April is IBS Awareness Month

Hello Friends!

Just around the corner is IBS Awareness Month and I wanted to share a few things with you as we get loud next month and provide support to people living with IBS.

Four years ago, I started the IBelieveinyourStory campaign as a way to support + raise awareness of the patient journey living with IBS. Via the IBelieveinyourStory campaign we also have raised 10s of thousands of dollars for IBS-related research as well as provided support for patients with up to date free handouts and free educational webinars. I have also shared many personal IBS stories via this campaign–please feel free to share your story to inspire others living with IBS. Please consider sharing the hashtag #IBelieveinyourStory on your social posts this month to offer support and solidarity to people living with IBS.  Many patients with IBS have felt dismissed during their patient experience, and this is one small way to show that you support them.

This year, I have joined forces with Johanna Ruddy, M.Ed from TuesdayNightIBS –a twitter platform that provides educational chats for patients and providers on IBS topics, and Jeffrey Roberts MS BSc from IBSpatient.org to provide a patient oriented webinar featuring 3 world renowned IBS experts, Darren Brenner, MD from Northwestern, Megan Riehl PsyD from Michigan Medicine and me 🙂 to discuss IBS Updates: From Mimickers to Novel Therapeutics and the Patient Journey.

This webinar has been graciously sponsored by Fody Foods, Schar Gluten Free, Mahana Therapeutics, Salix Pharmaceuticals, metaMe Health.

Please sign up for this complementary webinar by clicking here.

To recap:

  • Let’s get loud during IBS Awareness Month, please use hashtag #IBelieveinyourStory on social posts
  • Join us for a free IBS educational webinar, click here to register
  • If you’d like to share your IBS journey, I will be sharing a few of your stories on my blog and via social media throughout the month, to summit your story click here