Fun Recipes

Lots of cooking happens at my house.  I have always enjoyed being in the kitchen and trying new foods.  It’s fun to try new foods, be adventurous and step outside your box. Check out these recipes!

CAUTION: The recipes in this section may not follow the Low FODMAP diet guidelines. Please see FODMAPs Recipes tab.

11 thoughts on “Fun Recipes

  1. I am a cookery teacher and one of my students has to have a Low Fodmap diet
    I have found my way here and keen to find some yummy recipes

  2. GREAT SITE!! You have peaked my curiousity about flours and dairy. First, the flours..I have seen conflicting information on sweet brown rice flour, corn flour, brown rice flour and millett. I was glad to see them in your recipes, but i have stayed away from those ingredients because I have seen some older, conflicting information on the internet. Second, what do you recommend for butter or milk replacements for those of us who also suffer from lactose issues alongside the FM! Ive been refining my diet since 2007!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I have yet to see actual data on millet and sweet brown rice flour but are well-tolerated by my clients on the low FODMAP diet. The diet is still evolving so some foods we are making best educated guesses on. With lactose intolerance, butter is allowed it has 0-trace lactose. Many individuals with lactose intolerance can tolerate some lactose 4-5 grams. Milk alternatives would be lactose free milk, rice milk, almond, or coconut milk. (Old data had coconut milk being a source of excess fructose but has been since tested). Dairy can be an issue for some folks in this case, oils, rice milk etc would be used instead of any dairy/butter. I rely heavily on the data released by Monash University as they are the leaders in FODMAP research. They have tested 450 foods and counting so we have come a long way but still have a way to go to find out FODMAP content in all the foods we would like to know about. :)

    1. Hi Jackie,
      Yes, Broccoli and Cauliflower both contain FODMAPs. Not all the recipes on my blog are low in FODMAPs BUT most of them are… sure the recipe is noted to be low in FODMAPs if you are following a low FODMAP diet.

  3. Kate,

    Need some help…the girlfriend would like some kind of beans with a hamhock…something along those lines but I’m not sure what beans she can actually have…if any! I’d love a recipe if you have one as well…or we’ll wing it!

    Help me make her smile… 😉

    1. Hmmmm….beans would most definitely be a FODMAP source–perhaps try using canned beans and soak in water and drain and rinse them a few times to further reduce some of the FODMAPs… (Haricot beans have less FODMAPs than Red kidney beans but all beans rather rich in fructans and even more so galacto oligosaccharides!) Perhaps simmer some spinach with the ham hock and just add a small amount of drained and rinsed beans rather than have the focus of the recipe be bean oriented. You want to keep her smiling with a calm belly too!

  4. is Chitnese Cabbage and Watercress good for Lo Fodmop choices?

    Makes a great salad with a Basil and Toasted Maccadmia Nut pesto!

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