Instagram Live Digestive Health Series

Hello Friends!

For those that celebrate the US Thanksgiving holiday–I hope you stayed safe, relaxed a bit, and enjoyed amazing food! Even though our celebrations looked a little different this year, I found this year’s Thanksgiving very relaxing! Russ and I joined efforts to make our stuffing (my favorite part of the meal)–and it was the best ever!

I just wanted to share with you my calendar for “Instagram Lives” focused on digestive health topics that I will be hosting the month of December. These IG lives will occur on Thursdays–but the times do vary as my guests live in various time zones around the globe!

The goal of the IG Live is to cover important GI topics in a short timeframe (15-20 minutes) with various expert dietitians, psychologists and physicians with an expertise in GI health or conditions.

To join an IG live, just go to my Instagram account here, and click the circle on the top of the feed with my handle @katescarlata and picture during the IG live time on the calendar below!   

Hope to see you there!

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