Forbidden Rice: Fit for an Emperor!

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According to ancient legend, black rice was a rare delicacy in China and was enjoyed only by the Emperors.  Giving it it’s purple color the anthocyanins in black rice are linked with decreasing risk of heart disease, cancer and inflammation.  This whole grain rice provides a good source of  iron and fiber and according to Chinese herbal medicine forbidden rice is a blood tonifier too!

Lotus foods provides a fabulous organic forbidden rice product.  Our local market, Star market provides this great tasting rice, in the Wild Harvest section. is a great place to check out a wide array of unusual rice products and interesting recipes too.

To complement the nutrition found in this power-packed rice, I add color with shredded carrots, shredded broccoli, red pepper and green onion. (and jalapeno for spice!)

After cooking the rice, I fold in all the yummy vegetables with a homemade Asian inspired dressing, courtesy of my friend Liz who is one of the best cooks I know!  Enjoy this nutty and fragrant rice plain, in a pilaf, as a salad or even as rice pudding.  Step outside of your usual “rice box!”

This recipe has not been adapted for the low FODMAP diet.

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