Simple Garam Masala Chickpea Curry

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Hello Friends,

I hope you and your family are continuing to hunker down and be safe. Wow, this is such an unusual time for all of us. It has been hard for me to get my head around what we are all enduring during this pandemic. I know there are many people struggling financially and the frontline health care works are living with greater levels of fear and health risk simply doing the job they love. I hope you continue to focus on the things you can control–getting some fresh air, eating some nourishing foods, keeping connected with loved ones and giving yourself some grace and wiggle room in your daily life.

I try to focus on the little positive things that have come along with these uncertain times such as regular FaceTime with my family, daily walks with my husband and dog, Lucy, and being in the kitchen more. I like sharing pictures of flowers with my friend, Meg and seeing my friends from junior high school on Zoom.  I also have found that my digestive symptoms are actually even better than normal which I attribute to less dining out. There are very small “wins” all around us when you look for them. Of course, I look forward to the day we can be a little less anxious and fearful.

I wanted to share with you a quick recipe that we made with some canned goods in my house, a delicious chickpea curry.

The recipe provides 4 low FODMAP portions.  If you want to add cooked chicken, shrimp or firm tofu instead of the canned chickpeas, feel free to experiment! The recipe contains diced canned tomatoes, canned coconut milk, canned chickpeas and some lovely spices.

In other news, just a quick reminder that the global virtual support group: Stronger Together is every Thursday at 4 PM EST. Next co-host is Sarah Ballou, the director of GI Psychology Services in the Division of Gastroenterology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. The support group has been a great place to get some social interaction and support.  We cover topics from nutrition to mental health while living in a pandemic. To join this complementary support group via Zoom, register here. 

Here is the recipe! Enjoy and stay safe!


9 replies on “Simple Garam Masala Chickpea Curry

  • Beth

    Thank you, perfect timing! I was wondering what to make for lunch or dinner, and you popped up, Kate. So simple. Since after measuring a cup of garbanzos and one of diced tomatoes, there was just a little left of each from the cans, I added the rest, and next time don’t have to measure. It’s yummy! (95% of my cooking is in an InstantPot but this recipe fit the one-pot meal criteria.)

    • katescarlata

      You are correct–there is very little left in the can—but some people feel better sticking strictly to the limits–especially in the beginning of trying out low FODMAP–so I like to provide those limits for them. 🙂

  • Bree

    Speaking of garbanzos…what about tahini? I am reading mixed information on the acceptability of tahini in a fodmap elimination phase.

  • Caroline

    Hi Kate,

    Thanks for this and all your other recipes! I had thought coconut milk was not allowed on the low-FODMAP diet. Can you please clarify? I know there are many different kinds..


    • katescarlata

      Canned coconut milk is allowed in a 1/4 cup portion. Some commercial coconut milks contain inulin–and that would not be a low FODMAP choice. The boxed varieties that are stable at room temp –if no inulin– should be okay in 3/4 cup portion.

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