam

    Thank you for your recent comment on coconut flour. I’ve been searching for the correct answer as it is a wonderful source of fiber (13g per 1/4 cup serving ~ taken off of the nutritional label on a package of Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Flour). For those baking with it, please keep in mind it absorbs much more liquid than other flours and requires more eggs/and or water than the average recipe. I’m very new to this btw but have least learned early on that the Monash studies are the ones to pay attention to.

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