Happy Easter!

Spring is trying desperately to makes its full time appearance here in New England.  The snow is finally disappearing after what feels like an endless winter.

This year, we did Easter a little differently.  Just shaking things up a bit.  We celebrated with our extended family on Saturday night with an “Easter Pizza” celebration.  It was so nice to connect with family and chill out together.  Since we have to get 2 of our kids back to college today, we decided it would be a lot less rushed to celebrate with family the day before the holiday.

I think I like this new tradition!  Easter Pizza! Ha!  It seems quite fitting, after all, I am married to an Italian!

This morning we are hanging out in our jammies…and not rushing about.  Aaaah….relaxing.  We need it and I am loving it!

I decided to take a few pictures around my house that just make me smile.  Hope you like ’em!save me from these eggs

Love this Easter candy dish.  The duck is surrounding by malted milk eggs. YUM.
Easter basket favors

I love these little Easter basket favors. So sweet.

My niece Alex brought me this very sweet floral arrangement.  Oh…SO beautiful!

Easter brunch

Russ is the brunch director this morning!  Cooking up a storm for our family.  MMMMMmmmmmm….
pink easter

I do love hydrangeas. My mother-in-law, Mickie brought these to us last night! GORGEOUS!!  One of my favorite flowers.  They remind me of Nantucket in the summertime. One of my favorite places in the world as we go there every August with our kids. Special memories.

I hope you enjoy a relaxing Easter holiday to those who celebrate with those near and dear to you.  My girl Lucy is taking relaxation to a NEW level.  But she is VERY good at that.  A lesson she has taught me in her 3 young years. Lucy exhausted

2 replies on “Happy Easter!

  • Jackie

    Easter pizza sounds great. We sometimes have Christmas pizza. For us, the holidays are about family and sharing time…not how fancy the food is or how much time someone has to spend in the kitchen!

  • Missy

    That sounds great, but this Easter was great we spent it with the in laws… where the food was amazing!

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