Balancing Work-Life-Family

We all strive for balance and some of us are better at achieving life balance than others.  I feel I have worked out the work- life-balance equation pretty well but sometimes I simply ‘sign up’ for too many things at once and tip my scale of balance into over-load. Oops!  But I think that happens a little bit to all of us, right?

The goal is to try your best not to over burden yourself with too much on your plate!  It’s okay to say NO.  And it’s okay to find time for a little fun and a little pampering everyday! YUP, that’s right, EVERYDAY!tub photo

This week I went to NYC again! I have been working on a diet to help people with their digestive symptoms.  This week I went to the Big Apple to see how everyone fared on the diet I compiled.  Well…they all did FANTASTIC! Now that makes me SO very happy.  I can’t talk too much about this project yet…but when I can, you will be the first to hear!

A trip to NYC means that I get to spend special time with my daughter Chelsea who lives in the city. Yay! We scoped out 2 new restaurants which is always fun!!

I know achieving work, life, and family balance can be difficult at times. One of my colleagues, Rebecca Scritchfield is a new mom.  Rebecca is a great role model for making sure you prioritize yourself first.  Rebecca’s mantra is #mefirst. Check out Rebecca’s mefirst manifesto here!

I know sometimes it can be easy to forget about your own needs and get caught up with the needs of everyone else.  But as Rebecca points out…and I agree, me time is key to living a well balanced life.  My son, Brennan asked me last month why  me and my husband were going away for the night to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  It’s was a great question! An opportunity to hopefully teach a life lesson. 🙂

My answer:  Because when you get older and perhaps get married, I hope that you prioritize your marriage.  I hope that you make time for the person your promised you would be there for all the days of their life.  I hope that you will nurture your marriage and in turn show your own children that the love your feel for your spouse needs special time to grow.  Or as the Beatles eloquently put it, I hope the love you take is equal to the love you make.

Check out this print on Etsy here…I love it!il_fullxfull.314474643

So I join my colleague Rebecca in saying, take time for you.  Tell the world you deserve good things. ‘Cause guess what? YOU do!

A great light reading book on balancing life is by Victoria Moran, Creating a Charmed Life. Find it here on Amazon!

It’s Not What You Gather but What You Scatter That Tells What Kind Of Life You Have Lived.



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  • Joyce Montgomery

    Your efforts and approach are truly appreciated as are the 21 Days of Successful FODMAP-friendly living. Your approach to helping everyone is phenomenal. I’m isspired by your photos of travel, family and quotes. Thank you for all you do, Kate, and for your delicious recipes and publications.

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