Chick Peas Roasting on an Open Fire!

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I love the holiday season, especially this year.reindeer edit

My two oldest children have been away at college, and I am SO very happy to have them home again.

I really love seeing them hanging out together.  Laughing. Talking. Just being them. I love hearing my son bound down the stairs…I missed that when he’s away. I love having an extra hand in the kitchen and more mouths to feed.

Holidays are all about family.  Reuniting and hopefully 🙂 enjoying one another.

I hope you have time to spend with those you love.

In other, less mushy news…for my FODMAP peeps..the Monash University app was released.  This was BIG news in the world of FODMAPs…which I have to say is a pretty big part of my world!   The FODMAPs app from Monash University provided a lot of new info..including that 1/4 cup of canned chick peas was low FODMAP.  I was really happy to hear this.  So…in honor of the mighty chick pea…and this GREAT news…I would like to share a yummy recipe that I tweaked ever so slightly from the Food network’s  Alton Brown. Here is Alton’s roasted chick pea recipe.

And check these little babies out! Yum!roasted chickpeas

I tweaked Alton’s recipe just a little bit;  for one,  I used canned chickpeas.  FODMAPers: you want to use canned chick peas as they are lower in FODMAPs than the dried variety.

Here’s the chick peas tossed with the simple marinade.mixing the chick peas

Here they are roasting up!roasting chick peas

These little roasted chick peas make for a healthy snack on the go, a crispy salad topping or a warm appetizer for your holiday guests.  Give ’em a try!

And a big shout out to my Father-in-law Tony for helping make my birch tree tea light candle holders in the first photo!  How cute are they??!!



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  • Ginger Hoffman

    Beautiful picture! I’m going to try your recipe to offer something different for our Christmas party. Thanks!

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