Celebration Cookies and IBS Awareness Month Updates!

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Hey Friends!

I love a good *sprinkle* on anything–cookies, ice cream, the rim of a fancy drink. How about you?

Today’s recipe is a fun version of low FODMAP chocolate chip cookies made a little fancy with a smattering of sprinkles.If you are not a sprinkle person, simply enjoy these low FODMAP, soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies as is–the recipe is a great one!

Many sprinkles are low FODMAP. Nonpareils are often made with a blend of sugar, cornstarch, and confectioner’s sugar,  while other colored sprinkles may have maltodextrin or dextrin–(possible traces of wheat) but should not pose a problem for the low FODMAP diet follower. If you are following a gluten free diet, make sure the product is labeled gluten free or call the manufacturer to verify.

Most semi-sweet chocolate chips work for the low FODMAP diet too. Traces of milk should not pose a problem for most people following the low FODMAP diet. Of course, if you have allergies or other intolerances–select what works best for your body. Did you know Enjoy Life Foods Dark Chocolate Chips are low FODMAP certified? (I have a Enjoy Life Foods giveaway on my Instagram feed right now which includes 3 packages of these delicious dark chocolate chips, if you want to enter for a chance to win, check out my Instagram feed here.)

The inspiration for this recipe was Diane Morrisey’s Instagram feed which is a great one to follow.  Although her recipes are not low FODMAP, typically –she has some fun and beautiful recipes that can be modified–such as this one!

Here is the recipe! But, please don’t miss my IBS awareness updates after the recipe!

In other news, for IBS awareness month, I have a few more events going on that you may be interested in:

  • Two upcoming Twitter Chats:
    • I will join two GI doctor’s from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (where I started my career and did my dietetic internship) to talk about IBS, nutrition and other topics this Friday, on World IBS Day, April 19 at 12 noon. The hashtag to follow for this Twitter chat is #BWHGIchat.
    • On April 24 at 12:30 PM the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD), a non-profit, educational and research organization dedicated to addressing the issues affecting individuals with functional gastrointestinal (GI) disorders will feature a Twitter chat with me, @KateScarlata_RD and IBS advocate, Amber @eandebyamber. The hashtag for this Twitter chat is #DDHChat.
  • Spin Charity Event on April 20 at 12:30! Seats are filling up for this Saturday’s Spin event at B/Spoke Studios in Wellesley, MA! If you’d like to reserve a bike, click here.  100% of proceeds go to Dr. William Chey’s research lab at U. Michigan to support more IBS research.
  • World IBS day is April 19th, please use the hashtag(s) #LetsTalkIBS, #IBSAwarenessDay or #WorldIBSDay on all your social platforms–10 cents will be donated to research for every use of these hashtags on April 19, 2019.
  • Share your story! If you’d like to share you IBS story–yes, it can be healing to do so for you–and for others that read it —click here for the details.
  • Giveaways during the month of April! I currently have 3 giveaways going on right now in my Instagram feed including: a  Enjoy Life Foods (a low FODMAP chocolate delight–3 bags of the dark chocolate chips and a box of cocoa loco bars), one of the IBelieveinyourStory peace baseball caps and a Epicured low FODMAP food delivery ($75 value) as well as a signed copy of my book. And, yes, we have a few more giveaways before the end of the month.  If interested, follow my Instagram account, here.

2 replies on “Celebration Cookies and IBS Awareness Month Updates!

  • Carol Basch

    Greetings Kate
    I love your posts
    BUT I am an insulin dependent diabetic
    as well as SIBO
    What can I do??
    Thank you

    • katescarlata

      Thanks Carol. Obviously, portion control with sugary treats is important for all of us. But, I would work with your dietitian to help individualize your diet for your personal needs. My personal belief is that an occasional treat is okay for everyone–and can be balanced into a healthy eating pattern.

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