Bring on the NEW!

Happy 2014!

Well this New Year, I have so many new things in store.  I am in the midst of merging my website and blog and giving it all a fresh new face.  Very exciting…stay tuned –should be up and running by the end of the month.

I tend to look at the start of a new year as a clean slate. Do you? I like to think about what new adventures I can take on with my family.  Last year, we zip lined, ran a color run, flew in a vertical air chamber, biked the Cape Cod canal… to name a few. Here’s our holiday card…2013 adventures

And from a work perspective, I challenged myself and did many, many talks on my favorite topic:  FODMAPs.  I do enjoy finding and creating new ways to educate more people about the low FODMAP diet–a diet therapy that has been life changing for me and many of my clients that suffer with GI distress.

Last year, my goal was to provide numerous educational sessions on the low FODMAP diet to medical doctors and dietitians as part of my mission to spread the word about this therapeutic diet in the US.   I was fortunate to provide a talk to gastroenterologists across the globe on  FODMAPs at the the American Neurogastroenterology and Motility Society’s Rome Symposium on the subject of Food and IBS.  But also provided numerous dietitian workshops across the nation!  More dietitians that know how to implement the low FODMAP diet means more people suffering with digestive discord can find the help they need!  I have been interviewed or have written in many magazines too…spreading my  low FODMAP diet love….including Living without, Reader’s Digest and more recently in the Feb 2014 issue of Gluten Free Living on the hot topic of gluten sensitivity and FODMAP diet overlap!GFL article

I also have been quietly working my tail bone off in a collaborative book project that is now being sold at most bookstores nationwide!  The book, 21-Day Tummy is a Reader’s Digest project that I provided expert consultation along with menu planning for those who desire to calm digestive symptoms:  IBS, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas and heartburn ALONG with trimming some belly fat.  We tested the diet on 12 testers and had excellent results.  Everyone experienced improvement in digestive symptoms and everyone lost weight!  But what I personally noticed was that the testers were more energetic, slept better and seemed so happy and healthy eating the nourishing plan of real foods we put together in the book.  The 21 Day Tummy includes many delicious low FODMAP recipes-developed by 2 top NYC recipe developers Kate Slate and Sandy Gluck–and a few–by yours truly.  The overall goal of the nutrition plan in 21 Day Tummy was to include low FODMAP, magnesium rich whole foods with adequate fiber and nourishing healthy fats.  Did you know almost 70% of Americans fail to consume enough magnesium in their diet?  But with the 21-Day Tummy I was sure to include key magnesium rich low FODMAP foods including chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, oat bran and magnesium rich veggies too. Learn more about magnesium here!

Want to win this amazing book?? Leave a comment after this post sharing your top goal for the new year.

I highly recommend this book for those with digestive complaints:  gas, bloating, gerd, IBS, constipation or diarrhea WHO additionally want to trim some weight.  But of course, talk with your doctor before you embark on any diet change and be sure you have been screened for celiac disease first! Learn more about 21 Day Tummy here!

This year, I am very excited  to provide my first ever Low FODMAP group class–a cooking, shopping and educational session for those following the low FODMAP diet.  This class is open to the public and will be held at Whole Foods Market at Legacy Place in Dedham, Massachusetts on February 27th from 5:30-7:30. Register early as the class is limited to 24 participants!  We’ll cook, taste, shop, learn, and collaborate. I am excited to open up this educational session to those who are ready to try the low FODMAP diet or have been on the low FODMAP diet but need a bit more help navigating the grocery store and cooking up some yummy but easy recipes.  To register for this class, click here for the link.  Plus, I will be be giving away 10, 21-Day Tummy books!  Maybe you’ll be a lucky winner!! 🙂

Russ and I kicked off our New Year with a nice long run! My top motivator is a new pair of running shoes! Check out my 2014 running beauties!

new sneaksAre you blinded by the color!?  Ha!

So…with the new year upon us…I have three goals for this year:

  • Help others that need my help
  • Have fun each and every day! (I am pretty good at this already….)
  • Simplify

And over the next week or two, Russ and I will create our official 2014 bucket list so that we can ensure another year of adventure and many new ‘firsts’ …for us and our clan.

Happy, Happy, Healthy New Year to YOU!

48 replies on “Bring on the NEW!

  • Angela

    A happy gut means a happy me so my goal for 2014 is to complete the FODMAP reintroduction phase and figure out my trigger foods.

  • essie

    This year I want to laugh more, be lighter in spirit, and continually find joy in being alive. I began that today when I was uplifted by an incredible rainbow off our lanai. I also want to eat correctly, and find joy in that, rather than feeling deprived when I choose not to eat decadent foods that everyone else I know eats.

    Those are my challenges for this year!

  • Maureen

    My goal for 2014 is to stick to my low Fodmap diet, instead of cheating on all my fantasy foods once my symptoms have cleared (which I obviously regret afterwards, and then have to start all over again 🙁 )

  • Karyn Miller

    For me, 2014 means, a FODMAP lifestyle is not a fad or “diet du jour”.It’s time to take it seriously, and realize that if I want to continue to take life by the horns and ride off into the sunset looking and feeling the best I possibly can, then I need to JUST DO IT! Bring on the health!!!

  • Jackie

    My top goal for the new year is to work on my patience. Patience with my hubby, who shows some beginning signs of memory loss; patience with my grandkids…who struggle with life’s difficulties; patience with my daughter who marches to a different drummer; and patience with myself for not being the perfect person I should be.

  • Terri Sidell

    My goal is to find a receipe that doesn’t contain any grains,no Rice,or FODMAPS, so I can make a bread or snack. I am tried of eating potatoes.

  • Sarah D.

    My two top goals for 2014 include a happy gut by sticking to a FODMAP free lifestyle and completing my first full marathon. A happy gut makes for much happier runs!

  • Isabelle

    My wish is to finally recognize my IBS problems, to know the triggers and to stick to a preventative diet after the symptoms have gone away. There are too many wonderful other things in life to concentrate on then why do I feel lousy today. My goal is to face most every day feeling wonderful

  • Greg

    My top goal for this year is to continue a low FODMAP diet and hopefully get my stomach back on track…happier times are sure to follow 🙂

  • Tabby

    What a fabulous and full year! Congrats!
    My goal for 2014 is to finish healing up my foot from surgery and take the opportunity to be healthier not just in exercise but in diet and spirit as well.

  • Lucia

    I would love to read your book! I found out about FODMAP a month ago and it is changing everything for the better! My goals for 2014 are to help me and everybody I can to be their best selfs!

  • Abby Nardo

    I’ve been on a mostly Low-FODMAP diet for several months. Just saw this, and I really wanted to read it. I went to Amazon to buy it for my Kindle. Clicked Buy, and it said it was having trouble sending it to my Kindle (tried sending it to my old keyboard kindle and to my two android tablets). After a LOT of troubleshooting, including deregistering all of my devices and reregistering them, I saw some fine print that only showed up on the app store version I could see on my Android tablet: “Kindle Edition with Audio/Video content is available on Kindle Fire (except 1st generation), Kindle Fire HD, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices). This means that if you have a regular Kindle (that isn’t a Kindle Fire) or if you have a Kindle app on an Android tablet, you can’t get this digital edition. It really isn’t clear at all from looking at the Amazon page, and I think it should be much clearer. Posting this here in hopes that you can get more specific information on that page, saving others the hassle I just experienced. Maybe when I’m less annoyed, I’ll consider buying the hard copy!

  • Lisa R.

    Wow, what a list of accomplishments for 2013 — Congrats!! Thank you for all you’ve done for me and fellow IBS sufferers!

    My goal for the new year is to continue following the low FODMAPS diet because I know how wonderful I feel doing so, while making my family more “gluten reduced” for general health and preventative reasons!

  • Jill

    My top goal for the new year is to go for a long walk (60 minutes or more) every Sunday with my husband. Happy New Year! 🙂

  • Krista

    Congratulations on the book and really all your projects, Kate! And, of course, Happy New Year! One of my goals for the new year is to find more healthy meal ideas for my family. The challenge is merging special diets with taste preferences–a work in progress! Thanks for all your yummy meal ideas!

  • Blanche

    My biggest goal for the year is to be less busy and more productive.

    Last year, I wanted to eat better, save money and start cooking again. I started to eat better and that triggered my IBS-D symptoms so strongly that I dropped 20 lbs off my already small frame. I found your site and the FODMAP diet and went through the elimination phase. I can now eat healthy (picking and choosing my fruit and veggies) without symptoms and I have been cooking amazing meals and saving money not going out all the time. It’s changed my life because I have never been able to understand how to balance healthy eating with my IBS and now I can. So now, I am strong and happy and able to start challanging life again! Watch out 2014! Thanks Kate for all that you do!

  • Stacy

    My goal for 2014 is is to feel better! I’ve spent more time in doctor’s offices over the last year than I care to remember and I feel just as bad now as I did when I started. I’m ready to change all that. And, oh yeah, be a great mom and wife!

  • Karen

    My goals are to continue to learn to cook, to continue my exercising, and to look more into the FODMAP plan. I have struggled with digestive complaints for a long time. It was only at my last appointment that my doctor mentioned FODMAP. My understanding is that it is more of an elimination diet? You go on the FODMAP diet for a certain period of time, then start adding foods back in to see which ones may cause problems? If I decide to try it, do you recommend working with a nutritionist? I know I can follow the information in the books, but might a nutritionist help keep me more on track? Thank you!

  • Lauren Kaufman

    This year was a big year for my digestive health. After 25 years of discomfort, I was able to use online resources (including your blog) and breath testing to discover the root of my digestive issues — fructuse malabsorption and SIBO. My goal for 2014 is to finally gain a grasp on my digestion and start living normally again — including feeling comfortable in a social setting.

    Would love any guidance you have on overcoming SIBO. Antibiotics (rifaximin) and the low FODMAP diet do not seem to be doing enough for me, and I’m wondering if there’s something more I should be doing at this time. Thanks so much for all that you’re doing to get the word out about FODMAPS!!!

    • katescarlata

      Lauren, It’s not uncommon to need another round of antibiotics—often once is not enough for full eradication of the bacteria. Meal spacing is important too—not grazing but rather eat every 3-4 hours instead. Allowing fasting time between meals can help with cleasing waves of small intestine. I will be attending a conference on SIBO this month and will be getting the latest info! So stay tuned–will definitely post about it!

  • Jordan

    My new resolution for the year is to laugh more and give myself a break. Finishing school and working causes so much stress and I know it negatively impacts how I feel, no matter how closely I stick to low fodmap foods. So this year I’ll try to find the humor in everything and do daily positive affirmations! Cheers to the new year!

  • shirley

    2014-1. continue on FODMAPS but get more nutriants- Am on a very low loading level of FODMAPS and am a vegetatian plus cant eat nuts so struggling a bit-
    2. Continue MINDFULNESS meditation
    3. Get back to some meaningful work after being off ill since the end of 2010.
    * Question for Kate -Will 21 day tummy be available on KINDLE at some point??
    Thanks Kate for your great site. Happy 2014!

  • Alissa

    Happy New Year Kate!
    Just wondering if there has been any recent testing done on Almond Milk? I haven’t been able to find anything on this. I even have the Monash app and nothing… I know almonds test high in FODMAPs (10 nuts is okay though) but there doesn’t seem to be any info on almond milk. I alternate between lactose free skim milk and unsweetened almond milk and I don’t seem to have any symptoms when drinking almond milk so I am curious.

    • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

      Alissa, No word on Almond milk. I believe the initial testing showed it to be high in GOS–but not sure the follow up tests have been run. I also think that FODMAP content will vary brand to brand depending on how it’s made. What brand did you try? I have tried Silk almond milk without major prob–but I don’t drink a huge quantity at one time.

      • Alissa

        Almond Breeze by Blue Diamond Almonds (I’m in Canada but it’s a US company). I have Gastroparesis, IBS and many food intolerances (lactose to be one) and sensitivities (highly gluten sensitive). I seem to tolerate 6-8 ounces of almond milk and I have tried the original, vanilla and chocolate (all unsweetened). Wish there were more people like you in Canada 🙂

  • Eileen Gale

    Hi Kate!
    Thank you so much for all your wonderful help and insight for us IBS sufferers. I just saw the Dr. Oz special the other day as well and was quite thrilled to see the word getting out there to help others like myself. My G.I. specialist recommended I try this diet just recently and I am also working with a Naturopath to help me navigate my way. So far so good..I’m starting to have more GOOD days than bad days hanging out miserably in the bathroom. I’ve been suffering with gut prob’s for almost 10 years now. I had 1 abdominal surgery to repair a hiatal hernia and now I’m told I have another umbilica hernia. I’m praying this diet is my answer to help my poor gut heal so I don’t have to suffer through another unsuccessful operation. Any suggestions would be most appreciated?..and once again, thank you so very much!! P.S. Please enter me in your contest if you would and I would love to have your book…:)

  • Kate

    Starting and sticking to the FODMAP diet. 2013 was full of tummy woes. I am hoping this will kick 2014 off in a good way! This is the first time I have ever dieted… it better be worth it:)

  • Terry

    Congratulations on a great 2013 and best wishes for 2014.
    My husband and I bought the 21-Day Tummy and I have enjoyed reading it and play to start or try the program, our concern is we don’t want or need to loose weight – should we just have bigger portions and snacks? Didn’t see this addressed in the book. Thanks so much.

    • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

      Hi Terry, Great news! Hope you like the book! The meal plan in the 21 Day Tummy was designed to help the reader lose weight and calm digestive symptoms at the same time–If you don’t need to lose weight-then you will need to up the portions of some of the foods. Ideally, you would want to increase foods that don’t have appreciable fodmaps or other ‘belly bullies’– would increase chicken and fish portions…and choose larger potatoes or in the 3rd phase up quinoa and rice portions and perhaps have a bigger afternoon snack. And don’t forget to do the belly bully challenge at the end of the book to help identify your personal digestive triggers. The goal is to learn what’s triggering your digestive problems–and add back the foods that don’t trouble your tummy!

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