Caprese Spaghetti Squash

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Hey Friends. I posted this low FODMAP Caprese Spaghetti Squash recipe on my Instagram feed, and received a bunch of recipe requests–so I decided to post the recipe here!

Spaghetti squash is low FODMAP in about a 1 cup portion. I purchased a medium size spaghetti squash, which serves about 4 people, about 2 servings per half squash. I squeezed in a lot of nourishing goodness in the recipe. I hope you like it!  I used FODY foods marinara sauce.

Disclaimer: I work for FODY foods as their advisor and received free product to use. 




6 replies on “Caprese Spaghetti Squash

  • Joan Elkin

    I just bought my first spaghetti squash. I have been looking for a recipe. This sounds fantastic. And easy.\
    Thank you.

  • Albertina

    This recipe looks really good and I have never used mozzarella before. So I will definitely try this and I have added it to my list of recipes. Thanks a lot.

  • Emal

    Hi Kate, thanks for this recipe!
    But I’m confused, I see on the Monash App that spaghetti squash is low in fodmaps at 1/2 cup, which is way less than the full cup you’re mentioning. Did they re-test this squash? Is that a mistake on their app or on your blog?
    Thank you

    • katescarlata

      Hi Emal–if you read the details in the app–a 450 gram portion of squash (2.5-3 cups) would contain moderate amount of oligosaccharides–so I allow the 1 cup portion. Hope that helps.

      • Emal

        Oh got it. So you mean that each time the gap between low and moderate is important, we can safely increase the size of the “green serve”?
        How are we supposed to read the app in the end, if we keep the spaghetti squash example, did Monash test multiple serves between 75 grams and 450 grams and discovered that the moderate portion is triggered at 450 grams? Or they just tested these two portions and in the end, a moderate portion could well be at 80 grams or 430 grams and there is no way to know until further tests are done?
        I always thought it was this last option but if you’re telling me I wrong, I’d love being wrong because that would open more opportunities!
        Many thanks if you take the time

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