Feeling ‘Fall-ish’ and a Kate Klim CD give-a-way

The weather has changed in New England and really I am okay with that.  Sunny and a little cooler.  Nice.

Fall is full of lots of bright colors and foliage–pumpkins and gourds…I love it!

This weekend, we did a little more celebrating of my husband Russ’ big 5-0 birthday!  I invited one of our favorite folk singers, Kate Klim to sing at our home.

Here we are..Russ and I get a quick pic with Kate…

Getting ready for our gathering….I pulled out all my little ‘Fall’ style decorations…

I made a batch of very decadent Pumpkin Brownies–not my recipe–and NOT low in FODMAPs AND not particularly healthy–BUT ridiculously tasty.

I have posted about Kate Klim before, she is an amazing folk singer with a truly magical voice…and Russ and I are BIG fans!

Having a home concert is really wonderful.  We invited those near and dear to us and enjoyed some intimate time together….somewhat of a rarity these days with all the hustle and bustle we all seem to get wrapped up in…

Even my infamous father-in-law, Tony showed up! 🙂 Here we are with Kate!

What made this night especially amazing was that Russ commissioned Kate to help write a song using a poem he had written to me a few years ago.  Kate played it live for us for the very first time.  Here’s the song–should you be a hopeless romantic like me– and care to listen to it. Just click on the title, You Caught Me below.

You Caught Me

The song has a Paris theme because it is one of our favorite places on Earth.

If you like Kate’s amazing song, give her a big ‘like’ on Facebook and spread the word. I have  Kate Klim’s latest CD to give away called Kamikaze Love.  Simply leave a comment about how you like to ‘take it down’ a notch with those near and dear to you and make memories together…and YOU just may win!

Happy Fall fellow New Englanders and Happy Spring to my friends, Down Under!

6 replies on “Feeling ‘Fall-ish’ and a Kate Klim CD give-a-way

  • Nan

    That song brought tears to my eyes! As someone who has been married for 28 years, I can relate to moments of falling in love all over again…. One of my favorite ways to spend time together is going canoeing – so peaceful and beautiful that we can simply enjoy being together on the water, in the fresh air…

  • Laura

    Omg kate, was there a dry eye in the place when she finished singing? I heard what a wonderful night it was from Sara, As i drink my coffee on this beautiful fall day and listen to kate sing Russ’ love for you i couldnt help but be moved to tears. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful men in our lives. I’m just surprised that it was Paris and not Dingle and stars not pints. Love to you both!


    • katescarlata

      Thanks for your sweet comments Laura. Dingle will always be a special place–where I fell in love with my first Guinness–and was enveloped with warm and welcoming Irish hospitality.

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