Giving Thanks!

This is the time of year that I take inventory and think about what I am truly thankful for in my life.  And, I have to say, I feel lucky every year.  Here’s why:

1)   I picked a really great husband.  Deciding whom to spend the rest of your life with, by far, is one of the most important decisions one has to make in life.

I did this part right.

My husband Russ is the kindest person I know.  He has made my life special because he truly embraces the fun in everyday!  He’s a great listener too, which is a very good thing because I talk a lot.

And  a very BIG bonus…he likes to travel! Here we are on the Amalfi coast in Italy!

2)  Good health.  When it comes to health issues, I have hit a few bumps in the road. But these bumps have made me a better person.  Working in the hospital setting, I learned at a young age, how fragile life can be.  Every day I am grateful that I am able to run, work, and play.  Having had health problems in the past makes me a better dietitian because I can appreciate my client’s angst and work very hard to help them feel better too. There is always a silver lining.

3)   Three.  My favorite number is three; it was my field hockey number in high school! An old picture but had to post it! Is that a water balloon in my hand?  You bet it is! I am thankful for water balloons too.  They are very fun!

But REALLY, I am most thankful for my THREE great kids. I am thankful that my kids are kind at heart. Here’s a picture when they were just little ones!  Time flies.

4)   Pumpkin.  I love this fall time veggie. And I am making lots of pumpkin-y treats for Turkey day! Pumpkin tastes great and is good for you…that makes me thankful too!

5)   Paris.  I have been there twice and can’t wait to get back.  My brother Mike and I both share a passion for Paris. Mike’s in Paris now and for that I am not thankful.  Just kidding, lucky Mike.  My turn, hopefully, will be soon.

6)   Good running shoes.  I am thankful for good running shoes! I have been running pretty regularly for many,  many years.  I love running.  It keeps me sane.  I am thankful that my shoes help support my body so that I can keep on running.


7) My clients.  I appreciate my clients that visit with me in my nutrition consulting business because they have taught me more about perseverance, hope, pride and humility than one could imagine.  Thank you!

8)   Kale.  I am thankful that my niece Dianna tried Kale chips and provided the inspiration for me to try the recipe.  We are all HUGE kale chip fans in my house!  My kids eat Kale! For that, I am grateful. Want to try Kale Chips? Here’s my quick and easy recipe!

9)  Coffee.  I love my java.  It’s a true comfort “food” to me.  I like good coffee.  I am thankful for my Nespresso machine and Starbucks.

10)  Positive People!  I am thankful for those individuals in my life that constantly seek the positive in life even in tough times.  The glass half-full types.  I am a firm believer in the notion that when one door closes, a bigger and better door opens up.  Some people keep looking at the closed door.  I like to hang out with those that look real hard for the new door to open.

Positive people in your life help you create a well-balanced life.

4 replies on “Giving Thanks!

  • Michael

    What a great post Kate. I already told this to Jason so it is your turn. I am thankful for all the help and support you have given me this past year. You are always there to answer my questions (and there are many) and always there to help me get my head on straight. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Anthony Scarlata

    What a great post Kate. You make us proud when you talk about Russell being a great person and husband. As you know we have had a bump in the road recently, but because of you, our sons and their girl friends have been able to smooth out that bump.
    We love you,
    Your favorite Mother in law and Father in law.

  • Wendy Wisner

    Happy Thanksgiving! And thank YOU for all you do. You’ve helped me so much in the last few weeks. It feels so good to feel good!

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